emaar/clarens t2 unit 601 / government default

1 Singapore

and here is my story:

we bought the unit in 2007 from developer 'Emaar', they suppose to deliver
the unit to us year 2010.

we had paid up abt AED 800k which is 45% of purchased price,

but we did not see the house delivered in due time,

"Emaar", in this year March 2013, issued a letter stating the Unit had
been dis-registered, meaning as we understand is that "Emaar" now have
the right to sell the unit to other buyer.

We have email/called them but the communication is not fluent.

How can this arabian governemtn default to people who had already paid them when they have hard time? what kind of governement they are and what kind of believing they follow ?

Feb 23, 2014

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