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Evercom Correctional Billing Services / What's wrong with the Counties?

1 TX, United States

I'm not going to curse or even stay upset while writing this complaint. I am beyond upset now and it seems like even writing here really doesn't make a big difference. I suppose it is just a place for ripped of people to vent. First of all, I don't understand why these counties across America are using evercom at all. I live in the Houston area and in our county, AT&T controls the phones inside of the county jails. Inside of the city jail it sure isn't evercom. The county also have an agreement with AT&T, to unblock the line only for calls from their jail and you pay either the JAIL itself or I believe AT&T. They send you to the inmate billing part when you call them. Now, my loved one was in the county jail here in our city for another city's tickets. He called me once or maybe twice a day for one rate at 3.60 a call. That's it. I used my own company and already new the spending limit, which as long as he was here I did not go over. When they moved him to Navarro County, that's when I got pissed. First off the call is 3.50 to connect, 40 cents the first minute, and 39 cents the other 29 min. Then an officer in the jail told him that that was only if you hung up before the 30 minutes were up. That the overall call was five dollars. So he called me two more times after that. After the third time there was a block on my phone. He was able to call my cell phone for a free short call, which was only about 5 seconds. At this time I stayed on the line to talk with a representative and the whole call was disconnected. I called the number back and what do I get? A person who could barley understand what I was saying and I made out every other two words with him. Every question I asked this man, he could not answer. He blamed everything on Navarro County. He told me they placed the block on my phone because I went over my spending limit. I asked him what spending limit because I don't even know who you are. He was like your spending limit is only 56 dollars and you have used 60. What!!! I said no sir, my spending limit with my company is far greater than that. He then stated that they werent my phone company and that I owe them the money. I asked how would I get the bill he said on your regular phone bill. Anyway, we argue about 30 mins because I refuse to accept any of the ridiculous answers I got from him. I called AT&T and they said don't give them any money until they looked into what was going on because there should not be a block on my phone at all. Okay so I paid the prepaid money to my cell phone. I paid the 24.95. When I tried to add more money they told me the minimum amount they could take was 50 dollars and the processing fee would be 6.95 now. Then they stated I could use western union, put however much I wanted to but it will cost me 16 dollars. Their last offer was for me to mail in a money order for 1, 2, 5, or 10 dollars and they would put it on my account in 5 to 10 business days after the received the payment. These people are crazy. The county that use the services are crazy. Anybody who works for them are truly crazy. When I asked about the 90 day agreement with your own company that is on their website, they claimed I was looking at something else and they couldn't find it. The when I said well I would pay the first bill off to clear my line, they replied "well it still wont remove the block until 90 after it was placed which will be in October." WHAT IN CREATIONS!!! He is only there for tickets not murder. Now there is a block on my cell phone too. Said we talked 14 dollars over. How in the world do you talk over a prepaid amount? I don't want to speak with evercom first. I want to speak with the bias governor of our state ( which probably wont do any good anyway, he's a joke), then the Sheriff of Navarro County, and then evercome to ask one question, who in the heck do they think they are?


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