[Resolved] EpicNPCthey took my money and then banned me

M Nov 22, 2017

I registered about 3 weeks ago in this garbage site and sold 2 of my accounts there, we were fine until I paid them for upgrading my account, next day I logged in to my account and saw that I am banned!! I was so confused and asked the support the reason for my ban. most of their tickets assigned to a guy named "Mike D" who is in charge there and owns EpicNPC account. after so much delay he answered me that I own another banned account created in 2012. when I asked more and more he told me this "You literally listed the name bleuxbell in your contact info. Your unban request is denied" and obviously he was lying to me. I found this in my threads.
He edited my post himself and added the bunch of banned emails and account to get a reason for banning me, after I show it to him he accepted that I did not list the name bleuxbell in my contact info and he did. he changed his words and lied again that problem is something else.

I asked people about him and I think this guy is a racist and has a problem with Iranian people.
Be aware that they are liars and they abusing you and your money.

  • Resolution Statement

    It seems they had a mistake about me

  • Updated by M11111 · Nov 22, 2017

    they took my money and then banned me
    they took my money and then banned me

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