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Excalibur Towing / Crooks

1 2927 SOUTH COPPER STREETArlington, TX, United States Review updated:

Excalibur Towing (AKA: Merlin Transport Corp.) is a crooked tow company. They illegally tow your car. The Thugs they have working their yard threaten you and refuse to give you any information about your vehicle.

They need to be put out of business!

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  • Bu
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    How this company is in buisness is not very clear. If your a victim of this company contact your local city office and request a towing hearing before a judge. You will get to state your case and the towing company must present theirs.

  • Mi
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    I am all for bringing these crooks down. I have witnessed them doing unbelievable things to the residents vehicles in my apartment complex (sideways towing) and without a doubt they eventually made the mistake and towed my mothers car (who is a valid resident of the complex) and I will be taking them to court. Make sure to record the conversations you have with them or you will truly be full of anger at them and yourselves there after.

  • Ch
      20th of Feb, 2013
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    Know your rights.

    If they've towed your car from an apartment for expired sticker and/or registration, without notifying you in person, or by certified letter --return receipt requested-- then they've illegally towed your car. The law is very clearly laid out in Texas Towing Law Occupational Code Chapter 2308 (Sec. 2308.253). The red sticker left on your car is NOT valid notification per this law. The reasons should be obvious...

    My experiences with them:
    1) would not present a copy of a non-consent tow schedule which is suppose to be available to anyone who asks... was told I would see it when I took them to court
    2) refused to show valid TDLR employee license at the payment window... was told I could see it when I took them to court
    3) is suppose to accept credit cards/debit... of course, their machine is always down
    4) will tag a covered/locked-cover car, even one where the legality of the vehicle cannot be obtained without removal of said cover
    5) will charge for certified letter ("we've towed your car, come get it" for $50) even when they've sent no such letter
    6) accepts no responsibility in contacting an owner/operator per Sec. 2308.253 (see above)

    This guys are crooks... their business is legalized extortion. Please know your rights and fight back.

  • Ch
      7th of Aug, 2015
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    Excalibur was just taken to court and a decision was found for the numerous victims of illegal tows. The TDLR is pushing for a fine of ~$92k and numerous suspensions of license(s), so there is a bit of justice still left in the world.

  • Je
      20th of Oct, 2015
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    I've lived at my complex for close to three years. The management and I have an agreement regarding my Truck. Excalibur was told and I have proof in writing to "not touch" my truck. imagine my surprise at seeing not one but three stickers on this truck, at different times. They sighted only my two trucks and not the other three vehicles that were "in violation of rules". So I told our manager flat out, the definition of do not touch is do not touch! furthermore if you wish i'll do their job for them and better, giving you an actual list of cars and trucks in violation. As a former security officer I worked apartments for nearly 10 years. I know how these tow companies work they pick older trucks because they can resell them and make a good profit, assuming the owners can't afford to get them out of impound. So today I informed the manager that if the tow company tries to touch either truck I'll be outside with a maglite and a cell phone waiting. Difference is I am up most nights and I watch outside. I told her flat out if they want a fight then I'll fight that the last thing they will expect to encounter is a former security officer that knows state law. I told her in three years we've never been late on rent and have complied with everything they have demanded. This is where I put my foot down. If I see anyone from this tow company anywhere near my trucks I'll take it as a threat to steal my property and I will defend such property with my very own life if need be. This is a scam! I am well aware of how Tow companies get their auction cars and trucks and they were hoping to take mine, seize the titles and resell them because they are the type of trucks that will sell and are easily taken across the border. Personally I may actually set up a web cam and record the trucks outside my window at night also. I hope they are shut down soon.

  • Sr
      4th of Jun, 2016
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    Here is how i lost $300 to this towing company

    I booked a reserved parking lot at Knightsbridge apartment where the towing company had not not provided the parking stickers in time and hence was handed over a temporary pass.Once the temporary passes are put in, the resident has to run around the leasing office to check if the permanent pass has come in. And every time the leasing office will say, it has not come in. And one fine day, suddenly the temporary pass expires and the resident is caught unaware and the vehicle is towed. On enquiring the leasing office will say, the permanent stickers came in a week back and you did not collect it. Looks like a modus operandi to create opportunities for making money. And in the towing companies yard, you will experience the rudest behavior ever. My vehicle's steering got locked and i was struggling to start and the staff said that i will have to step out of their yard, if i was not able to start the vehicle in the next 5 min. or call my towing company to tow it back. Worst company/staff behavior ever. Lost $300 in spite of paying $20 per month for my parking lot regularly.

    Friends, please go for an open parking at knightsbridge apartments as Excaliber looks for an opportunity to tow away your vehicle and the receipt provided by Excalibur says that Knightsbridge authorized the towing. And knightsbridge will say it is your responsibility to come to the leasing office and check on a daily basis if the permanent stickers have come in.

    My Mistake - Did not check with the leasing office on a daily basis to check if the permanent stickers had arrived
    Knightsbridge's mistake - Did not even bother to send out an email when the parking stickers came in
    Excaliber's mistake - Towed the vehicle away from a reserved parking lot in spite of myself paying for the parking lot regularly. Rude staff, who do not have any courtesy.

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