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I have an account with Evercom Correctional Billing Services.

They have repeatedly cut my phone calls short due "to pushing extra buttons". 5 out of 6 times my calls were terminated and now they are telling me that I owe them $5.35. They are THIEVES and it is my suggestion do not get caught up in their wickedness.

I just wanted to stay in touch with my husband whom I love so dearly-now what? Is there any other phone service that we can utilize to stay in communications with our families?

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  •   Apr 25, 2008
    Evercom Correctional Billing Services - Too expensive
    Evercom Correctional Billing Services
    United States

    Its ### it’s so expensive to have a call from a loved one not every one is *** rich if it was your loved one maybe you would understand. I work very hard for the money I make but all you do is sit there and connect calls and take peoples money and make a living some people have to actually work for there money. I just wish you could walk in my shoes for an awhile and see how hard it really is. pls try to understand and lower the call price rating so others who don’t make a lot and can talk there loved one who are incarcerated.

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  •   May 19, 2008
    Evercom Correctional Billing Services - Broke and pissed
    Evercom Correctional Billing Services
    United States

    When my man first got locked up the phone calls were the only thing that we had of each other. Now that he has been sentenced and is in a private prison the phone calls are the only thing that causes my grief. The time that we have spent away from each other doesn’t even compare to the heartache every time I get my *** phone bill. Thank God that he will be home soon and then he can get three jobs to pay all the debt that I have racked up on the cards. These people are too quick to cash in on the weakest moments in a persons life. I understand that he did the crime and he has to do his time but why do the people that are on the outside have to pay for it as well. The need to be regulated be a government agency that enforces the price and is fair to the consumers. The point is Evercom ***!!!

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  • Ti
      Jul 30, 2008

    Correctional Billing Services is a big rip off company. They charge your credit card right away but when it come to a refund it will take them 4 to 60 weeks to send you a check. If you want to write to them the address is
    Correctional Billing Services
    P.O. Box 650757
    Dallas Tx [protected]
    I don't know whom to address the letter too because the Supervisor was too stupid to know the
    president of the company's name.
    Myself I would not waste the postage cost to mail a letter.
    If anyone has an email address for the this company I would like to know it.

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  • La
      Aug 02, 2008

    I have an account with correctional billing services. My calls are suppose to be 3.50 i looked on line and they are charging me 3.65 and above for my calls. I AM PISSED WITH THIS COMPANY. NOW I CANT TALK TO TO MY BOYFRIEND BECAUSE OF THIS DUMB ### COMPANY TRYING TO TO GET OVER. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS COMPANY!!! MAD AS HELL!!!

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  • Bi
      Oct 12, 2008

    I have been charged over 116.00 for phone calls in two days. I set up the account include my son's home phone number. I live in another state and they did not tell me that the phone calls to me where going to be over 19.00 for a 15 min call. they said it would be 3.00 for a 15 min call but that was for his home phone not the long distance call to me. Then I called to get the balance and they said it was 17.00 I tried to add 50.00 more dollars to the account and then they said the balance was 56.95 so what happened to the 17.00? On top of that then the recording said they could not process my paymet and wanted me to use another credit card. What is up with this company? Where do we go to get something done.???????

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  • Do
      Nov 22, 2008

    I know they are not great ...and I totally feel your pain but whatever u do dont get fooled into taking these other supposedly cheaper ways to make calls ...I lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars on two of the most common popular services that "save" us money ...THEY DONT ...u can do the same thing they do on your own and u dont have to pay a service fee to get it done on your own ...I use correctional billing but I do it the same way the "services" do and I dont get ripped off. You just call and get remote call forwarding from the phone call local to the prison ..THATS ALL THE SERVICES DO and charge u BS charges.

