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Don't waste your money on this company. I was a single, educated woman in my late thirties and was emotionally frustrated in having not found Mr. Right. At the urging of a colleague, I thought I would try a dating service. They use high pressure sales tactics and prey on the victim's emotions to sell you a high-priced package that guarantees Mr. Right. What was I thinking... The first match never called. The second, admitted that I was his 36 match! We went on a date. He ordered a large sandwich, but instead of using the knife to cut the sandwich into smaller portions, he proceeded to pull the sandwich apart with his bare hands and lick the bun. It was the most disgusting date of my life. The third match was Amish! After a month, I called to cancel my policy. Of course, it was explained to me that there was no cancellation policy and no refund.
They tell you in the interview that their "matching" process is highly sophisticated and they make you fill out a lengthy 200+ profile, but this is useless. Your matchmaker is 400 miles away and has never met you personally. Your matches meet none of your preferences. When I questioned my personal matchmaker, she explained that the information provided to her is limited and that she would try to find matches that meet my criteria. So what was the point of the 200 category questionnaire and 2-hour interview!
So now I am out $2500 and still single.
Bottom line... Save your money, ladies and gents.

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  • Ca
      Sep 14, 2010

    agree with above...I'm in almost the same position. The free online dating sites are better

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  • Si
      Dec 14, 2010

    eLove TOOK MY MONEY-Do Not Let eLove Take You Too! AKA Together Dating They have repeatedly told me since 11 Nov 10 that they would refund my money per the contract and my membership cancellation yet they have failed to take any action to actually credit my account. The phone numbers they provide are not answered by company representatives with any authority to resolve the issues. They will not provide a direct fax number to their corporate offices. And so far my letter to Paul Falzone, eLove CEO (received by Carol Thornton at their headquarters address 80 Washington St Bldg E 11-12, Norwell, MA 02061) on 17 Nov 10, has gone unanswered. Terrible service. Terrible value. Terrible quality. Terrible to trust.

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  • Pm
      Jan 25, 2011

    I totally agree with the above complaints. I joined in November 2009 and as of Jan 2011 I have received more letters stating they have not forgotten me than I have gotten matches and the two matches were nothing close to what I was looking for. The service is a major scam and a huge waste of money. Both matcher were over an hour and a half away.

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  • Lk
      Jan 31, 2011

    Wow thanks for taking the time to write this for me. I have my interview this Friday. I'm glad to hear I can save my money, sorry you lost yours.

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  • Tr
      Feb 11, 2011

    wow... that is exactly what I thought. I had my interview today. I just felt it was fishy of the things they said. The lady who interviewed me does look like a high calliber person. I told her that I need time to think about it. So I get online and try to find more info. I was so right. I am glad I didn't throw my money away and I am so sorry for those of you who wasted your money. keey in mind, you will meet someone who is right for you becasue you desserve the happy life. don't let this bother you.

    god bless you

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  • Th
      Feb 22, 2011

    Ouch, now I'm depressed. I just joined yesterday after countless exhausting dates on POF which is a FREE dating site. the interview and paperwork took 3 Hrs. The woman was atractive and seemed legit. she mentioned that she already had 2 woman in mind for me, I was excited. She pulled out the paperwork with the Pricing, come to find out a Yearly Membership is (4, 300) I was floored. She agrreed to give me 1/2 YR for $2000 as I did not have enough funds in my account to cover this, I still owe her $445.00. Anyway that same night I had a Great date on POF (which is free) The Gal and I have been writing then talking via phone for sometimes around 2 Hrs. We decide to meetup in person, all apeears to go Great the Tab comes I purchase on my Debit card and the waitress returns letting me know that my card had been declined UGH!! what a real kick in the ###!! After reading some of these stories I feel Uneasy and like a total Dummy, I just hope it works out for me. Good luck to all!

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  • So
      Jun 09, 2011

    Hi. I've had issues, too, but the thing that seems to work is to CALL A SUPERVISOR and complain about the service. Also, you need to know what to complain about: if the match grossly violates your obvious criteria (such as religious compatibility), then they can't argue that it was inappropriate. Employees tend to cover their own tails; supervisors are there to get after them. I hope you read this while you still have time/matches on your contract.
    Part of the contract is to not say negative things about the service, so be careful about referring to any complaints you've made.

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  • Re
      Jun 16, 2011

    Well I joined in December after a year of phone calls an yes there was a very classy young lady there an the meeting an paper work took about 3 hours an in 6 months i've payed out $1000 an been on 2 dates with women they must have pulled out of a hat.We had nothing in common an they where not happy an had nothing good to say.Now heres the question my contract was 12 dates for $2200 an if i wasn't happy i would get half my money back when its over.What happens if i stop apyment now an take the loss can i be held liabale an me credit recked i just want out so bad.If ant one has an answer my e mail is [protected] thanks.

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