Enfamil Complaints & Reviews

Enfamil / 12.5 oz

Oct 15, 2018

I bought 4 cans powder and when I got home I opened them and they didn't have the cloture on them that u pop open to keep them fresh. I had to throw them out and go buy more. I am a single mom on ssi and couldn't afford them to re buy they were 18.99 eachx4 plus the new 4 I had...

Enfamil / enfamil enfacare formula powder

Jun 24, 2018

EnfamilThere was a live bug in my son's formula. I took picture and video. He has been spitting up with every bottle and I just had to dispose of 3 cans worth!! What the hell is going on?!?? I should not have to sift through my son's powdered formula to make sure there are no [censored]ing bugs!!! If...

acme, enfamil / Baby formula


acme, enfamilHi I recently had a baby on 1/3/12, on 1/11/12 I brought 4 cans of enfamils 23.4oz newborn. We notice our baby throwing up alot, something told me to check the formula and can you believe it was expired. They sold me expired formula and when I went to exchange and complain the manager Bill...