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  • Da
      Mar 06, 2009
    Evercom Correctional Billing Services - Fake Company and fake employees
    Evercom Correctional Billing services
    United States

    I was Using Correctional billing to receive calls from my love one. In the process there where payments credited to my account in order for me to receive phone calls. I was not aware of where thiese payments were coming from so i called CBS. They informed me that there system had manual credited payments to my account. They reversed the payments and said that i had to pay for there systems faults. I call four times to be put on the phone with 5 different managers. 2 of the 5 hung up in me. I informed them that in order to receive call their services and phone call your account would have to be pre paid. So the only way for me to receive phones is if they were already paid for. They could not tell me where these payments came from or who authorized them. So some how the payments were reversed and they insisted that i pay for there compies FAults and i refused. I alwasy asked for names and employee number to report to the corporate office. They didnt and couldnt provide me with a coporate number.

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  • Su
      Apr 23, 2009

    Evercom is WAY OUT OF CONTROL with their RATES! I recently moved out of TX to CA and for my loved one to call me it is: $17.00 something for a 15 min call... I HATE that they make you put a min of: $50.00 MINIMUM down and then on TOP OF IT... they CHARGE YOU a SERVICE FEE OF abt: $7.00... Not sure who to file my complaint to so that they CAN'T GET AWAY with ERRONEOUSLY Charging WHATEVER THEY WANT!!!

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  • De
      Jun 21, 2009

    this company is like the system our loved ones are locked up by and held crooked and theives. I would not be surprised if the investors or ceo's are not judges and gov. officials using our tax money that pays them to ripp us off. What the h ll is this country doing letting em get away with it. So in whole as group there has to be a way to come together to STOP THE PARASITE /S THAT STEAL OUR HARD EARNED $'S . DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY LEGAL INSITE TO HOW WE MAY BEGIN TO GET THE BALL ROLLING OR START OUR OWN CORP. TELE COM. PROVIDER OWENED AND OPERATED BY THOSE OF US WHO HAVE COMPLAINTS. STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED AND WELL IF WE CAN PUT A MAN ON THE MOON THEN WHY NOT, A FAIR REASONABLE RUN COMPANY THAT CATERS TO OUR OWN . IF EVERYONE PUTS FORTH A LITTLE $/OR TIME TO HELP CORRDINATE IT CAN BE DONE. IF YOU AGREE . PLEASE RESPOND . I'LL CHECK BACK TO SEE INPUT ABOUT THIS IF THE RESPONSE IS GOOD . I SEEK AVENUES TO HELP LAUNCH THE IDEA. ADRESS YOUR SPONSE TO DENISE IN DENVER ON THIS PAGE.

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  • Ki
      Jul 10, 2009

    This is a complete rip off set up with government sanction. You cannot get hold of them, and there are no other options. It is a monopoly that is ripe for a class action law suit. It is immoral for someone with a monopoly on our communications to our loved ones to charge what they charge and deliver the kind of service they do. If I did not know better, I woul;d think we lived in a communist country.

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  • Na
      Sep 24, 2009
    Evercom Correctional Billing Services - Overcharge
    Evercom Correctional Billing Services
    United States

    I have emailed you like 4 months ago and i still haven't heard from you guys. i got charged $50 twice off my debit card and u said that if i emailed you guys the card activity page that you would send me a check in the mail or add it back on to my card. i yet to see it and it will be 5 months at the end of this month. i have been trying to also contact you over the phone
    and no one answers. i would like to know what is going on with my money.

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  • Ge
      Nov 11, 2009
    Evercom Correctional Billing Services - Non-existent customer service
    Evercom Correctional Billing Services
    United States

    Evercoms system is designed to be a quagmire of evasion.

    If you decide to do business with them, which I do not recommend, do not expect to ever talk to a live representative, ever.

    you will spend useless minutes and hours of time going from one extension to another, being disconnected nad fighting with a phone system designed to never allow you to contact a live employee. I am not sure they have any employees.

    Fortunately I had my credit card company stop payment for their services that they never even could provide in the firsat place. Of course the automated system did not inform me that their company may not be able to provide the service I was paying for.

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  • Cb
      Mar 24, 2011

    Actually, it's not a monopoly. There are several companies like CBS. They all make a bid, with the phone rates to the facility and the one with the lowest rates gets the contract. So, the rates that you are getting, could be a lot worse.

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