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Steroids scam fraud beware

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United States
This american website is pretending to be a anabolic steroids review site, when it just in fact a store front for east european organized crime online steroids scammers, namely pharmacomstore.com, napsgear. Net, etalaze. Net, xsteroid.com and roidsmall. Net. The owner who is a fraudster and conman makes large amounts of money every month in kick backs from these gangsters. Beware of this man he is pretending to help bodybuilding newbies but he is in fact just lining his own pockets by sending unsuspecting american youth to these fraudulant online rogue pharmacies who will mostly just keep your money but sometimes if you are lucky you will recieve contaminated bacteria infected products made in dirty moldovan underground labs - avoid this conman website at all costs.
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N  22nd of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Jayhawks remember Brian W., he upset powerful people and see how he end up. It could fast happen to you and friends who pay you. I would thing twice before I throw someone off your web site. Thing twice what you do now.
N  22nd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Shanoya. Your here because you think eroids.com is a scam site, your a ### because your wrong and keep making out i made this complaint.

Intekno. Shut the ### up your a gimp sitting before a keyboard threatening someone, you have no powerful friends, end of.
N  22nd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
LOL @ all this!!! Team Everrett is right eroids.com is most definately not a scam it is a valuable source that weeds out the scam sites. I my self have ordered off of two sources on the website and they are legit. You can se that Napsgear which is a top source based on ratings is actually a crock of ###, with everyone reviewing it saying its ### and delivery taking ages.

I think that the people on here saying eroids.com is a scam and pointing at other people who have been commenting on this thread as owning businesses that are listed on eroids ARE THE ACTUAL SCAMMERS THEMSELVES trying to smear eroids and any legit site on there, so that anyone who happens to look up to see if eroids is legit sees this and thinks eroids is fake and a scammer site.

I know for a fact Team Everett isn't some scammer guy I used to see his comments all over the pharmacomstore page on eroids and also on annabolicsups page. BOTH of those sources are legit btw. Team Everret goes by the name TheEnglishHulk on eroids now, I think. I go by the name GreenGecko - you can check my reviews on eroids, I have actually added some sites to eroids that are scams who are owned by a guy called Pete Smith/Steds, might go by another alias now, but the point is he for instance is a real scammer and posts fake comments on sites like sitejabber and webutation. After he scammed me I made it my mission to put all info on what happend to me out there so people dont get scammed..

So yeah anyway.

This complaint should really just be closed as eroids.com is not a scam site. end of

oh and massive ### YOU to all the scammers out there, why not go and earn some money you ###in leachs instead of taking money that people earn, honestly and too bad eroids is ### on your parade ... hope you rot in hell you ###in ###!!
N  22nd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
after reading more comments I think SHANOYA is a scammer he is coming up for reasons why eroids is bad. SHANOYA you have been busted you ###in scammer ###
Timothy909 is a scammer. umm just becuase BFG has the site does not mean that is his job, that site can be run without him contstantly monitoring it all it needs is mods and admin to make sure it is running alright. It is actually run on Drupal CMS whihc makes everything really easy to do and requires no programming knowledge to perform basic site maintainence

Also those screen shots Timothy909 posted of aparently BFG ARE FAKE you ### anyone can photoshop stuff and not only that you ### BFG has black around his name and white text you ###IN ###... ANYWAY even if that is real BFG is correct you ###in SLIMEY ###!!!

also David99999 you must be a scammer aswell YOU ###IN ###... most of those sites are known scam sites ESPECIALLY http://www.uksteroids.co.uk/ as i know first hand as i was scammed by that one myself. David99999 you are Pete Steds/Smith arn't you you ###in micro ###, yeah u have a small dick don't you you ###in piece of ###.

