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Farmers Furniture / Fraud and scam

1 764 W Oglethorpe HwyHinesville, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 912-369-6722

I first purchased furniture from Farmers in April of 2008. I purcased a sofa and and king size bed frame. When they delivered my furniture the sofa was torn. So they said they would leave the torn sofa with me until they delivered me a new sofa. After almost a month of no word from them I called to see where my sofa was and it had been in their store for at least a week and they said nothing to me.

They gave me a deal of a small amount off because I was angry about no phone call and my furniture just sitting there. About a week later they came with the new sofa and surprise surprise it was ripped. My husband decided to go to the store and pick a different sofa. So we picked out a sectional for a lot more money.

When they delivered it the sofa was torn, one of our end tables was broken and the wedge for the sectional wasn't there.Plus the bed frame I bought was all cracked on the wooden support rails. We were highly upset so they tried to work another deal and take off a little more money. We thought they were trying to be helpful.Well after a couple weeks they delivered a new sofa and the wedge. The wedge was ripped. They brought us another one and it was ripped.

We had to go on vacation so we told them they would have to deliver the new wedge when we came home. We spoke with the manager while on vacation and he said they ordered three different wedges while we were on vacation that were all ripped. So finally they have one in the store that is not ripped. Let me tell you, the date is September 3, 2008 and I still am waiting for my new wedge.

Now all of our furniture is ripping in places and wood is poking through the back of the sofa. You know what the manager says to my husband about it? He says well you are paying $1, 400 and it only costs about $500 to make so you are getting $500 quality furniture. His suggestion was to just buy more expensive furniture.

So instead of apologizing and trying to fix the problem he says he wants to take our furniture and give us our money back. He is acting like we are the problem for wanting decent furniture that is paid for with hard earned money.

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  • Th
      7th of May, 2009
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    We purchased a living room suit from Farmers Dec.23, 2008. On Jan 13 I called them, and told them you could feel the foam sinking and no cusion in the arms. I also told them I believe it wan used furniture, as it was steam cleaned and wet. They told me it was scotchguarded, and charged an extra 150 for that. I'm disabled so I took them at their word. My husband was at work. He called them the next day, and they said they would send someone out to look at it. That afternoon, two men driving the Farmers Hove Furniture, aka Farmers Furniture came in and looked at it. The younger man said he didn't have to sit on it, he could tell just by seeing it. The older man, sat down on it, and went "whew". Then they looked at the arms and saw no cusions, it had done gone flat, and I had even bought pillows to go in them.
    They said they woul bring us another set and even upgrade it. We waited they never called back. The Following week my husband and I went to the store. One lady kept saying it was not used and it was scotch guarded. And it worked on that frabric. I told he that the man she sent out yesterday, said it didn't. She called the older man out of the back and asked him if I was told the scotch guard doesn't work on that fabric. He told her that was true. She was really pissed and her face red as a stop sign. We asked them what they wanted to do, and she said the manager was on vacation, but would return the next week.
    He called that very Monday morning after his vacation, being very nice and professional. He told my husband he wanted to test the scotch guard on the furniture, and if it didnt work, he would give us another group wiht an upgrade. He called about a week later and said he was bringing it out that next week, and asked us about what color we would want, siad it wouldn't be the same furniture but close. The sofa was even going to have a recliner built in. About a week later my husband called again he said it would be next Thurday. We waited patiently because we believed him, he was afterall the store manager.
    A week later he called wanting three payments and were not even behind. He was very irate on the phone, calling me the b word, and told my husband he was coming out, and he was going to have him beat to a pulp. I guess he takes around a body guard.
    This living room suit was close to 1600 dollars, plus we bought a king size bed. THIS COMPANY IS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF, AND NOT GOING BY THEIR WORD. ONCE THEY GET YOU TO PURCHASE IT, AND YOUR OUT THE DOOR THAT'S IT.
    However this time I'm going to fight for my legal rights in this situation, so that other people won't get in the shape my husband and I are in. They'll give you high blood pressure, and laugh as they do it.
    There's a lot more to this story but I just bried it.
    I think more people need to speak up where they got Ripped Off, or lied to by Farmers Furniture, (Farmers Home Furniture), to let them know, they can't do these things to people, who might not say nohting. Please beware of them. I didn't even know this site existed, I was just trying to find complaints against them. I hope you will help me get the word out

  • Te
      20th of Aug, 2010
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    in 2009...I bought a king size set, two queen size bed a living room and a dinning room set from farmers furniture, within two days one of the queen size bed broke, i called and it took them two weeks to replace it and that's because i went there and got real upset, the dinning room tables was still not stable from when they deliver it and i was told they will be coming with another set i didn't get it... the king size bedroom set dresser, mirror, and night stand was stripping within a month... the dinning room chairs were always rocky they came and replace those three times, i got tired of everything breaking and rent a truck and drop everything off ...


