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EyeMasters / Bad experience

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EyeMasters -

On [protected] went to eyemasters for eye exam and new glasses. Took two hours to make them and when I went to try them on I told them something was wrong with them. That when I looked at a piece of paper the paper looked like it was short on top and longer on bottom. They said everything was ok I just had to get used to wearing them. I went back on 07-21-2007 and told them the same thing they did there little adjustment told me to go home and that I just needed to get used to them. I had my family and friends try them on they see the same thing I see so on 10-21-2007 I went back again. I told them I whated new lenses made they checked them said they were fine. I told them to look in them and they would see what I was seeing they would not told me my warranty was out and it would cost me to make the new lenses. I live 100 miles from Independence Center. I then asked for my money back and they would not give to me. Can someone help me with this problem I cant afford new glasses.

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  • Co
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    I went in yesterday for an eye exam. I have no problems with the contacts they set me up with, but it took nearly two hours to get them! It's not like they had to do anything but pick up a box and hand it to me. They sat me in a dark boring room for like half an hour all alone before I even got to see anyone. When the doctor finally came in he was a jerk. he sent me out to pay and get my trial lenses and while the assistant was picking them out he started arguing with her. then I get sent back to that stupid room for another 10 minutes so he could check the fit. This was by far the WORST experience that I have ever had at an eye appointment.

  • Jm
      3rd of Apr, 2008
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    My email to EyeMasters today: I will start my email saying that you lost my business. Here is why: on 03/15 I ordered a pair of glasses at your Katy, TX location (I-10 and Fry Rd). 2 weeks later I called to check if it was ready for pick up. First flaw: it was "ready" and nobody had called me. When I got there and tried it it was completely off. I could not see well through it. All blurred. The attendant kept saying that they had did exactly what the prescription said. I insisted and offered them to compare it to my old glasses. They then went back to "check something". A few minutes later he came back saying that the person had read it wrong, that the doctor used a strange convention, that they interpreted it 180 degrees wrong, etc. They were nice though apologizing and saying that they would rush it. One week later I called to check and they told me it should be at the store on Wednesday afternoon. I could not come that day. The day after (today) I went there. They were "finishing" it.When they brought it to me one of the lenses seemed ok. The other one was still completely off. I also noticed that that one of the lenses was not well-finished. The cut was grossly done.The person went to check it and came back with an apology. When I mentioned that I was considering asking for a refund, the person told me "ok", without hesitation and without trying to keep my business. No efforts to offer me some kind of compensation for the grief I was going through. Come on guys! This is basic good business practice. You have to at least try keeping the business of an unsatisfied customer! That was a pathetic and deceiving situation! My last pair of glasses was done at Sam's club, seven years ago. Done right in time, excellent service, good price and done right the first time.And I am still wearing those glasses! Can you imagine I will come back to one of your stores? Or that I will recommend you to friends and relatives? You should review your employees' and technicians' skills and your business practices.

  • Ta
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    I bought two pairs of eye glasses during March of 2008 from EyeMasters. It is now October, and one of my pairs have broken. I don't remember if I bought a replacement warranty, so I don't know if this breakage will be covered. Basically all I need them to do is replace one of the sides. But I could swear that they told me that if they broke I could just bring them back and that they would fix them for no charge. I was just wondering if I remembered correctly or not?

  • Ms
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    To Whom It May Concern:

    I purchased a pair of glasses from your Eyemasters #65 store in Arlington Texas on June 26, 2009 with CASH, no insurance. The person that helped me took some time and helped me find the perfect frames. I told her and showed her the glasses I would be replacing. The lens are Nikon with Progressives and Transitions, AR, Scratch Resistance. I can see all around with no problems. The new ones I got at Eyemasters were awful! I could not see in them and they gave me headaches and ill. When I picked up these new glasses, the person that dispensed them, looked at me old ones and stated that these new ones will be hard to get used to and are not near as good a lens as my old ones. He was right! I've tried to wear them, but I can't without getting headaches and ill. I called this morning and spoke with Brian in the lab. I explained the situation and he advised me to speak with the GM Brad. I understood that lunch would be between 12 noon and 1pm so I arrived at 1:45pm. Both were at lunch so I didn't get to see them until around 3:35 - $4:00. Brad was very nice and did the paperwork for the refund. He stated that the progressives were aligned wrong for one thing and a lens that would work better for me, your company does not offer. I wanted my money back then, but was told that it had to be issued by check from corporate. That is ridiculous! I paid in cash and wanted my money back right then! I can't replace my glasses until I get my money back! It is bad enough that I had to wait to get these in, they weren't correct, now I have to order them through somewhere else and wait another 10 days AFTER I get my money back from your company! So, I get to run around without glasses since my old ones are broken, hence why I got another exam and wanted to buy new glasses from you. I NEED MY MONEY BACK NOW! I understand that you don't want your stores to have too much cash on-hand, but they didn't deny taking my $279.99 in cash. Suppose I would have used a credit card and then told my credit card company I was disputing this because of the error? They would have refunded the money back to me and I still would have your glasses! Someone really needs to review this policy! I didn't use insurance, so there really should not be an issue. I need my new glasses NOW. Please contact me asap and advise where I can pick up my check. I should not have to drive down to San Antonio to get it nor have to wait to receive my money. Your company would not have ordered my glasses without me paying for them first, because you didn't trust me to purchase them. Now, I'm suppose to trust you to the point that I will receive my check/cash in a timely manner? I want to pick up my check/cash from your store in Arlington Texas at The Parks at Arlington Mall Tuesday, July 7, 2009. I'll expect a call from you all in the morning. I tried calling your customer service from 4:15p until 5pm Monday with only receiving voice mail. Brad had also tried to call you all. He also tried faxing the refund but the lines were busy. I even spoke to someone in another department there and she spoke to the person at 210-524-6540 and that person said to transfer me to her. When she did, I got her voice mail too! Then, I called 210-524-6538 and spoke with John. He personally went over to customer service to find someone and everyone but 1 person was gone! He said she was on a call and he knew that when she got off that call, she was leaving. As I stated, no one answered the phone even prior to closing time! Ridiculous! I need to pick up my refund tomorrow.

