SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Fraudulent / Counterfeit Items / Scam

1 PA, United States

Ordered shoes thru Confirm email came from & was very odd & unusual. Suspected scam. Researched Fashionpay & found many complaints. Sent canx request to them & they wouldn't. Called credit card company to contest & had to wait 15-days. In meantime, Fashionpay sent item. Wrong style shoes sent; they are also counterfeit knockoffs made of material that resembles what pool rafts are made of. Absolutely unbelievable! Avoid as well as & are all clone websites run by same racketeers. When you order, you won't know Fashionpay is handling your transaction until when the confirm email comes. None of what you read on any sites I listed is what they stand behind. All fake, fraudulent, and is all a scam. You should see these shoes! $79 lost!

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