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E.R. Solutions / Rude, inconsiderate and completely unprofessional company!

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A few months ago I overdrew my bank account and it was sent to collections. "E.R. Solutions" was the name of the collections company that got my case.
They kept calling me and asking if I was Elena, but wouldn't tell me who they are or why they're calling. I would get dozens of calls a day from different phone numbers, some of which looked like cell phone numbers. They wouldn't leave a message, they would hang up if I picked up on them or there was quiet and giggling in the background. After a while I stopped picking up calls from strange numbers and they stopped calling. All of this was around October time.

On 1/31/2007 I tried opening a bank account and got denied. I remembered that the name of the company and searched for their phone number online. First time I called, someone by the name of Lorena Porter took my call. After he asked me a few questions about my income he told me that the balance is six hundred and eighty something dollars, but they're willing to settle for five hundred and fifty one. I told him that the amount was still a little too high and asked him to make it five hundred even. He put me on hold. He came back a few minutes later and told me that he spoke to his supervisor and that the lowest they'll go is five hundred and fifty one. I started to explain that it's not going to work because the most I can pay is five hundred, but he interrupted me and said "It doesn't matter anyway... You're not paying, so nothing is working for you!" after which he hung up the phone before I even got a chance to respond. I called back and this time a woman picked up, she refused to give me her name or any other information that could be used to identify her. I asked for her supervisor, but she laughed at me and started arguing with me in a very rude manner. I asked her to not interrupt me and that I don't appreciate being hung up on or laughed at.

She laughed at me again and told me to hold on. After a few minutes a different woman picked up the phone and was even more rude than the previous one. I hung up the phone and called back. Lorena Porter took my call again and I told him that it was very inappropriate for him to talk to me like that, but he started arguing again. I asked him for his supervisor and he transferred my call to someone by the name of Tammie Ramirez. She claimed to be a supervisor, so I started to explain the situation, but she interrupted me and yelled at me and told me that she is too busy to even talk to me and that unless I'm willing to pay six hundred eighty dollars she has nothing else to say to me. I asked her to lower the balance, but she said no and hung up.

I researched them, and I did not find a single good review. There are posts all over the internet from people who have been harassed by this company.

They're rude, inconsiderate and completely unprofessional.

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A  27th of Apr, 2007 by 
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I had a confrontation with ER Solutions over a $60 past due bill that had been sent to collection. I had not been receiving some mail because the post office changed our address to a group mailbox address with a box number, N.2201, Box 122 instead of N.2122 Streetname. When ER Solutions called everyday and night trying to get this amount paid, they were extremely rude and unprofessional. I finally got mad after an especially rude man threatened me on the phone. I just told him to forget it, he was never going to get a penny from me because he was so *%#@%& obnoxious.

Now several years later I am trying to clear up my credit report by paying off this small charge off that I had forgotten about, and ER Solutions can't be bothered to mail a confirmation of payment after they received their money.

I hope I NEVER have to deal with these sleaze balls ever again!!!
N  23rd of May, 2007 by 
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A co-worker of mine received a call from E.R. Solutions Inc at 281 529-3150 and I answered it. They asked for my co-worker and when I said that she wasn't in, they gave reason as to why they were calling. They said that their was a legal matter the needed to discuss with her. I think that is illegal. I know it is. First, a lady called being very sneaky. I asked what the call was regarding. The female was very illusive. I asked that they not call the business again. A few minutes later, we received a call from E.R. Solutions again. This time it was a male. I informed him of our previous request that they not call the business. He abruptly ended the call.

E.R. Solutions Inc. 281-529-3150 is not a good company. Full of renegades.
A  5th of Jun, 2007 by 
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Where is the legal line that is drawn between what they can and cannot say to us poor people in bad situations?

They are very rude in all aspects of debt collections, I bet they go bankrupt within a year or so.
N  5th of Jun, 2007 by 
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I found this letter an website and thought I could share this peace of information:


It's a letter that they have to accept for them to stop contact by way of phone.

