Farmers Home Furniture / washer/dryer

I am on a fixed income of $ 750.00 dollars. I had good credit so I was able to spend up to a 1000$ and I got washer/dryer. It's on a contract 24 months I've paid 6 months and I miss one month because I am in process of finding a place to live. I called and talk to the store manager and was trying to get him to work with me but he wants me to pay $168.00 all he took off was a 18$ late fee. I told him I would but I'm not gonna be able too but before all that I told him they could just have their merchandise back but no they don't won't it like that also the washer is tore up and they can't fix it for me til I make payment and get in a place with power. I don't know what else to do can't afford to have to go to court and make payments when I was willing for them to just come get it can someone tell me what to do to avoid jail time or court or being sued while on SSI benefits

May 30, 2018

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