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I joined Essential Med 2 months ago and since I joined there service was the worst i ever experience. From the beginning till now I there was promises made, needles to say that nothing came out of the promises. First the so called consultants never told me everything I must know, after I joined and received my welcome back I realized there is a waiting period for some services.after my joining date i was supposed to wait a week for my welcome pack, only after 2 weeks one of the "so-called" managers deliver the packaged in person by me, another week later the packaged was delivered by mail. when I saw the waiting periods on my contract for the Optometrist. contact Nicolene and I point it out to her that i was never informed of any waiting periods, where she told me that i must go to spec savers and that she will see that i will go through or that they must sent the account directly to her and she will sort it out.The next thing is, I went to the a doctor and he subscribed me some medicine, when I want to collect it from clicks, clicks could not trace my policy no. essential med then paid R300.00 into my account to pay for it,

Aug 22, 2013
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      Apr 23, 2016

    We have been in essential med for a year now. I wanted to use them to go see a network doctor, only to find out when I arrived at the doctors offices to find out they have cancelled theyre contract with essential med a few days before we have joined essential group a year ago in april, So firstly they have kept us in the dark by sending us the wrong lists off doctors etc ...after they should have known to make changes before sending out list to new clients so I had to pay cash for the doctors appointment and medicine but every month they get theyre money on time but they cant do a proper job of informing clients of very important things, Im so dissapointed in essential med, I phoned them more than a week ago and still waiting for a claim form and a new list of network doctors etc...they can take our money and all we get in return is empty promises and a ### service .I would advice people to rather first thing make sure of things before you join a useless and dissapointing medical sceme like essential med.

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