A  20th of Jun, 2007 by 
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E.R. Solutions Inc. 281-529-3150 or whoever they are call me repeatedly sometimes twice a day and hang up or put me on hold and then I hang up immediately. I'm about ready to change my phone number, how does
one get them to stop calling?
N  15th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I have received calls from ER Solutions saying I owe them money... They claim that they have mailed me numerous letters in the past month and a half... When I tell them I am not paying without seeing a bill on a company letterhead so I know they are a legal company they tell me I don't care about my credit nor my credit report and that I should be talking to the US Postal Service then... Why would I receive every other piece of mail but never receive that? Who would pay it without seeing something in writing... Joe Blow could call you out of the blue and say you owe some money and that they are part of some company, but until I see something in writing, do I legally have to pay it?
A  20th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I am having my own problem with ER solutions and am going out of my mind. I currently have a balance that they claim I owe of over $900.00 basically due to Identity theft. I have filed all the paper work, etc. They have begun calling me again. During the calls, they demand payment in full, accuse me of lying, and other tactics. Now, they are threatening criminal charges, with one person even claiming that they can will get at least 5 years or more.

Does anyone know if there is legal action going on against them?
N  24th of Jul, 2007 by 
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Why don't you low lives take some responsibility and make sure your debts are paid. How would you like if someone owed you money and wouldn't pay? You'd just sit back and feel sorry for them wouldn't you. Come on! Grow up and stop making up excuses for everything.
A  11th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Er solutions suck ballz i hate them they call at 6 in the morning and i told one of their reps i would pay by the end of the mpnth and to stop freakin calling but they stil called every day knowing i was gonna pay on a date that i gave them i told another rep of theirs to note the dam account to say that i was gonna pay on that day and he said they did but i still got calls them ###.
A  17th of Sep, 2007 by 
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I also just got a call from them and asked what they were calling about as the name and location was wrong (wrong state even) but last 4 digits of SSN was right. I don't owe anyone anything and they claimed it was an outstanding cell phone bill but wouldn't tell me anything else. I tried to call them back but the number doesn't connect. Anyone have a good number for them? I definitely don't need to mess up my credit without getting to the bottom of this deal. It sounds like there isn't a bottom, which is really the unfortunate thing.
A  17th of Oct, 2007 by 
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Discrimination!! I received a letter from ER Solutions, I planned on being civil. I called them on Florida relay service communications for the (deaf and hard of hearing). You know what the professional Mr. Dave haven says... "I dont have LITTLE time for this mess" and hung up in my face. I had no problem paying the bill, I had a problem with his discrimination against the disability!!! Shame, while I was at it... I got cussed out by HIS SUPERVISOR! WOW. What would have happened if they saw me face to face...?
A  28th of Oct, 2007 by 
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I receive three phones a day from this company, 9am, 11.30am and 5pm. Every time its a recorded message from a female with an English accent looking for Quan. I hang on the line to tell them I am not and get booted out. I have called the number back and left a message saying I am not Quan and dont call my number. It has slowed down a bit and now I am looking into action against them for continuing harassment.
A  30th of Oct, 2007 by 
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To these "ex/current ERS employees" on here defending your company, do know/see that a good majority of us that may have unfortunately experienced some type of mishap along the way are responsible individuals regardless of the nonsense you speak. I've worked in several sectors of the "collections" field and can understand where some of you come from. Yes, you do hear it all, but do know that are still honest people in the world and it they can't pay, you're not gonna drain water from a rock. I understand that commission you may get paid may be nice at times, but how about just working toward an actual CAREER that's gonna pay you that commission AND some. Oh yes, I did work these jobs between the ages of about 18 and 21 or 22'ish, so it was all about making that extra money and going that extra mile to get it. To those of you that do owe these outstanding debts (because in most cases, it usually is the debt of the person that they're trying to contact), it's best to just go ahead and pay it rather than accepting their "settlement". Of course it always sounds extra tempting to pay a much lower amount, but what says "not a very responsible person" like "settled for less than half (or however much) than the original amount". That is, if you really care about your credit, of course.
