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We were living on a 1 bedroom apt for 6 months, my baby got older so we want to move in for a 2 bedroom apt, we also picked one of them in the same building but when they had lots of apartments available they informed us several times about available 2 bedroom apt, but now that they have more customers coming in they are not even ready to talk with us, we are waiting for 1 week to sign the lease and they also changing the rent everyday, it's been a week they rent has increased up to 50 dollars more for that 2 bedroom.They are treating us like ###.we had never been late on our payment.We are calling them several times a day, all they say is we are busy..what the he'll.than who are we...

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  • Nh
      24th of Nov, 2012

    Equtiy Residential practices fraudulent and unethical billing charges. in short, it is a rip-off company with nothing but bad interesty at their core. I lived in one of their prime properties in Nothern Virginia for over five years. (Not because they were so good, the management was LOUSY -- incapable, without any common sense, unable to confront tenant complaints in a logical customer-oriented manner and they simply never react -- I stayed there for the location). However: when Equtiy Residential took over the property from the previous owners, the rent increased 40% in 3 years! in other CIVILIZED countries, a skyrocketing rent increase like that would be forbidden by law. Equity Residential illegally sigend me up for one of their preferred renters insurance though I already carried a sufficient renters insurance with one of America's prime companies and had proven to Equity that I had sufficient insurance. Only after I repeatedly sent them certified letters asking to refund the charges for double paying renters insurance, did they cancel their renters insurance. In over five years, I have never been late on my rent payments. Always paid on time and always in full. When I moved out, they charged me for a carpet replacement for a carpet that was over 7 years old! they also charged me excessively for cleaning, though the town home was cleaned. And they charged me for paint, though in over five years, they never did any new paint. in other words, to increase their economic value to find another tenant, after I moved out, they put their burden of cost simply on me. The last straw: in the last month of residency, they double charged for water, trash and sewage. I sent them three certified letters by mail, asking for an explanation which of course, I never received. Not one. Instead they referred the 'unpaid balance' to a collection agency. My advice is: Stay away from an Equity Residential roperty. As long as people pay for crooks like them, they continue to exist. But, we live in a time of change. It is time to reward companies that put you as consumer first and their greed once and for all off the payroll. The only language they understand is economics. So: stop consuming their fraud. There is many other really nice and well managed properties all across the US. Noone needs Equity Residential.

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