Farmers Furniture / Incomplete delivery

June 22, 2010

Farmers Furniture is a name I will never forget and a store that I will never again patronize or recommend.

I went in to my local Farmers Furniture here in Saint Augustine Florida on Friday June 11th and found a bed that suited my purpose. I thought about the bed over the weekend and arrived back in the store Monday morning the 14th and the first thing I asked is if I purchase this bed could it still be delivered on Thursday, I was told it would be, I negotiated a price and agreed to purchase the bed. I then proceeded to walk around the store making several more purchases. After my purchases were rung up it was then I was told that I missed the cut-off time for the Thursday delivery, of course that made me angry since if there was a cut-off time I should have been informed and the order could have been put in their system the moment I agreed to make the purchase.

The bed was now going to be delivered first thing Monday morning the 21st of June. First thing in the morning turned out to be 1:30 in the afternoon. The head board to the bed arrived damaged; I spoke to the manager on the phone who gave me two options: 1- he would refund my money, 2- I could wait three days for another headboard. I had to give your manager John the option of selling me the one on the floor at a discounted price; he would not discount the headboard but agreed to give me the one on the floor... Well instead of having his men go back to the store and pick up the headboard they left the assembled platform in my bedroom and the mattress in the kitchen propped up against my counter-top promising me they would be back after making just one quick delivery of a table and chairs that I could see in the truck. By five in the afternoon they never came back or even bothered to call me, I had to call the manager and he hung up on me. I called him back and he said all I’ve done was to yell at him, I told him he should have never left my job half finished leaving me with nowhere to sleep; I was very aggravated especially since I spent the weekend in a hotel room while looking forward to having my own bed Monday night. He just didn’t care and made it quite clear I could have the headboard the next day or they would remove the furniture already in my home, also the next day! He left me hanging with the fact that I can just live with a job half done and sleep on the floor. What a dreadful way to do business, but of course I learned this is the Farmers Furniture Way.
John, the manager at Farmers Furniture is my opinion is very rude and incompetent, I can see no reason what so ever why those delivery men couldn’t go right back to the store, pick up my headboard and complete the installation. As a manager he should have seen to it that my installation was completed. The delivery man even had me sign a paper saying I would receive my headboard that same day, I suppose lying is just another service Farmers Furniture provides!

I will also add that the three ladder shelves I purchased were not put together properly, the wood cracked during installation and the dowels were not glued in the wood leaving gaps between the wood under most of the shelved that is very noticeable. Over all my experience with Farmers Furniture has been horrible, I am a very unsatisfied customer.

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