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Etravel / they have my creidit card number

1 FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 18139601981

They called me at home to tell me that I WON a trip to Orlando Florida and all I had to pay is $398 dollars. I was unsure that I should give my credit card over the phone. I asked her if I could get her phone number or internet site where I could purchase the package. She got totally irate and very pushy. She kept on demanding my credit card number. I told her I did not feel comfortable giving my credit card information over the phone. She responded that she did not want to me and my family to come to Florida. She then hung up on me.

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  • Vi
      29th of May, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Yes. I agree. I was told the exact same thing and I did indeed give them my credit card. How stupid was I? My wife has told me this over and over. Well anyway, I blocked them through my credit card company, but they still got through, so my credit card company is filing charges against them for fraud. I never received a package or anything. It is a SCAM!! THEY ARE A SCAM!!

  • Ch
      13th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Dude, they are still doing the something today!
    But~the charge is 498 now.
    I said I won't give them the credit card number until I see an agent or have something in my hands, then the lady got angry and hanged up on me.

  • Ki
      22nd of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Just got a phone call today - from Jasmine operator 5018 - You WON A TRIP to Florida and Bahamas for $299 registration fee for *blahblah* Asked for my credit card number - of course I said "I do not feel comfortable giving my number out on the phone" Girl was rude and interrupted me several times, finally she hung up on me - how rude!

  • De
      22nd of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I filled out info on the internet thinking that I was getting a chance for a free vacation. They did not say anything about having to listen to their time share sales pitch. I got the phone call just like everyone else making me think I was special in winning this free vacation($398.00 to pay for taxes/handling costs) with the promise to listen to their 60-90 min.pitch. As soon as they asked for my credit card info I said no thanks. I have listened to these sales pitches before and they are very stressfull. They, of course, want a quick decision over the phone, so if you are reading this you either gave in or did what I did. I did not look up information on E Tour & Travel until after the phone call.

  • Na
      20th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I can't for the likes of me understand why this type of scam continues. Where is the Attonery General's Office, Consumer Affairs and The Better Business Offices ?

  • Ni
      20th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It was the same thing for me as all of you. They, Yuki (Opperator #1432), said that I had won a free trip to florida including a cruise, beachfront hotel and free passes to Universal Studios. They asked if I was married and I said yes and they wanted me to get my wife on another line so they could tell us both about the trip. At first I said that she was sleeping and then they said that it is company policy to tell both people at the same time and hung up.

    They called back later when my wife was there and we talked to them about the "trip". Yuki passed us on to Lindsey so she could verify our details and "get our package off to us". She asked about our VISA card and I said that I don't have a VISA but I do have a Mastercard. She kept asking for the number and expiration date and I eventually made one up (and wrote it down so I could verify it if she asked to repeat it). She even went as far as to ask me to repeat it backwards.

    When I asked for info from them they said it fast and mumbled but I was able to get the name E Tour and Travel as well as an address (3626 Quadrangle). My wife looked them up online and found several places that indicated they are a scam. I looked at the sites while "Lindsay" was on the line and then I asked to speak to her supervisor when she kept refusing to send me anything that indicated that they were a legitamite company. Her supervisor came on and she had a different accent than the first two people. It took only a few seconds for me to be transfered and the supervisor knew everything that was said before. The supervisor eventually got frustrated and "lost" her accent and hung up.

    I kept her on the phone for over half an hour, so that is half an hour that she was not able to scam someone else. It is sad that people have to make money that way.

    I am going to report the call to Phonebusters (in canada) 1-888-495-8501 and I would suggest anyone else who has been targetted report it to the police.

    The best thing is to NOT give out your credit card info to anyone. They used many techniques on me to give it up but I kept refusing.

    Sorry about the long post and thanks for reading it to the end ;)

  • Ab
      5th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have worked at E Tour and Travel for over a year now and IT IS NOT A SCAM!!! And that's the honest truth. You DO have to take a timeshare tour but for the price that we are offfering, who wouldn't spend 60-90 mins of their time to save MONEY!!! You people crack me up:)

  • Ar
      15th of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Use Google - a company doesn't generate that level of bad press without there being something fundamentally wrong.

    You don't pay for something you've won. Is that hard to understand ?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone' a winner, unless they actually hand over their credit card details.

