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1 Fulfillment House PO Box 4008 ASENDIA. SIN 004008 P., CH Review updated:

Received my trial skin care only had to pay postage.
Now I have received more skin care product which I did not order now $81.56
USD later. Not happy.
I require a full refund of $81.56 USD .
I have mailed back my package which I do not want.
Please refund my money, I really can't afford the $81.56 USD
Waiting to hear your reply
Lola McWilliams
4 Keogh Street
Rosebud 3939

Nov 20, 2017
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  • Ro
      Dec 05, 2017

    Sender ASENDIA - Fulfillment House. 004008
    I have ordered trial products of which I had to pay postage only. I have discovered that they have now charged me for 2 products which I didn't order. Both products amounted to NZD 148.53 each. It is a lot of money which I cannot afford. I want an immediate refund
    Rosanna Del Cuore
    6 Haymakers Crescent
    Rolleston 7614
    New Zealand

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  • Je
      Dec 13, 2017

    Same problem
    Rip off kings
    Can anyone help stop embrace beauty orders?
    I have unopened packs I do not want

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  • Ca
      Mar 25, 2018

    email : [protected]
    Order ID C807156578

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  • Er
      Mar 27, 2018

    Please cancel all orders for [protected], and I am sending the one that arrived yesterday with the $146.00 NZ $ taken from my account on the 15th of March without consent back to PO box 4008 .

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  • Ha
      May 02, 2018

    Have had the same problem having received a sample of Derma Viva anti wrinkle cream for which I had to pay postage only .
    They have since taken large sums of money from my account the first of these was on 22nd March 2018 for €84.88 and the second sum of money taken on 22nd April for €89.82.
    One packet has now arrived to my home and I have returned it to
    Fulfilment House
    P.O. Box 4008
    I have reported this to my bank and have got a proof of posting for the return package
    I am requesting this money to be refunded to my bank account as I did not order these from Ascendia sin, 004008P
    The total amount taken fraudently is. € 174.70

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  • He
      May 15, 2018

    Same thing happened to me. I am going to return it to Fulfilment House but does anyone have a full address please?

    Thank you

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  • Jo
      Jun 04, 2018

    I have had the same issues with Body Slim Down Garcinia.
    I have emailed and returned 2 lots of products in April and still received one in may and charged for it.
    Then just saw another charge dated 3.6.18. omg, these people are just ruthless. Pam Jones. Victoria Australia

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  • De
      Jul 31, 2018

    I have been deducted $200 from my account for diet capsules that I dont have or not ordered can you please refund back to me

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  • De
      Aug 05, 2018

    Fulfillment House. 004008 - Same scam with sample cosmetics - three unauthorised payments of $133 - $137 taken out now totalling $409 !! Have cancelled credit card number. Bank tells me that payments may still come out and only safe way is to cancel the account (as distinct from just cancelling the card) and then go through process of opening a new account! I have cancelled the card and lodged a dispute with Visa but I now see that another unauthorised payment came out on the day I cancelled the card lodged the dispute! I can't tell whether it was before or after I cancelled but I called in the morning Aust time, ie ahead of most places in the world. Apparently Visa may honour payments to merchants by debiting a new card number on same account!

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  • Au
      Aug 08, 2018

    Fullfillment house PO Box 4008
    I sent an email to the mailing company saying they should not accept goods without a legitimate return address and I got this reply
    Return the parcel to the return Asendia Address after doing the following things:
    • Put a note inside stating why you are returning the parcel.
    • Mark the outside of the Parcel ‘RETURNS DEPARTMENT’.
    • Then I would suggest you contact your bank or credit card company and tell them that any further charges from the company should be considered fraudulent.

    Kind Regards,

    Asendia USA
    701C Ashland Avenue
    Folcroft, PA 19032

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  • Jo
      Aug 23, 2018

    What is the right address to send the items back and have I to pay the postage?
    Thanks Johanna

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  • Na
      Aug 30, 2018

    Hi, I have received skin care product that I didn't order. I returned them to you and I am seeking credit for the money you've taken from my account. I did not want your products and I do not want any more of your products.
    Bernadette Lacey
    Bullock Park,

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  • Kp
      Sep 17, 2018

    After receiving a FREE trial pack from EMBRACE BEAUTY ( Asendia), I was directed to this website to read all the complaints and reports of a rip-off scam.
    I have accepted my FREE sample, but DO NOT wish to receive anymore product from this company.
    I will consider any future incursions on my bank acvounts by this company as a FRAUD crime
    and will act accordingly.

    Linda Pepperell
    New Zealand
    Order ID: 73EAD0140F

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  • Zi
      Nov 06, 2018

    Hi everyone
    same thing happened to me. So I cancelled my cards.

    If they come looking - I'm gonna punch them in the tits.

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  • Fr
      Dec 28, 2018

    Scam scam scam. Ordered the cream with free trial only pay for postage, then called to cancel any future orders only to be told I have to pay $136AU AND did I not read the fine print?? Called the bank and checked if any payments had come out and thankfully none. Cancelled card (soooo annoying).
    TIP .. if you cannot pay by Paypal don’t buy anything as you will always be covered. These people are Nigerian scam artists. Don’t bother sending cream back! I kept mine. Only God knows wtf is in that jar.

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  • Mu
      Mar 13, 2019

    I ordered a trial of Pure Keto Premium for AU$4.95, got that bottle and Pure Cleanse Premium for another AU$4.95, and caught it that they planned to charge me another AU$275, two days after the TRIAL pack arrived. They warned me to call them, NOT MY BANK. Card Cancelled! Serious Scammers! They just change up the product, but retain the SCAM programme,

    New Zealand.

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