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      19th of Apr, 2011
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    I went to Farmer's Furniture and found a bookcase I liked. I asked the sales person if it would come put together. She said "Yes". They did not have one in stock, they would have to order one They would call me when it would came in and that would be the following Mon. She walked me and my daughter up to the office-she didn't say this is where you will pay or anything. The girl started asking my name, address, phone no. She then told me the amount. I told her I had rather pay for it when I picked it up. She said this was their rule. So against my better judgment, I paid for it.
    On Monday, I waited all day for them to call. At 5:30p, I called them. The conversation was crazy. She said the bookcase was in and they had called me. I told her I had been at home all day-they had not called. Then she said maybe they had called the wrong no. She then said they normally don't call, etc., etc., etc.!!! I told her we would it up the next day. My husband and a neighbor went to pick it up. I rec'd a phone call from Farmer's stating that the bookcase was not put together and my husband said that she needed to call me. I told her the salesperson told me that it would be put together. She said it would have to be delivered in order for it to be put together. They did not tell me this. I told her I would get it. We hung up. I thought about it for a few minutes-called her back to tell her I did not want it. She said I would probably be charged a restocking fee. That I would need to talk to the manager who would be back in 2 days. When my husband came home-he said the box was messed up. So, we will see what happens next. Story to be continued. Moral of this story so far don't buy from Farmer's, don't believe anything and I mean anything they say. If you do buy, take a recorder with you.

  • Lo
      28th of Apr, 2011
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    Farmers furniture in fairburn on Roosevelt Hwy Union City, Georgia wonderful sales person but horrible finance person and managers, they treat people like dirt. They also spoke to their personal sales lady like crap and she was the only one helpful. I have decided not to purchase anything from them even though i was approved. Thanks for sharing your horror stories, now I really will walk away.

  • Ju
      8th of Jun, 2011
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    I purchased a sectional that comes is three parts from them. When the furniture was delivered the 2 delivery men ripped the first part, and scratched the second and third parts. I told them that because the first part was ripped and torn they would have to take that part back. I made sure they put that information on the delivery sheet. They told me that the 2nd part was going to have to be ordered and redelivered in about a week. I told them that was okay. They bought the middle (first piece brought into my home) piece in but there was very poor worksmanship. At the corner of the "wedge" did not meet and was not sew together properly. I showed the guys and told them I couldn't accept that piece (again). I had also showed them the damage that wasn't noticed the first time of delivery on the second piece of the sectional. I then had them to take pictures so they could show the manager of the store so I could get credit and new pieces. I told them that I paid good money and wanted my sectional to look brand new and not like I have been having it for years. Which they claimed they understood and agreed. They took the pictures. However, I was told that I would be hearing from them in 2 days. 2 days came and went with no word. So i decided to go and speak to the manager myself. I then went to the store and asked to personally speak with "Chuck" who was either the manager or owner (haven't figured that out yet). I explained what had happened and showed him the pictues, which he said he had seen them. He was nice and understanding. He told me that I could get two new pieces and he would deliver those pieces personally himself. Guess what? He did! He and his partner and they put my sectional together and since then I have been enjoying my sectional immensely. Needless to say, I have chosen a bedroom set that absolutely love and that I plan on getting from them in the very near future, and Chuck said he would be delivering that set for me as well. You just have to be very proactive and cover our own behind when it comes to getting what you want. I did.

  • Ed
      16th of Jun, 2014
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    I bought a notebook in February. I was told it was used but nothing was wrong with it it they wanted $329.00 so I asked could they down the price a little. The manager told me $299.00 and that was as low as she was going. Despite it being scratched I still bought it. Well the first week that I purchased it I had trouble with it The manager told me "ther is nothing wrong with it the person before you just turned it back in because she just changed her mind about it. She (the manager did something and got it working). The beginning of May I decided to upload some pictures well I couldn't get it to do it. Well her words were you have to have it with a program. I said I'll bring it in so you can show me well I called a couple times well both times I called "she's not in she'll be back next week. She would never call back. I got a tech. to look at it for me he said this notebook is no good. He and I went to the store one girl stopped us before we culd speak to the manager . Came back she'll send it off it will be back next week, well this was on 5/31/2014 until present . I haven' missed a payment since I bought this notebook. I called today The manager is not in call back in a couple hours well that was 2;oo p.m it is now 7oclock why I got to be the one calling back and forth? Sorry Service I deserve a new notebook what do you think. If I don't get satisfaction I wil put it in the newspaper.Mad as hell paying for something I don't have.

  • Da
      17th of Dec, 2015
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    My daughter bought a bed from Farmers furniture in tifton, ga and a gun cabinet. The delivery guy scratched the bed up and broke boards in the bed putting it together. When asked about fixing it his response was call them at office. I don't know. Not apolize or anything. We called the office, their response was well all we can do is order the parts. They were really rude. It took 3 weeks before she got the bed fixed. She wasn't able to sleep in it had to sleep on the couch. Then adter just a few days the lock on the gun safe wasn't working right. We told them. They said you can replace the lock cheap. We don't have another one. Was rude again. They call two days before payment is even due houndingher for money tthreatening her. That's not right. You don't cuss your customers. Drew is the credit manager and calls cussing his customers for payment. He wasn't trained very well in customer service. He is very lucky he still has his teeth.

  • Di
      21st of Jan, 2016
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    I purchased furniture with unemployment insurance just in case I lost my job. You never know when you will lose your job.
    Instead of them using my unemployment benefits they sent my account in as a charge off. Which is simply untrue and fair.
    I've since paid this account off with an agreement with Mrs.Mindy that she would have it deleted with a payment in full. I paid the whole amount and they refused to delete something that should have never been put on my credit to begin with. Because I had unemployment insurance. No one could tell me why my insurance didn't kick in and was unused they just receive insurance money as a scam or something. Why buy insurance that is not used but promised?
    I'd advise you to go to Gibson McDonald's they have way nicer furniture at cheaper prices and use their insurance. "Known from a family member of mine. "

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