EOS CCA / alleging debt

An Feb 25, 2013
Contact information:
Phone: 1-877-277-3770 / 972-392-0468

P.O. Box 5055
Norwell, MA [protected]

Your Client Reference: U.S. Asset Management, Inc.
Your Client Reference #: [protected]
Your Agency Account #: 6305462
Your Original Creditor, if different from Client: AT&T Mobility

Your principal $372.30, Your Interest, $165.70, Your Fees/Coll Costs $67.02, Your Total $605.02

On 2/24/2013 I, Angela Mattocks, contacted EOS, CCA at [protected], 8:45 AM CST, in regard to a “Notice of Collection Placement”.

Initial contact was made with “Ashley”. This writer inquired as to the validity of this correspondence and to what services were allegedly provided. According to Ashley, she really didn’t know what the services were for as they could be for A T & T, Singular, or Alltel. She advised something to the fact that Singular or Alltel “bought out” AT&T and something to the fact that EOS CCA had bought these accounts.
I suggested that perhaps EOS CCA may have “bought” accounts that were not legitimate and that was an internal problem, not my issue. Ashley dismissed any concerns of mine and advised that she would inquire if the balance could be “negotiated”. I reiterated that there would be no negotiation as the alleged funds were not legitimate.

Another individual, “Amanda” came on to the line and inquired if I was prepared to negotiate the balance. Again, I reiterated the above. Amanda was adamant that the alleged funds represented a contract from 1/11/2005 through 6/17/2008. Again, Amanda was unsure to whom I allegedly signed this contract with; however, it could have been AT&T, Singular or Alltel. I advised Amanda that if she would like to send me a copy of the contract of which I allegedly signed, that I would review it and respond. Amanda responded that in “purchasing the accounts”, “they” were not provided with contracts. Further, she advised that in some cases services were solicited through the internet; therefore, a signed contract would not exist. She advised that I would either need to pay the balance or file a police report for identity theft. I advised Amanda that I would not file a police report for identity theft unless they could provide me with SOMETHING that would indicate that indeed this occurred.

My offer stands, if EOS CCA would like to provide this writer with a signed contract or documentation of an internet purchase, indicating WHAT this purchase was for which resulted in a contract for the period from 1/11/2005 through 6/17/2008 I would gladly review it and provide EOS CCA with a response.
Please stop further correspondence, written or telephonic, with this writer until EOS CCA has provided a good faith effort to assist the writer in investigating this issue.

Further, in researching EOS CCA it appears that there have been thousands of complaints against EOS CCA regarding their efforts to fraudulently obtain monies due from citizens of Kansas; therefore, I will be filing copying this complaint to the Office of the Attorney General .

Angela Mattocks
410 NW Northern Sky Drive, #2
Topeka, Ks 66617

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