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Evercom Correctional Billing Services / What happened to 1-800-collect

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I recently went to jail for the first time (San Joaquin county jail), I couldn’t even call my mom, and by the time she paid 61$ by card» they said it would take 48hours to go through. Well I ended up getting out way sooner then expected. They wouldn’t refund the money and now my boyfriend is in the same jail and still can’t call my moms number. I think the governor of California is looking like a money hungry pig and they should have regular old pay phones in every county jail(god for bid some one smuggled in 50cents) 1-800-collect every one knows that number and should you choose to accept the collect call it shows up on a regular phone bill. County jails are gonna keep *** people off and criminals are more than half of the good old U.S.A population! Give inmates the right to use 1-800-collect. Sincerely pissed from Manteca, lathrop and Sacramento (*** the almighty dollar) and them snobby *** guards at county "put me in the hole cuz they said I talk too much!" I still talk but not on the wanna be payphones they got in there/somebody call the

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  • Sh
      30th of Nov, 2008
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    They don't even give inmates a free call when being booked.
    I have an account with these people, Evercom, because I have to.
    All morning I've tried taking calls from newly arrested inmates only to be disconnected so they call someone else.
    Loss of revenue for me, and huge cost to my phone bill.
    I'm right across the street from the jail house, but can only speak to someone collect. Jail makes more money that way.
    Most can't call families because cell phones will not take a collect call, and unless they have a carrier on their home phone they have to set up an account with these people or no get through.
    Minimum for lst minute is approx.$5.00.

  • Ca
      19th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Evercom is ridiculous! I just placed the minimun amount of $25 on a pre-paid card in order to receive calls from my son who has been incarcerated for the first time in his life in New York. I am in Ga. He called me twice, with a promise to call back later in the day. I waited and waited. Decided to check my balance on this correctional billing service -- discovered they have BLOCKED all calls from the jail he is in, and says my balance is over by 6.50! OMG! I checked each calls to discover that not only was I charged a service fee of $6.95, but each call is taxed with eats away at the amount of money you have on your pre-pay account. . The calls are 3.95 connect fee, plus .89 per minute, plus 1.75 tax per call. Totally ridiculous and unfair. The FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION should look into this bogus phone company. It is a joke. In no time, your money is eaten up, and your account is on block status. --that is until you add MORE money. What a scam. And they know you want to hear from your loved one, so you don't have a choice. You must add money in order to talk to your loved one, and they are the only correctional billing company servicing that jail in Riverhead, N.Y. This is so truly unfair. What a joke! What a total rip off! OVERCHARGE YOU WHEN YOU ARE AT YOUR MOST VUNERABLE AND WORRIED ABOUT YOUR CHILD!

  • Ed
      13th of May, 2010
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    Evercom Correctional Billing Services - No email
    Evercom Correctional Billing Services
    United States

    I was told i would recieve an email to dispute calls and still have not recieved anything! You dont mind taking my money yet you cant do what you say!

  • Pi
      23rd of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    It's complete ###, my boyfriend is in riverhead jail, NY, and he calls me and it's so much money on my fine bill so I got a prepaid card and it was the same ###. The correctional facility is already making money for having them in there owns for high bails and now u want to charge do much to talk for 10 damn minutes. And on top of it all the money is probably going to our enemies anyway like Afghanistan and Iraq, complete ###.

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