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eLove / is a lying scam

1 80 WASHINGTON STREETNorwell, MA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-877-356-8370

Elove matchmaking is a total scam. They tell you everything you want to hear when you go for the interview
and agree with everything you say. They never tell you you are paying 2, 000 for names and phone numbers
they find off the yellow pages. When you tell them what the salesperson said. their response is they were not there
so they dont know what teh salesperson said. It is time to end elove scam . everyone with complaints against elove
we need to get together and file a complaint with the Mass US attorneys office and get together and file a lawsuit
to finally end elove scam. please contact me

Corporate Address
International Dating Ventures, Inc.
80 Washington Street,
Bldg. E 11-12
Norwell, MA 02061

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  • Mr
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    You are not bright are you? How does a person get names and number from the Yellow Pages as you state? The yellow pages is strictly a phone book for businesses. So if you can't tell the truth here then what makes me think you are tellingthe truth about Elove?

  • Te
      17th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just talked the office and I am with you. I wonder if we can get the state attoney general involved. All I want is my money back. Look elove is a scam and it was protray here on TV in San Antonio.

  • So
      18th of May, 2010
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    I’m a financial consultant in Boston… some of my clients made money last year (the ones that listened to my advice) and some lost money (the ones who didn’t listen to my advice). Am I bad at my job? Of course not but if you ask my clients that lost money they would probably say I stink.
    Just because you had a bad experience with eLove doesn’t mean they’re ineffective at what they do. I personally had a great experience working with my matchmaker and I’m married today!!

  • So
      26th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The sales tactics are very hardcore. "This is the biggest investment of your life; of course it's worth it." I was sucked into it and immediately regretted it; however, they had my money and there is a no refund policy. (The matches are simply not "all that" either; more BS...)

    My advice: your money is better spent on hookers. You could get a dozen fantastic lays (or at least one night with two Asian hotties that you will never, ever forget) for the price of five "matches" on eLove.

  • Gi
      2nd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am with you. E-love is a huge scam. I payed 3000dlls and have been out on 1 date in almost a year. Plus the matches are not what they promised. I called today to complain and they said that there is no refunbd so I want to file a complaint. Please contact me.

  • Tp
      7th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    E-live is a SCAM. I would like file a complaint.

  • Go
      18th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have had great success through Elove. I went on 6 dates and then found my husband! we have been happpy for a very long time now. So maybe youall arent using the program right

  • Jo
      11th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Well the price has gone up... I went for an interview in Las Vegas and after getting all of my information I was offered any one of three packages. But the packages and prices would not even
    be shown to me until I agreed that I was ready to purchase that same day. I did not agree to purchase any package, but being that, we then had no where to go and nothimg else to talk about
    so she showed me the three packages. The first one was $4.995.00 and it guaranteed me six dates with an additional six if I purchased it right then. The second package was $6.995.00 and the
    third was a whopping $9.995.00 with a guaranteed 24 dates with 24 more thrown in if purchased today...thats 48 in a year, I would one tired boy if I went through all that.
    I asked and got very concerned because I had walked into their offices which looked staged to me with no advertising, brochures, paperwork, sucess stories or employees... nothing but a old movie picture
    in each of three vacant offices. I did not see any other people there...customers or employees for the entire 2 hours I was there. When I asked her for some proof that they are who they say they are
    she showed me briefly some empty cubicles in the back room where she said the workers normally were.
    Anyway she then got very nervous and asked me to leave saying that she believed I was a split personality and a paranoid mental case and I no longer qualified for their service. I made her tear up all
    of my paperwork in front of me before I left that afternoon.
    I was born at night but not last night. This is Las Vegas and most of us who have lived here for many years are very aware of these types of people who are trying to get ahold of you hard earned money.

