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Fashion Bug / Email Spam

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When I shopped in Fashion Bug back in January, they requested my email address. I gave it to them. This unleashed emails coming practically everyday. I have a gmail account and started marking them as spam hoping to block them out in the future. No such luck, so long about the end of February, I received yet another email and I tried to opt out of their mailing list. It said it would take up to 48 hours. So another two weeks go by and I'm still receiving them...since then I've tried to opt out 3 additional times and still no luck.

Today, I emailed their customer service and requested that they look into finding out why I hadn't been removed, I told them it had been at least a month, if not more since I started requesting to be opted out. Someone named Joanna replied that it can take up to 6 weeks. I replied back and said that the it said 48 hours. She replied back and said no it takes six weeks. I went back and looked at the unsubscribe page yet again and it specifically states 48 hours to process. I quoted this back to her and told her I'm not shopping at Fashion Bug again. If they believed in customer service, they would just make sure my email address got removed, tell me what steps they'd taken and ask me if there was anything else they could help me with. I can't stand crappy customer service and will spend my money on those who can give me good customer service. When will these companies learn how to treat customers?

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  • Em
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    I am going through the exact same thing. Every day, I still receive emails from FB and every day I send them a nasty gram. They apologize, say they will remove me and I still get the emails every day. Fashion Bug must be the most pitifully run organization. I hate the way they have rearranged their stores, mixing up all the sizes instead of having "sections". ALso, after ten years of having a charge account there, I was one day late paying my bill...I have NEVER been Late before...they charged me $29 late fee. THAT"S it for Fashion Bug. I will NEVER shop there again.

  • Ma
      16th of Jul, 2009
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    I shopped this Wenesday at your store in Hamilton, Ohio on Hamilton- Richmond Rd. I had a 10.00 Coupon. Off of 30.00 I had a shirt that cost24.99 and got a necklace for 7.00 Only the girl rang necklace at full price and my card was debit card and manager said they had to complete sale so it could be voided. I done so but had only a certain amount on my card and as you well know once that amount is charged takes 5/7 buisness days to reverse charge. I have not made a purchase and my money is tied up for 5/7 days. Will not be shopping any fashion bug store in the future. Thanks for nothing.

  • Zq
      25th of Jan, 2010
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    Fashion Bug - Awful service
    Fashion Bug
    United States

    I come to your store to purchase bras b/c I am a estimated 40D-DD depending on style & brand. I try to shop when you advertise buy 1 get ? free & sooo on.

    I purchased 6 bras in Sept 09 & one of them was a special occasion bra. I planned to wear it with a fave shirt today & I felt like I was having a wrestling match with a 12 foot Boa Constricter!!! OH BTW, wired

    Bra #2 has been worn 4x & washed 2x in lingerie bag. After wrestling with the "BOA"...UTTERLY flustered, sweating, flushed, I attempt to put on bra to find 1(one) breast sitting under my chin???? to my dismay the wire had SOMEHOW fell out of the cup that left my breast swinging like tarzan on a vine.!!!~ Fashion Bug?? I need to ask this?? Being large breasted is fun for you b/c YOU make more money off of us BIG BOOBED ladies. Fine. Not ur prob we r UDDERLY big. Great. BUT IT ISSS ur job to make sure the bra that ur selling to me for a HIGH PRICE designed AND made durable!! as if that condom u wore last night JUST COULD NOT NOT NOT FAIL you!!...this applies to u if u are male/female. I expect the same from my BRAS. Now Mr./Ms.High End Pay Scaling Manager, what do YOU suggest I do??? Because I OBVIOUSLY CANNOT return bras to my local store for further embarassment. Hopefully, this letter reaches a large breasted female OR a male who is exceptionally understanding & KNOWS how he likes his "boys" to be feel right. PS That last line came from my husband!! Thank you for your consideration in this "binding" matter.

