I see so many complaints about this company from people who don't understand who they are and what they are doing. Let me explain. They are third party vendors who purchase books from other sellers, like myself, and then inflate the prices selling to unwitting individuals who have not looked at other websites to find a better price. Consumer beware! You must look at several different online websites to find the best prices, just as you would shop around at regular brick and mortar stores. They set up search engines to source the best prices and buy from low price sellers to fulfill their orders. They do not have any inventory, they have software that constantly monitors the price of books posted elsewhere and then set their prices based on the prices that other dealers charge. They make dealers like myself unwilling participants in their scam. They are located primarily in India and China. If you order from one company, but receive your order from another you may know that you have been the victim of a third party crook. Return the book and contact the seller on the label for the best price. Also contact Amazon, AbeBooks (same ownership) or whoever you bought the book through and complain. If enough people do this they will finally stop. It is up to you. If you don't make the effort they will continue to proliferate. As a seller, I now refuse to ship books "NO INVOICE" because I know that this is an order from these crooks. Yes, I loose a few sales, but I also save a huge hassle in dealing with them, as well as time and money, especially when they assert, as they often do, that the book was never received. They do not provide correct or complete address information, or when it is sent to them they claim that they did not receive. So, now you know.

Jan 02, 2015

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