Esso Gas Stationrufused to return money after i decided not to purchase gas.

Mo Feb 05, 2015 Montreal Review updated:

I went into the gas station around 3:30am on February 5th 2015, i waited outside for about a minute while the guy at the cash didn't mind my presence standing at my vehicle pump in hand waiting for him to activate the pump. Finally he says you have to pay first with this look in his almost as if to say, (you made me say 'pay first') so fine, i go in pay the $20 and say with slight frustration thank you have a good night.. i go back outside and the pumps still not working and he's just about through a door looking back as he's distancing himself from the cash register .. so he slowly moves back, at this point i'm thinking i'm not going to buy gas here any more and i'll go somewhere were i like the service . i know on the door and he just points back at the pump, , but i'm maintaining my decision so after a few seconds the door unlocks and i explain to him, forget it just give me back my money .. he refuses . if i remember correctly he says i can't with little or no explanation.. i maintain and say i'm not buying gas here .. your making me wait and thats it basically .. after i get frustrated and raise my voice he still doesn't give the money, but just sits in a chair all calm and almost completely unresponsive to my demand for my money to be refunded .. i call the police 2 young guys in there early 20's show up, go in and come back telling me the guy doesn't know how to open his register and that it's too late for him to call his manager.. i don't buy it, excuse the pun, so i get the police to get a copy of the receipt . now i have to make a complaint and get my $20 back .. since when can someone just make up a silly excuse that they can't open the cash register to refund a customers money !! this is going to esso now, and i will persist . as a customer give so much money to gas stations i will not settle for poor service if such a large portion of my income is getting sucked up for over priced gas !

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      May 04, 2014
    Esso Gas Station - Unwanted as a customer

    even in this day: Bikers not welcomed! I'll avoid the hassle and gas up else where...Yes I know these folks. Regular citizens that ride a bike for fun.

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  • Wh
      Feb 05, 2015

    Oh you wacky Canadians!

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