Seriously this whole ###in thread is a joke and needs to be deleted scammers are hitting this place up left right and center an spewing verbal diarrhea EVERYWHERE

Seriously the only people i think arn't scammers and are actual legit people are Team Everrett and Saint Tom, everyone else is a ###in scammer spammer ###

btw usually im not so crass, and/or like to use such foul language im just ###in sick of all these scammer ###, they need to ### off and die. Wish they would scam some pycho who would go all Jigsaw on their ### like in the saw movies, that would actually make me happy.
N  22nd of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
sorry just want to add JayHawks is legit aswell
N  22nd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
GreenGecko, havent seen you for a while lol you still on pharmacom? i think i'm going to place an order with them to test their legitimacy. seeing as i was wrong about them being fake, the guys who said they were are actually just randomly hating on him...other sources even the guy i know in london, he actually sells gear and just ### about any online shop. pharmacom order will only be small as i have a pro bber that i'm getting gear from now, so even if i dont get anything from these sites it's more or less i don't give a ### :L and so true about those other people on here being scammers its pretty obvious eroids isnt some weird site stealing peoples money, bfg most probably had the same problems as us finding gear online so is trying to make it easyer for everyone just some people arent happy about that because all they want to do is scam..theres more money in being legit so scamers are ###ing unintelligent wankers :L
N  23rd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes




N  23rd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Seriously ...ghostang are you a ###in ###!? you really do come across as one.

Did you not read what I wrote above in my long winded comments. STEVENHALL75 very well may be NORXSHOP.com

BUT Saint Tom and Team Everett most definitely are not... I know this! also your probs one of the other fake posters on here as your style of writing, that being, IN CAPITALS(which in itself is very immature and ###ed) and not being able to read what Saint Tom and Team Everett are saying. As well as me detailing my experience and giving an outside perspective.

Regarding Team Everettt. Yeah alright man? this ###in thread is so stupid it is unbelievable there are some really dumb people on here, god help the world if they have babies the whole planet will turn out like that film Idiocracy. TBH mate I have not done my cycle yet. Ive been trying to get a bit more lean before I start my cycle. So I havn't used the gear but I believe it is legit. I have their Test E, Masteron, Deca, T-Bol, Adex, Proviron, Winny and Clomid. I also got some Tbol, Tren E, Test E and Winny of AnnabolicSupps its the uk domestic source on eroids. TBH in the future Im going to stick with AnnabolicSupps they've got better prices and IMO products, like all the tabs I bought of pharmacom came in baggys where as the Tbol and WInny I got of Annabolicsupps were Body Nutrition and in sealed foil bags, and the Tren E vial came in a cardboard packaging and stuff. I know its only cosmetic, but makes me feel better if I know the UGL went to the trouble of marketing their ### properly also through research I know its legit stuff.

Yeah you are right about BFG, he probably made the site as there is NO site out there like it and he was sick of the scammers just like we all are, and its a valuable asset!! So thanks BFG
N  23rd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
yeah i'm not mad mate yourself? and sweet your going to be using all that gear on your first cycle? i know a UGL called WildCat the ### they've got is insane 500mg per 1ml blends with the best ### imaginable :L and erghh i'm not buying from pharmacom then, makes me feel like his cheap. i havent tried the ANABOLICSUPPLEMENTS.ORG.UK yet might i might do, i'm wanting to buy from UKSTEROIDSUPPLY.COM as it looks pretty good but unfortunatly they haven't got any PCT..nothing only basic Lixus and thats running out too..think they have source issues mehh
N  24th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
The-Joker AKA GreenGecko AKA steroids-direct.com
N  24th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Don't buy anything from all those amateur UK sites that sell Veyron Pharma and Lixus and any of that home made crap that they buy from the Mods at muscletalk.co.uk
N  24th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
HAHAHAHA!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! so essentially what i'm gathering from all this, is that everyone on here bashing eroids is a scammer and has been punted from our site...im sorry, not punted, but made aware your intentions of never supplying a product. You clearly aren't American or British, so I'll place you Eastern Europe looking to make a free dime (based on your horrible English.)

Furthermore, BFG is the owner and part operator, it's also more of a hobby for him.

SomoanKing is a MOD who has a very respectable job and takes pride in helping others not get conned by ### like you guys.

