Equifax / customer service

I received a letter from radiology regional center stating that there was a potential breach of my medical records. To provide assistance in protecting this information, I received a 1 year subscription to equifax credit watch silver. I signed up for this service and selected the option to print out my credit report. Unfortunately, when I went to retrieve the report from my printer, I had run out of ink. As a result, the report was illegible. On the letter from radiology regional center, it states that I can print out only one copy of my equifax credit report. I contacted equifax to explain my situation and to ask for permission to print another copy.

The customer service that I received was deplorable! No one knew how to answer this simple question. I was transferred 7 times and was cut off one time and had to call back. Each time that I was transferred, I had to wait several minutes to be connected to another representative. I finally got a representative who provided steps so I could print out another report. After hanging up, I followed his steps to print out the report. However, the steps given to me by this representative were incorrect. As a result, I had to call equifax back again, go through all the automated steps and transfers to speak to a representative who was finally able to help me.

My simple request to this company for permission to print out another credit report took over 2 hours to be resolved!! As a result, I now have real concerns about the integrity of this company that has access to all my personal and credit information.

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