  • An
      25th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Yes, they are dishonest, because the profiles have no pictures and are very basic. They never send a single profile that matched my preferneces and they want to charge me $500.00 to give me more information on any profile, (that was not in the contract)plus you can't get out of the contract unless you get married!! That s ilegal!! Please contact me

    Ana Fau
    773 986 2750
    1456 w Birchwood, Unit 3
    Chicago iL 60626

  • Al
      28th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I just have to say that I joined Elove earlier this year and I have met a great guy. I wasnt crazy about the first couple of matches, but if you are patient and talk to the matchmaker about what you are looking for, it will work. My advice is to please use the rest of your matches and take a chance! I did and now I am happily involved with a great guy thru Elove. Just be patient and it works!!

  • Kc
      29th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    This company promised me one match per month. After three months, I finally got a match. That happening only after they kept calling me and asking me to lower my standards. What is the point of putting what you want in a match if the service asks you to compromise in order for them to find someone for you? Heck, I was doing that already and wasn't paying a boat load of money to do it. After they got me my one match in 3 months, my company relocated me out of the area. I requested to cancel the membership. Three requests later and one more payment made I finally got a response. Send them a utility bill and they will cancel it. Well, I won't have a utility bill in my name for several months because my company puts me up in an extended stay hotel as part of the relocation package. I asked if there was another option and what a surprise, no response again. It has been ten days now. This service is a joke.

  • E5
      10th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I AGREE!!! I feel that I've been had. I just got a response from them regarding a complaint I filed with the (BBB) Better Business Bureau and they listed all the "dates" names and all my replies. Well - 6 referrals in 7 months.
    I could have done better on Craig's List for free. I'm over 55 and i realize it's hard to find referrals in my age group but of the 6 I got, 5 were at least 50 miles away and 1 was 155 miles away. If someone starts a class acction law suit against them I want in.

  • Sk
      8th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just signed up and my biggest initial concern is that due to the work hours they have, nobody actually answers the phone. Second - the initial sales person did the same thing everyone discussed in getting me to buy immediately. I was told there is a 'reimbursement' option with the middle and top package; if I meet someone and want to stop the service, there is reimbursement of a pro-rated price for all matches not used. (total cost - $intiial fee about $500-$1000 (she wasn't sure), that amount divided by the number of matches outstanding/not used -- then take that per match amount multiplied by non-used matches and you get a reimbursement. THEN...I read the contract (which I was rushed through b/c of building hours) and the things like "platinum upgrade guidelines" were not in the contract. do I start a 'relationship' search with a questionable 'relationship' with the company. Does anyone have any hindsight feedback on dealing with this while it is still brand new (just signed contract last night)

  • Om
      10th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just got back from a very suspicious initial interview. First off, the building they met me in was in an sparsely leased office building distant industrial park on a Sunday so nobody was around -- who knows it was their building. Next, the questionnaires were noticeably unsophisticated and poorly laid out (for a company that I was being told existed for the last 25 years). Apart from some crap on the shelves, there was no way to know who's offices they were.

    Long story short, when we got to the end I told him about how I needed at least a night to do my homework on elove and that I'd get back to him. On that, it was clear that "Glen" was trying everything he could think of to assure me how legit elove was. Ironically, I only became suspicious when it became clear he was more interested in signing a contract than making sure I checked out elove. At one point he wanted to make a call to their headquarters and asked if that'd be sufficient. I poker faced it, but I laughed at the thought of the oldest tricks on the con book.