    Their track record speaks for itself and I'd ask them to send me the cash alternative of this fantastic winning prize.

    I think the fact that they'll ring you endlessly is a fair indicator of who is expecting to be a winner on this deal.

    They say that they can only give you your prize if you pay them first. Doesn't it just sound like those daft e-mails promising to send you $10, 000, 000 from a deceased relative but first you must send $100 by Western Union ?

    I don't see a difference.

  • Fl
      16th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I personally work for etourandtravel and I know that some of the operators are pushy and rude but most of us are taught to be very courteous...we aren't a scam like some people think...we are an actual company based in Orlando, fl and the package itself you don't are selected because you have filled out some kind of online questionnaire about trips to Orlando. The reason no one can call back to purchase the package after we call is because we have an automated telephone system that will send you to a random person if you call back. and people the timeshare isn't something you have to buy ...we just want an hour of your time...its not like were asking for your whole entire vacation.

  • Me
      17th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm sick of these ###s calling my house. You think you can just phone me and I will give you an hour of my time? You should get a real job and stop harassing people!! Just because you are an 'actual company' doesn't give you the right to just phone me and expect me to be interested in your crap. I did not fill out an online questionnaire about Orlando. SCAM!

  • Sa
      16th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    these people are ###s. asked for my credit number when i didnot gave it... they were pushy and hung up on me ...

  • Sp
      23rd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Got two calls today... same spiel... we got your name from a form online through your Visa card (I don't have a Visa card that I use for ANYTHING). I have been selected for a free trip to Orlando. They have a little basic information about me that is very easy to obtain but the finer details are incorrect. You are supposed to overlook this because they know other things about you.

    The dazzle you with a trip that is ridiculously lavish... People, NO ONE gives away trips of two weeks or more.

    Then they get to the meat, "We are connected main line to all the major credit card companies and our system shows here that your Visa card is 15 digits starting with a 4."

    This is supposed to reassure you to think that "oh... they already have my number so it's ok to confirm it for them"

    EVERY VISA CARD STARTS WITH A 4... this not a magic trick they doing.

    Then they want you to tell them the expiry date of the card just for a confirmation. Next they ask for the actual number of your card... again "for confirmation". Now here comes the kicker... They next ask for the little 3 or 4 digit code on the back of the card to "Verify that we are in possession of the card, it's for your protection".

    Once they have that it will be all over, they will then keep you on the phone long enough to pass transactions across on your card. There will be no package arriving and they hit you for hundreds of dollars. It becomes the hassle of filing your complaint with the credit card company to get it back.

    Thankfully VISA and Mastercard are pretty good about immediately crediting you back and pursuing the matter through fraud charges. Props to them there.

    Don't be fooled by this.

  • Li
      13th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I was told that I too had won a vacation that I registered for. I proceeded to tell that that was not the case. I would've remembered registering for that. So... 9 more calls later, I reported them to the RCMP and subsequently to the Internet Crime Center in the USA. I even yelled (and I don't yell at people) for them to stop calling. The first 5 times it was a woman who called and she was the one I yelled at. Then the second day it was a guy (Kenny) and he was the one I sang "stop calling" to over and over again till he hung up. Then I received a few more calls. On the third day, there were only 3 calls which I didn't pick up.
    So... today, being Saturday the 13th of March, I thought that was over with. Ooooooh but I get ANOTHER call from a different chick with the EXACT SAME SPIEL. So I let her talk.. she said I had put that I was married, to which I replied "no, not married" she said I was a Visa user to which I replied "no, I'm not"... then we got into an argument. I told her that HAD I INFACT registered, why would I put that I was married when I was not. Why would I have put that I used Visa when I don't?! Then she's all "this is my first time calling you.. blah blah blah" and I was talking loudly over her saying "I WAS HARASSED FOR THE LAST 3 DAYS... I HAVE REPORTED YOU TO THE RCMP AND TO THE INTERNET CRIME CENTER" and... she then hung up.. how rude;)

    I have never filled out any information on trips to Orlando.. or any such cruise things. My guess is it's third party information (because never have I filled out anywher that I was married.. so where did you get that information scammers... hmm?) So with this new number, I am going to add it to my report on ... this harassment needs to stop! So I suggest to EVERYONE who has been harassed by them (I mean, I will most definitely threaten a harassment lawsuit if this keeps up) to report them to their local authorities. Once you say NO the calling should stop. Unfortunately, that didn't happen in my case, hence the suit that might be filed!!! SCREW YOU ETRAVEL.. WHEN I SAY STOP CALLING ME.. I MEAN STOP CALLING ME!!!

