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Empire Automotive Group


Avoid them

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Empire Automotive Group
United States
Empire Auto in Manchester NH misrepresented price and mileage in ad. I stupidly still bought the BMW Z3...it couldn't pass inspection...had to spend another $1, 000.oo in repairs...

The owner of Empire was a slick little greaseball...he would not assist or make things right...he physically threatened me when I demanded my money back...he said his attorneys were smarter than the idiots at the NH Attorney Generals Office...he is a true ###...he should be put out of business...there have been many new BBB complaints of which he never responds to any and carries a negative standing...
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N  16th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
They are salesmen, did any of you forget that? They make a living buy selling you stuff, at a marked up price. If they didn't mark them up, they wouldn't make money. It's a business, deal with it.
Don't be a douche and buy on impulse. If you buy a lemon, you deserve it for not doing your homework.
A  29th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Thanks to everyone who posted messages on here. I was just about to go over to see a couple of cars and having read the reviews.. I won't be going near them. I thought the price online was too low to match the mileage and the year. I HATE SCAMMERS. Why can't this little ### just try to run a legitimate business.
A  4th of Oct, 2009 by    +1 Votes
They won't be getting my dough. Thanks for the heads up.
A  5th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
This place epitomizes a used car dealership. Greaseball guys in cheap suits with nothing but lies in their online ads. I went to this place to test drive a car and not only did the salesman abandon us for 20 minutes after I told him that I wanted to test drive the car, but the mileage was higher by 900 miles. Ridiculous!

If you want really good service and honest salesmen, go down the street to AutoFair. Just bought my car there and could not have been a better experience. Shamus is a great guy and the whole dealership was very accommodating.
N  8th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
Autofair? What a joke I went there and they had fine print adding over 5000 to the price and they lied about everything
N  8th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
If you can't tell Shamus of Autofair wrote that blog because he is trying to sell more than 5 cars a month and thought by making something up someone might ACTUALLY ask for him so give him a break he needs to buy a life
A  25th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I was interested in a vehicle they have advertised on cars.com. The mileage was stated to be 150, 000. I decided to run an autocheck on the vin just to see if there were any major problems in the history. According to the autocheck records, the last odometer reading was 201, 000 miles! Be Careful!
A  28th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I saw a picture of the owner on their website and he was actually a good looking guy...in the picture. However it didn't take long to see him in person when I decided to venture to this ### show, and quite frankly he looks like an addict. The salesmen there reeked of cigarettes and there was always one right outside the main entrance smoking, which is disgusting and unprofessional. They would even blow out their last drag as they opened the entrance door which explained why the interior reeked as well. I had been wanting a mini cooper for a while now and of course they had three for my to choose from, three out of five within a 150mile radius. I drove over two hours with my sister to check it out. After being there for OVER 2 hours and dealing with a douchebag salesman who shaves his legs and was texting his girlfriend the whole time he was with us, he decided to wait til i was somewhat interested to tell me that the cars price was $3, 000 cash or trade in above the asking price online. They need to be shut down, nobody should be able to run a business like this...
A  10th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
they are the worse place to ho please believe me...i bought a truck from them that was a 01 with 50k miles it now has 86k and now i need new tranny...and when i first bought it couldnt pass inspection and i had to pay atleast 800 on tie rod brakes and everything and they said theres no warranties stay away from them crooks...and the owner is a BIG COKE HEAD and alot of them who work for him are to they steal change n ipods if u go get ur car detailed from them i wouldnt reccommend ne one going there
A  12th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!! They are all ### and will try to get your money one way or another. Unfortunately I thought I bought a good car but turned out to be a lemon. They will not return phone calls and are the worst people/business I have ever encountered. Please take my advice and do NOT buy from them. You'll be sorry! Just look at their better business bureau's rating...that says it all! This business should be forced to close and the attorney general should get involved. I can't believe this place is still open and I can't believe they're getting away with selling people bad cars. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this place!
A  18th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Crooks. I went and looked at a car put money down and then did a car fax. Stupid of me. The car has an auto salvage title due to a lot of damage from an accident. These guys didn't say anything until I got a Carfax on the car. I also had the same problem with price. Advertised for $5000 got there and they said $6900. These guys are all crooks!!
N  25th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I purchased an SUV from them about a year ago. My salesman was Rick Miller and I have to say he made the whole expierence awesome. He is a great salesman to work with and will go to bat for you. I have had no problems with my truck since. I just recently referred a friend there and he got a different salesman and said the guy was horrible, wouldnt return phone calls, losing faxes etc. If anyone plans on buying a car there because of credit problems or just likes something they see there MAKE SURE you see Rick Miller!!
N  8th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Supposedly Empire has a new general manager who will turn things around. Maybe his background at Auto Fair will help Randy and his business change their negative image. For a once succesful individual to go from one of the largest dealerships in New Hampshire to Empire seems to be a step backwards as a career move. Why would someone do that? Unfortunately, the postings on this complaint board do not help the reputation of the business, which appears to be floundering. In today's business environment. there is no room for unethical business owners. As history proves time and time again, all you have is your name and reputation. Once you lose your credibility, you are a loser. This dealership is not the number one used dealer in the US. They may have the claim as being one of the worst in NH and the US.
Good luck!
D  11th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I saw are advertised there called to make sure it was there and to check the price my wife and went on a monday night to see the car asked the saleman about the car and see the car then spent the next 35 min wating for them to find the keys then were told the car was in the shop and the shop was locked which i didnt really believe it but fine the manager said he was sorry and said he would hold the car till we could get back we said we would come back the next night I called 2 hours before we went back said the car was there and out of the shop ready to see we went got there and then found out they sold the car what ### DONT CALL THEM DONT GO THERE DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT I HAVE BEEN IN THE AUTOMOTIVE BUSSINES FOR OVER 25 YEARS AND THE ARE BY FAR THE WORST GROUP EVER
A  31st of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I went to Empire with their print ads, and screen shots of the internet ads and they still claimed it was a mistake. The mileage and sticker prices were significantly higher than advertised. I decided to go through the motions just to see what would happen. They agreed to sell close to the advertised price but told me my credit had some discrepancies on it (which is a lie) and my interest and down payment would have to be higher (my credit is A+). This establishment should be put out of business. They are without question the worse business establishment I have ever seen on any level. The place is dirty, the salespeople are unkempt and rude, and the entire experience makes you want to take a shower to clean off the sleaze. STAY AWAY FROM EMPIRE. The only positives on this forum were obviously posted by them!!

