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Empire Automotive Group / They sold me a lemon

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I bought a car from these clowns and it was a lemon. They had me come back 4 times to make the necessary repairs. Each time they said they were too busy and had to reschedule. I drove 3 hours each time for nothing.

Randy Miller is the President, and probably the sleaziest businessman I ever met. They brought me into his office like it was some sanctuary. He was a nasty bitter little man stuck in the 70's with his poodle curly hairdo, and polyester suit. Of course he refused to make it right, and said there was no lemon law in NH.

Why does the NH Attorney Generals Office let this man stay in business? In his next life he will surly come back as a rabid skunk.

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  • Ri
      12th of Sep, 2008
    -2 Votes

    I purchased a vehicle from Empire Auto and had a wonderfull experience, the salesman Rick Miller, put up with all my challenges for over 2 weeks, and worked vigorously to help me get into a car, my credit was less than perfect and i only had 700.00 to put down.. I did have questions on the web-site prices versus the window sticker price, However Rick explained that all the vehicles on-line were advertised at a reduced sale price and that is the only price you pay! After reading these negative remarks I have a hard time believeing them 100% because both plaintifs actually STILL PURCHASED the car!!! In my opinion Empires PRICING is the lowest around PERIOD!! and thats the only PROOF i needed to justify there profit margin.. I would 110% recommend Rick Miller personally ( a guy who will work for YOU ) and Empire Auto ( for an unbeatable price)!!!

  • Ho
      1st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    The guy above thats recommending Rick Miller is Rick Miller...###

  • Ig
      24th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Emprie auto is absolutely the worst dealership expirence i have ever had. They pay bottom dollar for trade ins and WILL LIE BY ANY MEANS TO GET YOUR MONEY. I can promise you that. They will tell you all the "benefits" that come with buying from them and seem very pleasant at first. But if you decide to make a purchase they will wrap it up very quickly and get you out of there asap. They do not inspect there used cars and will sell them with major problems but tell you nothing is wrong. I recently made the mistake by purchasing a car from them for a price i would expect to get a car off the showroom floor for. Took it to my mechanic just to have a standard inspection and to my surprise it turns out it needed a new TRANNY! Thats about the most expensive repair you can do on a car. The tranny my mechanic found in it didnt even belong in the car and was not installed properly. Although i bought a "warranty" through empire thinking i was getting a good deal for low payments for 18 months. Turns out the warranty covers almost nothing even though when i bought it i was told " This is a great warranty it covers everything you can imagine for 100000miles and 5 years, you will be covered the day you buy the car". There full of it. In the fine print your not covered for the first 90 days and 1000 miles. So i went back to empire and told them of the issue and they insisted that the "warranty" will cover it. Eventually we were in agreement that i wasnt covered after all and that empire would do the repairs and split the cost with me. They told me it was a small isuee with the clutch and it will be about 100 bucks. GREAT! so i set up an appointment. Brought the car in for the appointment waited 5 hours. So i asked if they were even going to look at my car they told me they had and that it needs a new tranny again they will split the cost with me. They said they found the last tranny in the country and would hold it for me for 2600 bucks! What are they smoking? As i suspected after another trip to empire they admitted to not even looking at my car that day. I sat there for 5 hours to be lied to again. Now when i call them or show up they will just put me on hold or keep passing the buck to the next employee. empire has 0% customer service and is no help for anything it took many hours to cancell the "warranty" as well. You know what they told me when i told them i need to cancell it, they said they didnt even know how to do that and said "why would you ever want to cancell a contract like this? hahaha was he serious. There was about 101 reasons why i wanted to cancell but saved the sad little man behind the desk from having to hear my side. The sales manager there is absolutely the sleeziest person ive ever met. He claims he was in the marine corps for however long, and that said i am more than familiar with the marine corps and one of are sayings is that a marine never cheats never lies and respects all property therefore a marine nevers steals. "Once a marine always a marine" is the saying i beleive this applies to every single marine out there besides him. My opinion is that he is nothing but a pathetic girl who left the corps right before desert storm to avoid really serving his country. Its really too bad because he never was and never will be a true marine. He didnt earn the title it was definety given to him or maybe he stole it who knows.###. While i hope this helps to steer people away from wasting your time and money. By the way if you buy your car in mass there is a lemon law. Not in NH. so good luck and empire you suck!

  • Yu
      5th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    They are big liers . I got a magazine and the price on the car I like was $3995. I go to the dealer I showed the magazine and the manager told me that it was a miss print out and the price was $13995. After that I go home and I check the prices and realized there are to many miss print outs. PLEASE AVOID THEM

  • Pa
      24th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    They are ### all of them..They will lie to you in anyway .Put a $1000 down payment on a car and was told for "ANY " I changed my mind they would refund over that weekend I found the same car but better model for the same price plus it was local 5 minutes away from my house versus mass/nh for the warranty so It was a no when I went back up to nh from mass on a monday morning to get my down payment and that OLD Mother *ucker..wouldnt give me my money back. he said he had to ask the sale's person personaly if he had told me that before he gave me my money back I said ok ask him and he said he isnt here it's his morning off he wont be in till 2pm so I told him call him at home and ask him ..he says I'm not going to bother him at home so you will have to wait till he comes in.This is still 10 am and I drove a few hours up there for my refund and he has me wait till 2pm for john to come john comes in and see's me outside he asks, he didnt give u your money back ?? all pissed and upset ( part of the show ) so he goes in and ten minutes later he comes out and calls me inside with him..he sits me down and tells me the sad story about how his cousin owns the shop and because they serviced the car and put new brakes and new pads before I picked up the car..they wouldnt take the lost so I could walk away from there with $500.00 in loses OR he would drop the price of the vehicle from $10, 000 to $9, 500.00 if I took it and they would eat the $500.00 .so either I was going to lose $500.00 + 3 visits up there or buy the like a fool I bought the car now thinking about it I didnt happily voluntar to purchase the car..I just didnt want to walk out of there knowing I lost $500.00 of my hard earned money. knowning my kids and wife still needed a car.

  • Bo
      4th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    patriotsssssssssssssssssssss... ur an idiot for doing that. u should of threatened him with the cops and a law suit. if u didnt sign any papers guaranteeing ur ganna buy the car then they have to give you back ur money. even if u did sign papers u have like a week to back out of the contract.

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