  • Ca
      27th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Even though this company may not be a scam... i got a call from them on Sunday April 25, 2010 and the gentleman was very nice he kept being very pushy and kept on demanding my credit card number and kept on saying that they have places all over the United States and in all reality they are centraled around Flordia. My family and i don't like Florida we never have and never will. We are more the Smoky Mountain or Ozark Mountain type tourists. After i have done my research on them, i have called my bank to get them to stop my payment of only $99 of coming out of my account. Yeah, $99 for a 7-day and 6-night trip, which we get a free car rental with that. Sounds a little fishy to me. Also i found on there website that they customer is responsible for all taxes on the hotel room. You know that can add up to A LOT of money... i feel much better after i have talked to my bank about canceling the transaction. My advice to anyone considering this company... STAY AWAY!!!

  • Aa
      12th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    all of you that think that e tour and travel is a scam is just an idiot if you actually listened to the phone call you would know that they are NOT giving away a free trip it is a free THEME PARK TICKET wich you get weather you buy the vacation package or not so what if you have to take a time share tour your getting 7 days in florida a rental car for a week theme park tickets and discounts on your airfare all for 398 you cant even get a decent hotel in florida for that much let alone everything else in the package I got the phone call from them and ended up buying 2 packages and guess what I went to florida and had a blast and saved money while i was at it so what you have to give your credit card over the phone you dont think twice about buying dinner or a pair of shoes and putting it on your credit card so why not a vacation check out their website people and you will see its not a scam thank you E tour and Travel

  • Td
      16th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I received the same phone call and while I was reluctant to give my personal information, I took a chance. I paid the $398 and received my package in the mail explaining the entire trip. I have 5 days in Orlando with passes to Universal Studios (booked for February) and 3 days in Daytona Beach (which I haven't booked yet). It seems like a pretty good deal and I guess I'm not intimidated since I have attended a vacation home/timeshare presentation in the past. I even had to cancel once, which was done with no problem. My associate was very helpful and patient. This package includes a 7 night hotel stay (a $350 value, at the least), two 2-day tickets to Universal Studios (approx. $230 value) and a rental car for 7 days (unlimited mileage). I think it's worth it...I'll let you know.

  • Mi
      19th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    If anyone out there has been scammed by Etour, I would be glad to speak with you. I am currently in litigation with them. Feel free to call me at 877-463-7466 x 84 - Michael Todd

  • Sh
      24th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I got a call from a Mathew tonight. My sister told him that I was not home, did he want to leave a message. He kept asking question about me and what time will I be home. My sister was on a long distance phone, so she says if there is no message I have to go. He was loud and obnoxious. In order to get him off the phone, she had to hang up. (Get this) He calls back and she continues to ask him is there a phone number I can call him back at? He says yess, -1-800-screw you. When I got home, I called and talk to julio Martinez and he was just as rude. He was suppose to be the promotional director. I ask him for his supervisor name. He says he is the boss and there is no one over him. This company is bad news and needs to be shut down for good. I can't believe Orlando, Florida is letting this company sell on their behalf. Why is the company still in business?!!!

  • Ar
      31st of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have received calls from the E-tour for months! The numbers are all started with 866-. I usually listened to their long speech patiently at first. But when they keep calling, I just rejected these calls or told them I don't plan to travel to Florida for rest of my life.

  • Ch
      13th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I got the same phone call today!! His name was Charles from E-Travel operator # 9136. I knew right away it was a scam and i was not dumb enough to give out my credit card #.
    He wanted to send out a package to me, but i said i did not want it. I said he could send info by email and then i could contact them if i was interested and of course after my lawyer has reviewed how legitimate this information really is!! Before our call ended, we got disconnected and the number said not in service...what a bunch of scammers, they saw i was not giving in and they disconnected me. i reported this person the BBB. Do not give out your information out!! plus the people on here, who say they worked there and it's not a scam...are probably the people who run the damn thing anyways!!!

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