Jacob11379 is a brand new MOD, I'll be honest when I say I don't know much about him yet.

Myself, well I'm a college educated guy myself just trying to get by in life. I like to have a good time, and I enjoy online threads like this...a lot. I enjoy these threads b/c I know that if we ever met in real life, you wouldn't be running your mouth. The internet sure is amazing, isn't it? You and I are walking down the sidewalk in opposite directions, getting closer to each other. As we approach, you avoid eye contact with me at all costs. That's how this would boil down in real life. But alas, you can do what you will online.

I welcome the 5 people who will stumble upon this complaint to please check us out. If you are reluctant, that's fine as well. There are other review boards out there, trust me, I've searched. The unfortunate thing is they are all pimped out and sponsored by bad sources.

We currently have over 250 sources under review. For eroids to be a scam, EVERY review, by EVERY member would have to be in on it!

See you guys back at eroids.com, peace.
A  24th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Wooow. I'm gonna have to agree with the complaints. For any newbs new to the "gear" life, this is the new way scammers work.

Guys like TeamEverett, JayHawks, The-Joker, etc come on here and shill sites like Eroids. Basically, they pretend they're here on good intentions and let you know the "truth" about sites like healthy-one and eroids and the like, trying to say that this site is bad and the others are good. You know what happens when they come on here telling you that site is bad? Its because that PARTICULAR site can't make anymore money because they've been frauded out (as in, they've scammed for too long and thus been found out) so that particular site(s) no longer have a good name. So when TeamEverett comes on here with Jayhawks to say "xxx.com.uk is bad" they actually aren't lying (funny) but when they say "These other sites are legit" they ARE lying because those sites can still make eroids money (I should know, they scammed me for 1k...thats RENT money).

Basically, all the evidence that eroids and anyone who comes on here standing up for eroids is a lie

1. Why the hell would ANYONE work so damn hard to show people that a site (ANY site) is legit? I mean really? Most of the time the defense of people like JayHawk$ and The-Joker are "oh its YOU guys who are the scammers". How are we scamming you? We not the ones making money and if you look at this 6 page list, there's a nice handful of people who've been scammed by eroids (and I'm one of them).

2. look at the damn reviews. Almost all of them are positive and if you write something negative with actual details you get banned (even the rules for posting negative reviews is ###). Why the hell is Healthy-One so legit but it list NOTHING? And of course most the reviews are fake (i mean, how hard is it to make a fake email or internet identity?). Amazon got caught having fake positive reviews and that's one of the hugest sites in the world so why couldn't a scummy site-ring like Eroids do the same? They do it on ebay all the time

3. Do you know how many fake steroids sites there are in the internet? ALL OF THEM. Nobody sells steroids with a damn website. The site could be a placeholder for contact but NOT the main way to sell your gear (ie: online with paypal or any electronic cc processing).

TIP FOR NEWBS: If you want to safely order anything, they must have an encrypted email (which you can get from safe-mail.net).

Just to get it out of there, I have no affliation with ANY sites peroid. ### I'm pro consumer all the way and I won't no will I EVER be bought out like the souless snatchtraps that the aforementioned guys are (or maybe they really do believe that these guys are legit and they're selective scammers of analbolic *TIP* GOOGLE SELECTIVE SCAMMERS OF ANALBOLIC).

Its unfortunate that this site isn't more popular because I found out about it a couple of months too late but live an learn. Basically, Eroids is some ###. TeamEverett, The-Joker, and many others are just shills or liars, and DON'T BUY STEROIDS DIRECTLY FROM WEBSITES.

Come back tomorrow and see what happens when you cross a Tea-partier with a Rapture goon.
A  24th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
OH, by the by, I've reported the site to the authorities. I'm absolutely done with eroids and I don't care if I look like a snitch. I just needed this site as evidence and now I'm gonna use it.

