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I bought 4 cans powder and when I got home I opened them and they didn't have the cloture on them that u pop open to keep them fresh. I had to throw them out and go buy more. I am a single mom on ssi and couldn't afford them to re buy they were 18.99 eachx4 plus the new 4 I had to get bc of y'alls mess up they were same price. X4 18.99 is there anyway y'all can replace these 8 for my trouble. My baby is 5 weeks old and I had to get an extension on my electric bill to have the money to buy all 8. This is ridiculous but I know accidents happen. But I live on 554.00 a month and that's a big deal for me - please help asap!!!

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    Please help a poor mama fix this problem Jennifer Watts 90 cottonwood drive Vicksburg ms 39180 6014561498

Oct 15, 2018

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