SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / cancellation refund - paris package with protection??

Re Dec 28, 2015
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I bought a Flight + package deal on Sept 30th, for an itenarary (#[protected]) at Dec 19-21. I also bought the extra Travel protection from; where i was convinced this was to be used in any case something goes wrong. And then, something DID go wrong and there were security concerns around Paris; so i decided not to take the family trip, trusting the Travel Protection i had in place. I needed to call CallCenters for many times (calling from abroad), and for many hours before i was told i was eligible for a full refund for both the hotel and the flight. So i kept waiting for an automatic refund notice; which i received; but only for USD 150 of USD 925.85 . Following this mail; i called them again; and -again after some repetetive discussions with different people on the phone- and was told, there was a mistake and the rest of the refund will be processed. When i wanted a written notice on this; i received the attached mail (here, copied in a word doc.), saying all was fine. STill, there is no refund on my account, and i hate calling them back for the hundredth time. Please process this refund and let me know asap, as this was the worst customer care i've had with any travel company!!

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