Goodbye Eroids
N  24th of May, 2011 by    -2 Votes
LOL didnt read his first comment but read the second...who did you get scammed by and where do you live? because i bought from Healthy-One and got my ### just fine, also not great grammar you have slightly better than everyone else who's not liking eroids...if you have a problem with eroids then feel free to talk to BFG or one of the mods anf they can help you out, the site isn't there for peopel to get scammed it's there so that people can buy gear.
N  24th of May, 2011 by    -2 Votes
LOL @dangrdoom and SHANOYA im a ###in web developer that has just finished university not some mobster involved in pimping out sites and being a "shill" looking for money or whatever.
I'm also not involved in some elaborate scheme to scam other people out of there money.

I actually got scammed by a guy called Pete Steds/Smith who owns various domains (that I cba to list now as Ive said it so many times.) a few months ago, and was looking for a new source and happened to find eroids through trawling online.

So explain to me how you got scammed by eroids? Eroids doesn't own ### it is a community driven site to RATE actual sites that sell steroids. It's kind of like a Torrent Site i.e. it lists sites but does not sell them, so it infact is not illegal in itself.

I really don't give a ### what you think to be honest it doesn't bother me. All I know is I never got scammed by a source I orderd off on eroids and I actually submitted the sites that are owned by a scammer on there, and my negative in depth reviews of these sites saying how they are scammer sites never got deleted. Also if you look at napsgear.net or whatever the site is called on Eroids it used to be the top rated seller and now its getting ### reviews as people arn't getting their stuff. If there was some wierd scheme going on all those reviews saying how ### it is would have been deleted. The same goes for a couple of other sources on their both of which I ordered off. I have seen negative reviews on their pages and I never saw any but one get deleted. I know this as I thoroughly read most of the reviews on the pages of these sources before I ordered off of them as I was paranoid they were scam sites I myself even got paranoid and thought Eroids was a scam. But low and behold I got my gear everytime.

I have nothing to worry about as I live in the UK and it is legal to own steroids for personal use. I don't sell steroids, I am not involved in anyway with the sale of steroids and I am not involved in any scam websites. I'm just a normal 23 year old who was looking for some legit sources that happened to stumble on eroids found it very useful and as such am now sticking up for it because yes there are so many website out there that want to scam people and want there money these websites are owned by low life ### that don't want to work for their money and love the ease in which they can take peoples money for free.

I do believe that some posters on here were banned from Eroids but there must have been a legitamite reason for it or they are just scammers and other steroid websites out there that are pissed off that eroids has created a place where ANYONE can review a website that allegedly sells steroids and rate the service (that is if they are legit). It also creates a competitive environment where people can see if they are being ripped off by one source over another and find a place to get it cheaper.

I will clarify one more time, Eroids does not sell anabolic steroids as I think some in particular dangrdoom is having a hard time understanding this.

To be honest this is why in the first place I never joined any forums as it is true they promote certain sources who are in fact rip off merchants, for instance Elite Fitness I am sure that website is full of ###. Elitebodiez or whatever it is called saying Uncle Z is good, isteroids.com with that roidshop ### that is made to trick people into thinking its real steroids when in fact is like chemicals that look similar in name but do nothing... the list goes on and on...

I know TeamEverrett isn't some "shill" or whatnot as he on eroids has been critical of almost all sources on there and has had problems with many users on their because of this.

What is really going on here is the fact the scammers have seen that as eroids grows and grows as people tell other people about it or people just google a steroid website to find a review and finds eroids and is able to ### many differnet websites they are losing control of a scammin industry that has run rampant since people first started looking to buy anabolic steroids online. As such they are losing the ability to scam people and websites that legitamitly sell anabolic steroids are making more and more money. The people that own these scammer websites thus want it to go back to the old ways of being able to scam people easily...

I for one hope eroids never has any problems because although anabolic steroids are illegal, The people who use them arn't crackheads or alcoholics or crooks i.e. they are usually not bad people and shouldn't have to go through ### with actually bad people i.e. scammers ###in us over.

@TeamEverrett - nah man this isn't my first cycle I have done one cycle before about two years ago. I know people say Tren shouldn't be used on like a second cycle or whatever but I only want to run a small dose @ 200mg a week. I am super paranoid about side effects though so stocked up on letro and cabergalone.