  • Sw
      17th of May, 2010
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    I recently visited a Fashion Bug store to use my $10 off coupon with a $25 purchase and was told I could no longer use the coupon on ANYTHING EXCEPT full price items. No red tags. Red tags according to Fashion Bug are not considered Clearance items, just mark downs. The orange tags are cosidered Clearance. The Coupon said it could't be used on MVP products, clearance, item of the week, designer fragrances. Needless to say I came into the store because of the coupon and I WILL NEVER shop at Fashion Bug again. Macy's and JCP do NOT do that to their customers with mark-downs and coupons! Good Bye Fashion lost a long time customer!

  • Lu
      19th of Jun, 2012
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    Fashion Bug - rude behavior
    fashion bug
    United States

    I was shopping with my grandmother and a associate was speaking loudly to another employee about another associate. I tried to ignore her when her mouth became filthy and offensive. She is using the four letter word and is calling the associate a fat ###. I couldn't believe it. My grandmother was upset and did what anyone else would do, she asked for management, turned out shese manager. We were embarrassed for her, her name is Amanda she has short brown hair. Awful no apology and continued her conversation. I shes employed at fashion bug is beyond me. I will never shop at fashion bug again. I take my business to avenue owhere adults with respect are in charge. Thank u for reading. No one should be offended when shopping

  • Di
      19th of Sep, 2012
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    I purchased a pair of jeans today. The sticker said $36.99. I got 20% off which made them $29.59. When I got home I removed the sticker and the original price was$24.99.. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!

  • Di
      8th of Feb, 2013
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    Fashion Bug - No credit card statement delivered
    Fashion Bug
    United States

    I have used my Fashion Bug credit twice in January 2013. The Fashion Bug store in my town closed. Of the two times I used this card, the second time I used it, the salesperson said that it was not accepting usage. I thought that was odd as I never had used it for a long while, but it took the card the first time when I used it in January. So, I said okay to the sales person hesitantly, and presented another credit card instead of Fashion Bug and all was fine. When I got home, I could not find a customer service number on my card to call. I'am waiting for a credit card statement in the mail for my purchases in January, because I notice on my credit report that I exceeded the amount I am allowed to charge and is now affecting my credit rating. I was shocked!! I know I had not overspent on my account unless they changed my availability amount for not using it awhile, but I was never notified of any change. I am desperately waiting for my card statement to fully review it.

  • Ag
      7th of Jun, 2016
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    Fashion Bug - disability package
    125 Main Street
    New York
    United States
    Phone: 8459010522

    I recieved a letter in the mail about the disability plan package which said to sign and return. I never did, I skim over my bill from Fashion Bug and don't pay attention to this charge thats on the statement. This went on from March until October when I called them about the charge which varied from month to month from $16.00 to $19.00. They were charging me for this disability package I never authorized. They said they would only credit me for October not the previous months !!! The letter states as per federal regulations they must have the signed letter returned. Well, I have the unsigned letter, this must be considered a federal offense...

    Aggrivated in NY

  • Sr
      7th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    Same thing happened to me, except I got a phone call from them with a man talking so fast it was totally misleading. He asked did I "agree that I understood the message, " and I said "yes." The next thing I know, I was getting charged from $5 to $19 for about six months of the service I never authorized! When I called to complain, they called me back and played the conversation for me. I was livid! I told them that was larceny. They canceled only three months of said "insurance" charges. I just paid off my balance with them and am canceling my Fashion Bug account. What a dishonest way to make money!

  • Al
      7th of Jun, 2016
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    Fashion Bug - 2 Left Boots My Fault but No One Returned any of my calls
    United States

    I purchased a pair of boots on clearance, attempted to return the boots but was advise by 'THE BOOT LADY' that I purchase them in 2009. I purchased the boots after thanksgiving in 2010. I asked if they still had the boots and if I could just switch them for the correct ones. THE BOOT LADY advise she did not have the boots I asked if she could just take the boots and give me a store credit. THE BOOT LADY walked away from the counter after scanning the boots advise that they are not in her system she didn't know what to do. She insisted that I purchased the boots in 2009 I advise her that I am not one to wait 2yrs to ware boots. Regardless I asked for a store credit which they are not loosing any money send the boots back to the manufacture since she refused to check the back for the correct boots that I realy wanted. She told me to contact customer service I did via email and they never solved anything I am going on 3wks after trying to return the boots with NOT ONE CALL OR EMAIL FROM FASHION BUG.

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