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Staggeringly incompetent customer service ! I'd booked a hotel reservation in Paris, France using for myself and my fiancee. To apply for our respective schengen visas to travel to France, we needed to submit the hotel reservation along with the schengen visa application. Since I'd booked it the itinerary only had my name on it under "Traveler Name" and I wanted to add my fiancee's name so she could submit the same itinerary for her schengen visa application.

Obviously the website didnt have any features to allow such changes so I decided to call Expedia customer support. I spent 20 minutes trying to explain what I wanted to someone with a weird accent who didnt understand what I was asking for despite me speaking slowly and clearly. For 20 minutes he kept saying that to CHANGE the name of the person he'll need to cancel and re-book while I kept telling him I did not want to CHANGE but I wanted to ADD the name of the second traveler.

Finally he got it, then he went off to talk to his supervisor and came back and said I should call the hotel so they could do it. I asked if that would make it show up on Expedia and he said no ! He didnt seem to understand that the whole purpose of me calling was to have a second person's name show up on the Expedia confirmation. And finally he said he couldnt do that in his "system".

It was extremely frustrating to get a simple request communicated. I am shocked that the most critical function of any business - customer care would have such incompetence. Expedia has horrendous customer support. I'm scared to think how it'll be if I am stranded during my travel on an Expedia itinerary and need their help. Hell with Expedia and the others (I'm sure they're all lousy) I'm going back to my travel agent. Atleast they have competent people I can talk with.


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