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Ja North York Toronto, ON

I took my brand new Ford Mustang 2013 to ESSO car wash at Yonge and Steeles and right after the wash I grabbed a piece of fabric to dry some wet spots, when I found cracks on my tail light. I spoke to the yardman and showed him the cracks and he told me I had to go there a day later and speak to the manager. So I did, but the manager was ready to get rid of me, he simply said it was impossible and the tail light could not have been broken during the wash. I told him "please ask your yardman, I spoke to him yesterday", surprisingly the manager said that the guy was not allowed to speak to me! Then I asked the manager to take a look at my car at least just to see what I was talking about, again he didn't even bother to do that.
I do have few reasons to believe this happened during the wash; I was shopping and putting the stuff in my trunk before going to the car wash, so I could have noticed if it had been broken. Also, the bumper or other body parts are intact, so this can't be a result of a car crash, a car would hit my bumper first not a spot in the middle of the tail light. Finally, if I went to the car wash with these cracks on my tail light, then it would break apart completely, because these cracks can't resist even a slight pressure.
I called the Imperial Oil head office and filed a complaint, but again a few days later someone called me and said the station has rejected your complaint! I said of course they would reject, that was the reason I called the head office.
I really don't know what to do, this is so wrong and unfair and I feel upset about it. The tail light costs CAD $600, my insurance has $1000 deductible policy and there seems to be no way for me to get compensation form ESSO or Imperial Oil, and their attitude and the way they handle complaints is just ridiculous!

Esso Car Wash
Esso Car Wash

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