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Enom, Inc / Shady practices

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As you search for the availability of a domain name, they intercept the info somehow and register it timed. When you attempt to sign up with a website host, they inform you it is registered with Enom. Enom will sell it to you for no less than$200.00!!!

I guess Enom does not know I charge $100, 000 to register anyone wanting to charge me $200.00 for absolutely nothing!!!



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A  10th of Jul, 2008 by 
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it's true, yesterday I searched for a domain name.
for example sake only it would be shadypractices.com and practicesshady.com... I then registered shadypractices.com and the practicesshady.com came up as registered and the whois was then backdated to 2 months ago and private protected and the registrar is conveniently enom... very suss indeed.
N  12th of May, 2009 by 
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We have been logged out of our enom account for two month now and getting help form support has proven be to rather very difficulty.

It's just too difficulty and frustrating to get help from Enom Support
A  9th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Latest development:
Enom has fixed the problem with their "HELP" ticketing system which had been broken for at least a week.

Sadly, the ### answering the emails cannot make the mental distinction between "over a month" vs "two weeks."

I'm not going to spend a lot of time arguing about this small amount of money.

Enom will either refund it promptly or I will PUNISH them.

maybe I can get a good deal on this

David Hartley

Customer (David Hartley) 07/09/2009 06:25 AM
Your math is about as good as the performance of your web-hosting, and ticketing system ; which is to say



I was able to get one of the 2 hosting accounts cancelled as it was a mistaken duplication;

THE other one is also a mistake --- it is USELESS.

I will have a refund from you, or I will smear the ENOM name mercilessly on any/all hosting / domain registry related website, bulletin board, etc, which I can find.

You have the option of refunding the lousy $30 or $40 or whatever you have ROBBED me of with your useless hosting and broken "tech support"

-else, for that small price, you will have the wonderful opportunity of purchasing MANY THOUSANDS of $ worth of BAD PUBLICITY.

NOT TO MENTION, I will sue you in California Small Claims court (California does not allow FRAUD, and your useless cheap hosting certainly is fraudulent!)

Response (Matt M.) 07/08/2009 03:29 AM

Thank you for contacting technical support in regards to this matter. Unfortunately we are unable to refund these hosting accounts as they are more than 30 days old. Though we can delete them if you wish. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter please feel free to reopen and reply to this ticket.

Thank you,

Matt M.
Technical Support Team
Work Hours: Monday thru Friday, 10:30pm- 7:00am Pacific Time
Out of Office: Saturday, Sunday

Customer (David Hartley) 07/08/2009 01:23 AM
Hello, please see email below. Your hosting is worse than useless to me (especially when you deny the most minimal "tech support" in terms of problems with your buggy support center / trouble ticketing thing.
david hartley >
to Renaissance
cc David Hartley
date Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 1:12 AM
subject Re: Hosting Recommendations from Renaissance Associates
mailed-by gmail.com
hide details 1:12 AM (9 minutes ago)

Hi Thomas,

I totally understand you have near-zero control over the terrible
hosting @ Enom, & the amazingly ignorant concept of routing my
tech-support needs persuant to ENOM's website ... to you !

In any event, the spotty performance accessing both the administrative interface
and the actual domain which I was attempting to host there
--is pretty odd ! It was never GREAT, but it was seeming (barely)
usable sometimes, but then for no reason I can figure, I would be
looking at 30 seconds time to simply refresh a page ... unable to
login to Joomla admin, just useless.

SO-- Enom has basically refused to be in contact with me in terms of
the fact that I am unable to use their TROUBLE TICKETING SYSTEM ===
even though it is a KNOWN PROBLEM on THEIR END !

Thus, I am needing to ask that you be certain that any /all hosting
account under my enom login davidhartley1:
( hartley1 hartley123 )
is cancelled and any associated setup fees refunded.