  • Ri
      27th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    THEY ARE A HUGE SCAM, , , they prey on people who have had their heart broken, I went in after a breakup after being lied to and ripped off by someone who hurt me a great deal, I was scared of the normal dating scene, they used that to their advantage, they did bait and switch, talked to me on the ph with one person then switched me to another who was HARD SELL, I told her I did NOT want to join but she pressured me into PURCHSING their pkc because she said its dangerous out there and yes I had just experienced that, she even closed the door and got in thie pusedo caring mood mode with me and pretended to be my friend as if she really cared, , because of what I went thru my emotions were running high, and my situation put me in a weak position, and they CAN SMELL IT A MILE AWAY, , she would NOT let me leave until I SIGNED and she talked a good story.acted as if she wuld be there every step of the way, she was so high high pressure, , I really fell for her tactics, they are worse than used car sales men, she culd see how much pain I was in, a decent person would have said, u need to come back when u arent so emotional!! THey are NOT YOUR FRIEND! THEY ARE EVIL!
    these people are zombies and prey on the weak, they are vampires, , , they befriend you. act like ur best freind,
    she said if u walk away now u will lose out on a fab opportuwnity to meet great guys and we will check backgrounds, well GUESS WHAT I thot they would call and reassure me, but I got NOTHING, no call, nada, , I didnt even receive anything from then for weeks, then i got a flimsy stupid flyer, , , a flyer? really? for 2000.00
    I had called before 48 hrs was up to do buyers remorse as most contracts in most states have, but u know what, they dont even ALLOW PH calls thru, they dont bother to tell u, , u CANT CALL all u get is a RECORDING
    and they REFUSE TO CALL YOU BACK!, finally after 5 weeks I GOT a call back, cuz I left a threatening mssg about calling an attorney and getting my money back and again she was condescending and tried to convince me that it was an error regarding flyer and how i must have had an ISSUES with my background check which is aburd, its doesnt take 4 weeks on a back ground check when there is NOTHIING in my background, , , so that was another line of BS, and by the way they dont tell u its a CALL CENTER that u have to work with, really ? a call center, funny!!! what a JOKE... I hate call centeres! NO MENTION of a call center during a interview or I wuld have [censor] canned that idea up front!! so for 2000 u gt NADA, , if u wait long enuf u get lies, a flimsy brochure and a call center !!! hahaha THEY CERTAINLY FOOLED ME! and I feel very stupid!
    what a [censor]ing joke, , , these people are preyers of emotions and prey on peoples tragedys and they have a D rating on BB but they deserve O If they think Im done with them yet, they got a nother thing coming, I cant wait to talk to my attorney! Also they use deceptive business practives, they arent even ELOVE they are Together Dating and i u look that up, there are hundreds of complaints . my attorne said they are using these deceptive business practices to fool the consumer, , , if i had looked up ELOVE and connected the dots to TOGETHER DATING there would have been NO signing with ELOVE, , I didnt go to them they contact u, talk very nice, talk u into coming in like u r their best friend, then after u get in switch u to the closer, , then u never hear from them again .. STAY AWAY from E LOVE or TOGETHER DATING !!
    If there had been either of these names on my caller Id in the 1st place, I wuld have not answered my phone, bu t it was just a reg local number so I did not know who was calling. I dont answer the ph for soliciatations, but after they get u on the phone they are so NICE, , they are experts at DECPTION! If I had seenthat name on my caller I D I wuld have never answered in the 1sst place!
    They prey on your emotions and frustrations and pretend to be in your corner when in reality
    they are vipers, snakes and they are just wating to HOOK u in and then hard close u with very much pressure and convince u how U NEEd THEM, , and if you have had a bad experience dating our
    are RIPE FOR THE PICKING! STAY AWAY FROM ELOVE, , , I dont know how they sleep at night!
    Anyone on here who states they had great experience are SHILLS FROM ELOVE!
    Oh and I never did get ONE SINGLE phone call regarding any MATCH! THEY ARE PROFFESIONAL LIARS and big time experienced SCAMMERS!!
    THEY ARE NOTHING BUT EMOTIONAL VAMPIRES and modern day snake oil salemen/women
    they stole 2000 for me, , PERIOD, , please stay away from them !
    and dont listen to their BS spiel, its nothing but a scam and they are disgusting human beings, real
    bottom of the barrel LOSERS! Im a good person and I was hurting and I dd NOT desererve their LIES!
    and losing money like that, , , they do not care, , and they even wanna know much money u have