    Rosalyn L. Newman
    Refund Number 270134
    Orig. RX Number 269695

    I received a call today from Julie at 210-524-6540. She was very rude and the only reason why she called me back was because I left a message on her voice mail and since another employee transferred me directly to her line, there is a record. She gave me a BS story that by paying cash, it isn't as safe as paying with a credit card and that the stores don't like having a lot of cash there. They accepted the cash gleefully! They didn't state that they would prefer another form of payment. She stated that it would be at least 14 days before I would receive my refund even though the cut off date for checks is tomorrow (Wednesday). She stated that tomorrow's cut off is for refunds that were processed 2 weeks ago. This company really lacks customer service and for them, it is the bottom line...getting to keep your money as long as possible or completely. For all of the voice mail messages I've left, I've only received 1 call back. I was told that a manual check can be issued by the Territory Director and Brad, the GM is trying to contact him for verification of that. But, so far, nothing has been really accomplished other than my blood pressure rising and my very ugly view of this company and it's policies. They were quick to tell me when I paid for the glasses that I could get a refund within 30 days of purchase as well as when I picked up the glasses. At no time did they mention that a check would have to be issued...even though I paid them with cash in their store. I am posting this letter to all online complaint boards so others will know exactly what kind of company Eye Care Centers of America aka Eyemasters and their other subsidiaries are and how they operate.

  • Cu
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    I purchased two pair of eyeglasses from eyemasters in November. About two months later, one of my lenses fell out. About three months later I started to notice cracks in my glasses. I took my glasses back and the manager stated that is was due to the heat. Then he stated it was scratch. Then he had to admit that he did not know what happened. I told him that it was not due to the heat and could he explain why my second pair had lines on them as well. I explained that I was told if I purchased some protective covering that the glasses will last longer. I then explained that the gashes/cracks in the glasses were not due to any fault of mine. He proceeded to tell me that I could purchase another pair of glasses...WHY would I want to do that? If I already purchased two pair of glasses from Eyemasters and I am already having problems, do you really expect me to buy another? I called corporate and they stated that was their policy. If I did not purchase a warranty then they will not fix them. I understand the warranty for my negligence, but for something that I was not a fault for, let’s am reasonable.

  • Ms
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    I did receive my refund pronto AFTER speaking with a district manager.

  • Oz
      10th of Dec, 2010
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    Hi, I bought a pair of transition glasses at Willowbrook Mall in Houston, TX. These glasses are so scratched up I can barely see out of them...They give you this little rag and some fluid to clean your glasses with, but lets get real, who;s able to carry this with them at all times..The only thing i use to wipe my glasses is cotton..But they still scratch..I love the idea of Transitions but won;t pay the over $300.00 it costs for cheaply made glasses...BEWARE of the transitions..I guess its back to switching from reg.glasses to sun glasses again..Plus I;ll use another store..I don;t care for the attitudes and the service either..They don;t seem to care if you ever come back or not..Thanks, Barbara..

  • Bl
      5th of Jul, 2011
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    EyeMasters - Poor service
    United States

    The Ft Worth Eye Masters at Ridgemar Mall has completly gone to pot. Got a pair of glasses from a person that just did not want to be there. Poor attitude|. Ordered my glasses and was supposed to be called when they arrived". No call, had to call them, . When I picked them up they were not fitted, rather just handed to me/. The temple broke two weeks later and I had to pay $20".00 to get them replaced.. New type of warrenty???? The bifocals are way off and it's hard to see straight so I will have to go and get a new pair somplace else as they have lost a customer and his family?. What has happened to "customer servive"???

  • Da
      12th of Sep, 2011
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    It is a well-known scam, dopey. Run like the wind away from this attempt to scam you out of money.

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