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Express Oil Change / Incomplete service

1 60 Willow Lane, McDonough, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 770 957 7181

On August 4th 2008, I went to Express Oil Change and Service Center at 60 willow lane, McDonough, GA for an oil change. 20 miles after leaving the service center my engine started smoking heavily, the temp needle went to super hot and my check engine light came on. I got off the highway only to find there was no radiator fluid in the radiator. It was bone dry. I was told by another mechanic; I may have engine damage resulting from the lack of fluid. He said they should have checked all the fluids when doing an oil change.

I went back to Express Oil Change and Service Center at 60 willow lane, McDonough, GA to inform them that I will sue to recoup any damages resulting from their negligence. The manager verbally abused me, in the presence of a customer. Another employee told me to get that piece of crap off his lot in five minutes, or he will have it towed.

Please stay far away from Express Oil Change and Service Center at 60 willow lane, McDonough, GA. They are an accident waiting to happen and it will not be in your best interest.


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  • We
      19th of Oct, 2008

    May 2008. I used Express Oil in Leed, Al. Took my work truck in for an oil change. After completion, the truck wouldn't start. The mechanic on duty, Lee, diagnosed it without even putting it on a diagnostic machine as being a fuel pump. They tried to sell me a fuel pump at an outrageus price. I went across the street to Advance Auto & bought the needed part at a much cheaper price. The mechanic improperally installed the part, he either didn't disconnect the battery power or connected a hot to a hot instead of a ground & burned out all the wiring in the truck. The manager verbally admitted to me they were responsible & kept the truck for 5 weeks while they replaced several electrical parts. I have the receipts to prove the damage they did & the responsibilitythat they assumed. Since then, I have continued to have problems with this vehicle. I can't even use it for work purposes because it continues to leave our workers stranded. It has been towed countless times back to them for repair. The truck is still not repaired properly & now Express Oil refuses to make good on their mis-repair. The manager is refusing to cooperate anymore at this point. He was rude with myself & my wife & told us to hire a lawyer. We are in the process of suing them right now.


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  • Mr
      2nd of Nov, 2008

    its sad how people always look for someone to blame for their mistakes, its not anyone fout that you didnt keep coolant in your car !!! as for the fuel pump if you would keep gas in it that may have save your pump

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  • Sa
      31st of May, 2010

    Thank You for the advice. I thought I heard bad reports on the new about the place. Now In know NOT to take my car there today for an oil change.

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  • Si
      4th of Jun, 2010

    I don't like to complain, but sometimes its necessary to help others avoid similar incompetence. I liked Express Oil change McDonough for years because of their easy location and quick service. I used them regularly for oil changes for two of our cars with no problems. These two cars are easy to change the oil in, nothing complicated. Then having mistakenly assumed competence, I took a Mercedes in to have the oil changed. Bad mistake. Please don't take anything to Express Oil that requires more than you can do in your driveway if you had the time. If it requires more than opening a drain plug and unscrewing a filter, pay a little more, wait a little longer at a specialist or dealer. It will cost way less in the long run. Express Oil techs incorrectly removed and incorrectly reinstalled vital system components that resulted in engine failure according to Mercedes-trained mechanics I have had review the situation. I gave Express Oil the benefit of the doubt initially until these expert mechanics pointed out the details of how the parts were incorrectly reattached and why it is vital they are attached properly. Though I will not use them again for any vehicle, if you have a simple oil change, they may be okay to use. Keep in mind if something is done incorrectly their corporate culture is to deny any wrongdoing and make the customer out to be a person who "blames others for their mistakes." This can be avoided by not making the "mistake" I did by taking my Mercedes there.

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  • Do
      22nd of Feb, 2011

    They check the coolant level in the reservour. If it was really low they would check your radiator that is how it is done. No way this happened they way you explained. Too many times people always want to play the victim and not take ownership they may just be driving a piece of crap... and because you FINALLY get it serviced after all of the neglect you gave your car, expect miracles. The guy with the pump on his truck, they really sounded like they did you wrong. They should just turn it over to the dealership if they can't get your truck fixed. The guy on the Mercedes, that is unfortunate. Ya know I realize perception is eveyones reality, however you also have to realize they hire humans. I don't see how they could have taken something loose and not put something back though like they were suppose to. If anything resulted into your mercedez being Express oils fault, if you brought it to there attention they would make good on it.

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  • Do
      22nd of Feb, 2011

    also I will add on the pump on your truck being outrageous in price... they are a business to make moneynot the salvation Army giving hand outs and I am positive that if you brought it to a dealership their price would have been alot more. If you buy your own parts though there is no warranty... I do direct your attention to the following fact that there is allways to sides to every story.

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  • Sk
      30th of Apr, 2016

    On 11/03/2015 Express Oil Change destroyed the engine in my SRX by dropping a broken spark plug down into the cylinder. A used engine from a salvage yard was installed in my vehicle by Bullard Cadillac in Mobile without testing it. This used engine is junk and EOC refuses to restore my SRX to its prior running condition.

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