Essential MedMembership Termination

After receiving the most shocking service (bad attitude, empty promises, vague or no feedback at all) from Essential Med I receive a letter (sent via email) in which they state that they are ending our membership (myself, my husband and our toddler daughter). As shocking as this may be, I am not even the primary beneficiary and I do not have a contractual agreement with Essential Med, my husband has a contract with Essential Med. I had no choice but to contact the compliance officer which then was in contact with Essential Med informing them that this is obviously not the correct procedure to follow. Later "by pure luck" we received another letter (sent via email to the incorrect email address as Nicolene Williams had updated our email contact details on the Essential Med system on our request just a few weeks prior) stating that they are ending our membership and that the reason for membership termination was stated in the previous letter. I really can't believe the manner in which business is conducted at this company. I am still totally shocked and appalled.

Sep 23, 2013

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