Elixinolcustomer service & false advertising

Ra Nov 23, 2018 Broomfield, CO

On ‘Cyber Monday' November 27, 2017 I ordered CBD oil from Elixinol LLC (580 Burbank St. Unit 155 Broomfield CO 80020 - email address - [protected] over the internet for a Buy One Get One Respira Hemp Oil 300 mg. (order # 38566EXL.) I received an electronic receipt from Elixinol that showed I had been charged for 2 orders. I texted them that today was the 27th (5:16pm) and that I had ordered 2 bottles of oil on their Buy One Get One Cyber Monday deal and was charged double - please check your records.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Broomfield, CO I received an email from Elixinol on December 7, 2017 : "Orders from Nov 24th - 27th were affected by a system glitch that resulted in some orders not being processed correctly. We have had to reset the orders so we can process them correctly. We have given these order (sic) top priority and will be sending them all out the next few days." On December 28 I emailed Elixinol that I had received no refund or additional oil. On December 9th Elixinol emailed me that "Your order is complete." On December 29, 2017 I emailed Elixinol that they sent me the ‘glitch' email, but I had not received additional oil or a refund and to please answer me. Elixinol did not respond. Elixinol owes me $39.99 or 2 bottles of CBD oil. I hope the BBB will look into their practice of false advertising and then ignoring the problem. Thank you.

  • Updated by Ralphj, May 16, 2019

    Well it took a year and a half and help from the Better Business Bureau but I did get a call from a very concerned Elixinol associate who apologized profusely and sent me the CBD oil I had asked for November 2017. So in that regard I am rescinding my complaint. They goofed; they admitted it and they made it right...finally. Ralphj

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