Be Nov 30, 2018 Brampton, ON

The incident happend on 28 November 2018 around 4 pm when i went to this gas station and i parked my car at pump 11 . It was a prepaid station and i went to the cash and made a transection of $50 . After that i came back to my car to fill the gas, it was exactly when my $ amt reached 37 i felt that there is no gas coming from the pump so i stopped at $ 42 . I went back to the cashier and told her everything and she said "yes there is a problem with that pump we have called a tech and the gas comes slow".

I finished with her and cam back home and waited till my transection showed in my statement to be sure how much money was deducted for gas . So after 2 days of this incident i called the owner of the pump "Raj" today and wanted to explain it to her everything so that an investigation should be made about my incident that if i felt that no gas was coming or even gas was slow than why my dollar amt kept rising at the same speed like other times when gas flow is ok.

The owner said to me that i am assuming things and this just happened with me only and she behaved very rudely to me and said why am i complaining about it after two days of incident happned . She also said just now that this just happned with me only and i am just assuming .

The reason for my complain is instead of being apologitic and comvincing me that they will investigate it or compensating in some other way, i know it was just $ 5 amt that i think had an issue with gas coz after that i volunteerily stopped pump but she should have shown some gesture of compensating that if a customer is not happy with the service . I am being honest all this time coz if i wanted i could have easily said that gas stopped come a lot earlier than $37 but it actullay happened at that point .

I feel an Esso owner should have lot more respect and dignity for their customer . I have been living close to this pump from 2 yrs and it has never happend before and now i would not want myself ir anybody i know to go to this pump coz i lost a trust .

Thank you

  • Updated by Bettykaur, Nov 30, 2018

    This pump is is 281 Aamya Esso, Richvale Dr. S, Brampton

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