A  27th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I received a call from ER Solutions (281 521 3150) on my personal cell phone asking for my Mom and she just happened to be with me on a trip, so I handed her the phone. The guy would not tell her who he was or why he was calling and he just kept saying he needed to ask her some questions and that it was not a sales call. Mom finally became frustrated and hung up. There was a message on her machine when she returned home and I called the number left for her (877 693 0017) from ER Solutions and he would not tell me anything. I put Mom on the phone and he said he would tell her everything if she would tell him her social security number and she refused because he still refused to identify himself and she hung up again. I called back with *67 which hid my number and the call was answered with the company name. He claims he never asked her for her SS# and I told him I heard him on the other line. He (Chris) hung up. My Mom has no debt and has never received any notices that she owes money. If the guy would have just identified himself and stated what he wanted, the matter would have been resolved immediately. I know people who owe debt and believe me..they don't even answer the phone if they can't ID who is calling. On top of the guy being extremely rude, their motto is to treat people like they would like to be treated! Ha!
N  29th of Nov, 2007 by 
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This company keeps calling me at work. There employees are very rude and unprofessional.
A  18th of Jan, 2008 by 
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I totally agree with this statement. I had a dealing with them in which I had a previous account with Dish Network. Which by the way are the most inept and unprofessional group of people I have ever dealt with. ER solutions has continued to call and call and call and call my house from a 206 area code number which when you try to call that back says it is an answering service and disconnects without being able to leave a message. They leave messages on the answering machine which in turn they do not leave a number with which to call them back. Today after weeks of calling and leaving message they finally left a number on the message but guess what, no such number can be called. It gives you the error message. dish and er solutions both need to have sanctions of some kind placed against them for unfair customer service practices and trying to milk out of people money for services they never received. Dish Network wants me to pay for a month ahead of when I canceled, on top of a Karoake service that kept being billed to my account and did not work. We made multiple attempts to have it taken off the account and they never did. They also wanted me to pay for a disconnect fee for services that I never received. This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with both ER Solutions and Dish Network.
A  22nd of Jan, 2008 by 
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Give ER Solutions a call at 800-444-8485 to complain. Its toll free!!!
A  22nd of Jan, 2008 by 
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Give ER Solutions a call at 800-444-8485 to complain. It's toll free!!!
A  29th of Feb, 2008 by 
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Someone named Manny Marino keeps calling me asking for someone named Maria Revas. I have never heard of this person but Manny Marino keeps calling me harassing me. The caller id shows the number as 281-529-3150, and Manny Marino left his number 1-877-693-0017 x822
N  12th of Mar, 2008 by 
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i too am a debt collector unfortunately with debt being collected on me... the one thing that annoys the hell out of me when I am calling people is the ignorance they have and the bad manners many people have on the phone... i dont discriminate against anyone... i dont care if your in a wheelchair.. blind.. poor... unemployed... single mother with 5 kids... blah blah blah i hear every excuse in the book everyday... bottom line... you paid for something on CREDIT... or overdrue your account... noone forced you to do that it was a conscious choice maid by one person... so when you receive phone calls @ 8am on saturday morning reminding you of your debt... i have an idea...PAY IT... better yet... pay it before it gets to collections... dont use money that you dont have and you wont receive calls... in my opinion the laws are wayyyy to nice to debtors... us collectors have to tiptoe around everything to get people to take responsibility for their actions.... if i am talking to the person that legally owes the debt... i should be able to harass you i should be able to make fun of you and say whatever it is i want to say... no i have to sit there and listen to people cursing at me constantly over a bill THEY made... over phone calls THEY asked for.. again for the people that cry poor... your poor because you dont have control over your finances... your finances have control of you...

now i must agree with everyone as well.. there are people in the business that are rude and ignorant and threaten things that are illegal... but then again... if people paid their bills they wouldnt have a job... so the next time you go to the store and put that new outfit on your charge card... make sure you can pay your bill when its due....

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