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Spend your money somewhere else to buy a car!!!
From the dealer (B. Rodriguez) to the general managers (Syed and r. Foster) at elite nissan of bergenfield, they are corrupt in their business practices. They offer 0% accountability, 0% customer follow-up, 0% professionalism. They are very u. S. Military vet un-friendly!! They do not even honor their own word or contracts!! They say one thing and do another. They have a bad record and reputation, you can check this with the office of consumer protection agency, of bergen county, new jersey. You can check with the state of new jersey attorney general's office; consumer affairs. You can check with the better business bureau (Bbb) at the trenton, nj location. If you have been ripped off yourself by elite nissan of bergenfield, please take the time to file a complaint with these nj agencies. They want to hear from you, the customers. It helps other consumers.
Warning: they also own/ affiliated with, other auto dealerships under different names in the area.

My story: I went to this dealership with over $10k in cash to put down on a car. I also wanted to use a financial institution of my choice, which is widely known as a vet friendly banking institution. They said I couldn't do both, but they would use a lien holder (Bank of their choice) to finance the vehicle with a matching/ or better interest rate. I got the run-around when I kept asking for them to let me see the rate by the bank they chose. Long story short: the dealer handed me his business card with a bogus tel #, and bogus fax#. I left with the car I wanted, but the rate did not reflect what we had agreed on. My credit score range is 790 - 845. The rate I ended up with on contract by the bank they used was 6.25%. