Fake Spell Caster/ prophet AlutaFraudster/Scammer/Liar/Fake spell caster

Scammer/ Fraudster/ Fake Spell caster and a Scammer Prophet Aluta from Nigeria

I would like to share my recent experience with the above thug which will surprise dear all.

last year i contacted Prophet Aluta to enquire about his services. I was not happy with his response so i decided not to proceed . I was surprised to receive an e mail from saying that my name need to be removed from his temple. it was suggested that if I did not pay him US $ 200 than I will die in two days. I took it as a blackmailing and alleged of this. he replied that i am a 70 years old well known black magic spell caster and has successfully served 2500 clients. I later noted that his claim was baseless. I decided to handle him smartly and collected his personal informations than this was reported to Federal/ State/Cyber crime police also to the IGP Nigeria police, DIG Criminal investigations Nigeria police.

after I collected his personal details i decided to confront him and note as soon as I challenged him this coward Monkey ran away. Let me assure dear all that this Guy Prophet aluta is a liar, fake spell Caster, con Man and a scammer. i urge dear all not to communicate or deal with him in any form or shape if you do thanh please be prepared to be blacmailed. I urge all those wh are or been his victims to please name and shame him on the net also write to Google to have him banned from advertising on their site.
I can assure dear all that prophet alut is a fraud and a scammer

Dec 19, 2014

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