I have recently been working with a hosting company (I have two
others, but will probably be consolidating most)

-On their lower cost Linux hosting, I'm having good performance with
1/2 dozen low-bandwidth Joomla sites.

I'll be interested to find out how it works out with them if/when one
of the sites starts getting a lot of traffic;
may have to move to 'dedicated server' someday (I can only hope ;)

david hartley
N  1st of Jan, 2011 by 
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Just discovered that ENOM is cutting their own RESELLERS throat! You can register a .com domain RETAIL for $6 at ENOM... If you are a RESELLER the cost is $9... Noticed hosting customer that had moved from our reseller account directly to Enom! Tried to figure out why anyone would go direct... Now I know the truth. NO reseller loyalty! My plan is to have all my hosting clients go direct to Enom or GoDaddy. Not worth fooling with domain names.
A  30th of Nov, 2012 by 
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Enom.com its partners bulkdomains.com. Premiumdomains.com etc
Are the real theives of domains.

Dont ever deal with them.
N  28th of Feb, 2013 by 
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Enom said the domain I wanted was available. Went through the whole order process, credit card, account set-up. Added domain to cart, and checked out. The receipt online said thank you for your purchase, and the domain I purchased. After all the time spent adding a account, credit card, etc, I was finally excited I got the domain I wanted. Then I went to check my e-mail for the good news, and the e-mail said the domain is not available and they did not register it to me!!! What!! When I go back to their website, it says it IS available. When you purchase it, it says thank you for your purchase. Then after getting all your valuable information and credit card information, it sends you a stupid letter saying sorry, it is not available. HuH! crooks. Do not sign up an account.
N  3rd of May, 2013 by 
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Enom are theives.

Our domain name expired in December and they refuse to release it so I can register with an Australian Company.
They deny they are holding, yet their name appears on Whois,


Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Whois Server: whois.enom.com
Referral URL: http://www.enom.com
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 10-dec-2012
Creation Date: 09-dec-2004
Expiration Date: 09-dec-2013
N  14th of May, 2013 by 
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They are trying to claim that I, or someone in my home town has purchased JustCloud services, its either a lie or a criminal scam. I requested the transaction log as they state that "the IP is from my home town in Oregon". I plan to file, I'm sick of these web thieves who do not a damn thing for a living but screw others online. Had I not complained that charge would have remained on my card for 20.00. Anything like this happens again and I'm dumping the entire pile of junk, all websites and everything having to do with enom or the www.
Signed, sick and tired of leftist thieving ###.
A  16th of May, 2013 by 
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They just tried to rip me off through a Justcloud purchase/ falsified purchase. Falsifying my ip address and stating that I clicked to purchase it from my computer (never happened). Israel G at Enom "tech support" or help page covers for the entire illegal activity of Justcloud, he goes as far as to make up stories of people entering my name and password from MY business computer system, which definately didnt happen so they are lying through their teeth. I wonder how many people DIDNT catch that 20.00 charge and enom gets away with it? I'm planning to get out from underneath absolutely anything and everything with their name on it, these people are definately under-handed low life crooks. Steer clear of enom and their criminal online activities, they steal for a living.
A  18th of Dec, 2013 by 
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These guys suck. They wanted $650.00 per domain just to transfer them off of their servers. These are domains that we have owned for over 10 years. (6 domains). The person we used for hosting passed away and ENOM wouldn't let us transfer our domains off of their platform without written authorization from the person who died. We got new domains and educated the people who used our services and rebranded instead of paying these POS people anything.
N  1st of Jul, 2014 by 
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I requested a refund within 2 hours of registering a domain for 5 years - and when I raised a help ticket - Enom representative Mr Bryony said that he might be able to refund only four years and when I agreed to it 20% penalty for 2hours -he said this cannot be done.
Actually they were waiting for money for being transferred to their account.
This is cheating as they made a written commitment and then backtracked.