  • Wh
      2nd of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes

    ridickulous is it? first of all you sound like a psycho loser who writes a [censor]in novel about how much ELOVE sux and repeats themselves like 5 times in one paragraph, yea ok we got that you had a bad experience not everyone is going to get a good experience trying dating services, my opinion [censor] all dating services, if you want something bad enough youll do it urself, ur pissed ok, ur ripshit alright, but to sit here and write a huge [censor]in essay on the matter is rather pathetic, instead of talking about what ur gunna do, go do it and let other people decide for themselves! And second off noone can make you do something you dont wanna do, it was YOUR choice and ANYONE elses choice to spend a rediculous amount of money on a service specially one that nobody really knows about and so what if they do background checks, is that gunna save you from child molesters, rapists, people with AIDS and HIV cuz if you werent caught its not going to show and im sure they dont do medeical exams no dating service does so there is no safe way to date just gotta b careful and use your head!

  • Re
      18th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes sound like a heartless and self righteous individual. It actually sounds like you work for the company!
    Anyway...I appreciate "ridickulous" telling her side of the story. I don't think "ridickulous" sound pyscho at all, she sounds like she's been hurt and should have taken some time to heal first before pursuing another relationship.

    As far as elove is concerned...a few of their policies sound pretty shaky to me...pressure sell tactics, upgrades and downgrades, and cancellation procedures are just a few. Why pressure someone that you know might be vulnerable at the time. They (elove) know exactly what their doing...attack when they're weak! One of the oldest tricks in the book.
    A good businessman doesn't need to pressure you into buying especially if the product is a great one.

    A good REPUTATION speaks for itself but so does a bad one!!!

  • Tl
      20th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I would trust used car salesman before I would ever trust these people. Went to sign up, signed what I thought was a contract, I assumed I would have 3 days to think it over if I wanted to cancel. They told me they would send me an e-mail 2 weeks but no it was 2 days. I know the reason for this is because of # 3 on the contract says that I can cancel before the company refers the first client to me. I had faxed them to tell them I wanted to cancel and they said it was an "agreement" and not a "contract" so I couldn't do it. These people are crooks. There was no way they were able to background check me w/in 3 days. The guy they sent seemed nice enough but I got on line and googled his name i found out he had a My Space page and was a pervert. So much for them checking these people out!

  • Si
      14th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    eLove TOOK MY MONEY-Do Not Let eLove Take You Too! AKA Together Dating They have repeatedly told me since 11 Nov 10 that they would refund my money per the contract and my membership cancellation yet they have failed to take any action to actually credit my account. The phone numbers they provide are not answered by company representatives with any authority to resolve the issues. They will not provide a direct fax number to their corporate offices. And so far my letter to Paul Falzone, eLove CEO (received by Carol Thornton at their headquarters address 80 Washington St Bldg E 11-12, Norwell, MA 02061) on 17 Nov 10, has gone unanswered. Terrible service. Terrible value. Terrible quality. Terrible to trust.

  • De
      15th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I was taken too. As soon as I found out they are really The Right One out of Omaha, NE I went back the next day -hardly long enough to check on me or refer anyone to me and I was told I couldn't and would have to speak to the corporate office in Omaha, NE.They first said I would get 12 introductions then 9 and put 6 on the contract. When I asked about the change in number of introductions corporate told me I'd have to have Las Vegas fix that. The people here in Las Vegas don't answer their phone and don't respond to any of my messages. Its as if I don't exist to them anymore.
    When I called corporate to cancel I was told they sent me a referral - wrong nationality wrong height and with children - all wrong for me and that they would notify him I was not available. That also wouldn't count as a match made by them since he didn't match. Much to my surprise I received a very awkward call and had to tell him myself. Then I was told I should change my desires because of the hard economic times and consider men with children at home. No offense to men with children at home but I have raised mine and don't want to raise anymore.
    The Right One has so many complaints they changed their name and came here as Elove. Same scam just different name on the paper here. The phone comes up "The Right One" on caller ID so they haven't changed there. I wasn't even sure who it was when they called me.
    I have emailed them for the last time and I have filed a complaint with my bank and am going to the BBB with copies of everything.

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