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Entertainment Vibes / Scams

1 New York, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 212.946.5693

Allen Mark claims to run venues and events and charges outrageous ticket prices.He does not make money but charges models to expose them to very small events.Children and young teens are subjected to a raw enviornment because of his adult nature of his buinessness.The models are chosen - for the reasons of adult entertainment. Heavy make up, less clothes, unprofessional pictures and poses but actually makes open casting calls for all ages. There is no law against poor treatment off females - if they are desperate for fame but there is something terribly wrong with charging people for poor service without license to do so.$ 75 or even $ 50 for a non - tent fashion event under a different venues name is wrong.Stop taking advantage of the buisness fraud activity online and in person is still wrong.

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  • Le
      14th of Aug, 2015
    +1 Votes

    BIG SCAM !! Allen Mark is the type of guy to play favorites. If you don't have a fat butt/thick nice body like British Bombshell or try to kiss his ### he won't contact you after his big fashion show that you invested so much money into. After the training and paying money and photo shoots and videos and that little fashion show Allen Mark will not use you for anything unless you KISS ### and act "grown" with him. He'll offer to take you to far distant hotels with him and Mandy Moore to do God knows what. Now he does know the people he says he knows but that has nothing to do with how far he can take you as it relates to the model industry. This is not a legit agency this is something to do if you're bored and feel like meeting new people and spending money. Their videos on youtube on get like about 40 view PER YEAR. They are not big time celebrities like they claim to be. I admit he has some loyal workers but honestly if you want to run around from hotel to hotel making little videos getting your picture taken (mostly half naked as time goes by) and things like that then go ahead, but if you want to become an actual model Entertainment Vibes is not the place for that. It is a place for mediocre urban adult females who want to "act" like they're famous when barely anyone knows them.

  • Tm
      10th of Mar, 2017
    -1 Votes

    This is a flat out lie! Allen mark aka sexx boogie is now and always has been an honest business man & straight up gentleman! He never claim to be a celebrity but thats because hes humble! (Check his backround & you will see he has rubbed elbows with the best of the best) he's hosted tons of his own parties & events, he owns his own tv show & brand (Entetainment vibes) , his clothing line is successful and his modeling boot camp was very successful! He never exploited anybody or took advantage of ppl. All he did was offer his platform to try & help aspiring ppl get on... Some ppl added what they did (When working with him) to their resume & moved on.. Others thought would be stars overnite and became bitter when they found the industry doesnt work like that! & lets be clear.. Some of you gorilla in da face ### looking ###es was on sexx boogie dick bcuz yall knew that he was successful, independant & a heavy hitter in the entertainment industry.. And alot of you threw yourselves at him and got mad when he declined! He was there for business! Nothing more nothing less! Sexx boogie built his brand off of alot of hard work, vision & hustle.. Alot of blood sweat prayers & tears went into gettn him where he is now! Nothing will happen overnite sorry to burst ur bubble! All of you ladies got exactly what u paid for! Help with building your brand, exposure, trips, photo shoots, tv time & more!!! What otger brand you know that will promise you that and actually deliver?? Entetainment vibes delivers and will always continue to do so! Check out ent. Vibes on cablevision channel 68 bronx network.. Mark allen new 2017-2018 clothing collection coming soon.. If youre in st. Kitts jamaica area check out the explosive "reggea fest" hosted by the one and only british bombshell & mandy moore! We doing it big & aint gon stop! Thanks to the true supporters 😎✌ ✔💯

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