Wana know something funny well not really funny but I actually got scammed the other week buying ###in protein powder lol. Seriously scammers are such pieces of ###. Protein shakes!!! I never in my wildest dreams thought scammers would do that. I only looked to get it from another website as www.monstersupplements.com charge £42 quid for Reflex now, so i found a place called www.miraclesformen.com that said they do it for £35 so i bought 3 tubs. Little did i know it is a scammer site. Seroisuly ###in ###. Hope it will be alright though I called the bank and filled a dispute so hopefully i will get a chargeback.

I will just end this with saying I really do not give a ### what anyone thinks all I know is I didn't get scammed. I don't even know why I have invested so much time writing all this ### on here. The only reason I can think of is because I don't want to let Scammers get away with writing garbage on here and tricking people.
N  24th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Not reading all that :L and fair enough mate yeah sides would be ### to get specially gyno...erm protein powder? WTF just get 90% soya protein from holland and barret it hasen't got any ### in side of it and you have consume 100grams of protein a day for 5 days and it'll only cost you £22 unlike most of the other places...does the trick too...as we're all talking about jobs and so on, i studied the use of medicences at portsmouth uni and passed but i'm looking to open a chain of PROPER bodybuilding gyms all over the united kingdom seeing as there arent any and go into pro bodybuilding myself...the training is really destroying my social life plus my personal life at the moment though, why do i even have a gf? LMAO
N  24th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
this whole thing is just laughable. you can't be "scammed" by eroids as we aren't sponsored nor do we care you buy from. there are now 260 to choose from, pick any of them. WE DON'T CARE! now the sources are rated by REVIEWS which does begin to favor certain sources. i wonder why this is? maybe b/c they supply legit gear? and ### if anyone got scammed by h-1, i'm not buying that for 1 second. im not wasting my time here either. englishhulk, greengecko, thanks guys but im out of this ###.
A  24th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Oh stop it (and what's with this "oh bad grammar" response you all keep doing especially when you don't have the greatest grammar yourselves Team?).
The Joker and Jayhawks: Here's a interesting thing about people who "don't care". If you truly don't care you never have to SAY you don't care. You just...DON'T ...CARE. Do you understand? People who "don't care" don't write 1, 100 word thesis/responses on websites. You don't continue to respond on said website. You just sit back and prove within your power that you don't care and continue doing what your doing.

Now me? I DO care. I care alot. I lost money and when I tried to give out details about which site did it (by the way, I did NOT use profanity nor did I try to attack anyone who stood up for said site...I just wrote a straight up review) my response got deleted and now I can't join anymore. I totally believe that this is just one big scam artist ring because if you "didn't care" you wouldn't work so hard to actually show that you indeed DO care so cut the ### and act the like grown man you are. I can read the phoniness all over your response(s????? are you sure you don't care).

You title and where you live doesn't impress me Joker(although I'd love to bang the middletons ...best thing in UK right now..HA!). but the fact remains I'm

1. out of 1k
2. can't get my money back
3. the very site that "recommended" it deleted my post (looking at you joker and jay since your both "mods') and banned me.

Thus, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to take that site down. FBI, CIA, whatever. Go ahead and respond/defend/DON'T CARE later but I suggest you do the best you can to leave that site and all the other sites. As far as I'm concerned, your all crooks by association.

Thanks for caring :)
N  24th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
yeah sorry for the FRAT bet nobody ever reads it. lol. nah ### that soya protein doesn't soya have oestrogen in it? I am guna buy some hench tubs of whey of myprotein.com and some other ###. Reflex Instant Nutrition was good had BCAA's and Glutamine Peptides in it after drinking that ### for years though tastes like dogshit now and gives me stomache aches. My mate advised me to myprotein says it tastes well good and its good value for money £40 for 5kg :)

Yeah I like working out but im not in it to turn into ronnie coleman...plus my gf isn't into that look----------- goals for my cycle are to lean out and pack on some nice muscle

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