Barry, Boston, MA
A  17th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
worst dealership ever!!!...the online price of the vehicle was $6000...when test driving the vehicle the salesman said that the vehicle was really $9, 000 but they were givin me $3, 000 as part of a sale...then when all is said and done and im ready to negotiate...all of a sudden the car is now $12, 000 dollars and "i must have misunderstood" what they where explaining to me...terrible dealership...the online price of their vehicles is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT
N  22nd of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
We went to www.cars.com and found a great deal on a Camry from Empire for $4000. We called to confirm that the camry was still there, the one for $4000, the receptionist said yes it was. We drove an hour to see it and upon getting out of our car, we immediately noticed loud JAMN 94.5 rap/R&B type music and all looked at each other. Music sets the tone of a retail business and we became skeptical. We walked in and were greeted by a typical looking car salesman and told him we were looking for the camry for $4000, we sat down at his desk and he proceeded to tell us that the camry was actually $7900. What???? we all exclaimed how can that be? He told us the price listed was AFTER we put down $3000 cash. He told us not to "shoot the messenger" and implied that other dealerships basically all did the same thing. He then left us for 5 minutes and came back with a set of keys. I asked him to show us WHERE on the website (www.cars.com) it said that and his response was "I can try to find someone who can show you". I saw that he had an internet icon on his computer screen and asked.. can't YOU just show us? you have internet..? he clicked on the icon but then quickly tried to distract us by offering us a 2001 volkswagon Jetta for $4000, those were the keys he got! then he offered a toyota solara, 2 door and I told him we wanted a 4 door, thanked him and left. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
As soon as we got home, we looked on the website and NO WHERE does it mention the $3000 cash down. It was intentionally deceptive, they are the epitome of a sleezy car dealership. DON"T GO THERE they do not deserve our business.
N  22nd of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I just looked on their website, I believe it was Glenn who was "helping" us. Glenn, if you are reading this... karma WILL come back to bite you in the ### for all your lies and intentional deceit. Are you really happy being a sleazy, greaseball ...knowing thats what everyone thinks of you? How do you sleep at night? How do you look at yourself in the mirror everyday? HOWWWWWWWWWW!!!
grrrrrr I'm so mad, I wanted you to be different, to actually be able to trust you, a car salesman.. for once in my life. But alas, you are just like the rest of them. I pity you for resorting to such underhanded tactics for an easy buck. You should be ashamed of yourself Glenn. Repent now and maybe you won't go to hell.
A  1st of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
$9000 dollar car, get there and there's a burger truck outside with all the staff stuffing there faces and helping fleece customers. the car i wanted was all of a sudden 12, 000 they had a promotion of matching your trade or cash value up to 3000. ### was trying to get me to run my credit after, they tried to negotiate. the deal was close to what was listed on autotrader after my trade in and their deal. I left after arguing with 3 ppl as im trying to leave politely. clearly false advertisingwaste of peoples time. hopefully you read these reviews before you go there!
A  1st of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
This place is just awful. I arrived with a lits of 5 cars I wanted to look at and was told I needed to make an appointment before arriving. I made an appointment for 1:30PM, and ended up getting there at 1:15PM, and was ignored for 10 minutes, then told to "sit tight and wait" for another few minutes, finally at 1:45 they said what do you want to see? I told them I had just called a little while ago about the list of cars, and they blatantly said "oh we sold 4 of those this morning", so I said okay well what about the 5th car? They threw the keys at me and without even explaining where the car was had me travel around the lot. The car was advertised online for $3995 and that it had 70, 000 miles. I looked at the car it was written up as $4995, and had 112, 000 miles on it. They then proceeded to tell me they already put $600 in the car to make it inspection worthy, and when I said the brakes needed work, and the engine looked a little rusty they told me "nope its fine" I blatantly could see dings in the car, rust on the engine and they told me I was wrong. When I said they should at least knock the price down because of the error on the website they told me if I wanted the car today I would still need to pay $4995, even though the car was barely worth $2000. I said no and was almost shoved away. They were so impersonal it was ridiculous! I wouldn't send my worst enemy to deal with these people! After getting there at 1:15, and only getting to look at one car I got to finally leave at 2:45...seriously this place is a waste of time, waste of money, and waste of effort! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! THEY'RE CROOKS! THEY LIE ABOUT MILLEAGE, WEAR & TEAR & COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING, THE CUSTOMER!!!

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