also there are companies who allow free 2 day trial

Can anyone suggest me with a solution or next course action

N  22nd of Nov, 2014 by 
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Enom.com e-mailed me stating that they will not be windows hosting any longer. Since they won't be hosting I figured that I may as well transfer the domain www.sassydezines.com to godaddy and have everything on one account. The transfer started and on 11/13/2014 my web site was shut down by enom.com. I have been in limbo since that date. They have initiated a transfer 3 times because the people at enom.com do not know what the process is that they need to do. Each transfer takes 7 days so that means my web site will be down 21 days. That is not acceptable. I may as well buy a new domain.
When you need to pay for anything at enom.com i.e. domain or hosting if you don't have the funds in your account you have to put in $100.00 and no less then that. So that money sits in your account until it is used up and you will need to put another $100.00 in the account. Try getting a refund for the money you have in there
I do not recommend enom.com to anybody. Keep looking for a domain/hosting company who isn't a crook.
N  4th of Dec, 2014 by 
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eNom does not care for long-term customers. I have been with them since day one. I credit card expired and can't get into my account. I have been on the phone 7 times, sent in 6 tickets, waited on hold for 3 hours, talked to rude reps and now they aren't responding anymore. What a bad company. My site is down, my emails are down, I have a business and now I am losing money left and right. These guys don't care and I wish the worst for them. I am going to report and make a big fuss about this. I don't care how long it takes. I am going to spread the word everywhere.
A  5th of Mar, 2015 by 
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worst customer support. Its hampering my business badly and I am not getting support from ENOM. raised ticket, sent many mails...
A  21st of Jul, 2015 by 
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MASSIVE amount of SPAM all originating from enom.com wtf is this?
A  27th of Jul, 2015 by 
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Placed an order through deluxpharmacy and paid for 48 hour delivery with 24 he tracking available. Surprisingly, zero response. Clearly this is how these people run their business.
N  13th of Aug, 2015 by 
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Opened up my e-mail today and could not get my domain's e-mail. Called ENOM and they first did not know why so we "escalated" the issue request. Second call (another 10 minute wait) and they advised me that my e-mail account had expired. They deleted 1 years worth of business messages from their server. I never got a notice about the expiration. I thought it was part of the domain yearly payment. They had my business phone number and personal number, business address & personal address and never bothered to contact me via any of these. Spent the day trying to get my business e-mail functioning again. Cannot recover any of the business e-mails apparently.
A  7th of Jan, 2016 by 
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Never do business with Enom ! These are bloody scams. They took my money and than change my account password, I contact their support from another email and after multiple email correspondence they do not deliver the product nor the refund. I have informed FTC about their false practices and robbing customer's account. Once they get your payment they block your account access and than their big rotten egg RICH from their fake risk management department try to prove you false and edit your all account info... All documents you provide for verification are not acceptable the ENOM will says they are fake, I suggest them to do a check with bank as the bank verified same document, they say no, I suggest them to do a video call for verification, they again say NO. They are simply robbers taking money and than hacking your account.
N  18th of Jan, 2016 by 
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I have sent emails to abuse@enom.com requesting they prevent b2bemailists.com from spamming my account. Enom have not taken action and today I received yet another spam email.
N  4th of Feb, 2016 by 
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I had 4 domains - 3 with eNom, one with DomainPeople, and I wanted all 4 moved to a single provider in Canada. Well the one with DomainPeople was moved in a few hours (thank you!), but eNom? Nope. There is no email address to reach support. I submitted a "ticket" and I got a guest email with password to check the status. That didn't work. Tried phoning, on hold too long so I gave up. They don't even have a toll free number. So now I have faxed a letter to them .. welcome to the 1990's ... no response on that one either. All I need is the domains to be unlocked and get an EPP code. And one of their resellers, Bambookit Media, I get no response from them either. A reverse lookup on their number shows they also sell edible seaweed. WTF? I feel better now that I have ranted, but I still don't have my domains transferred.

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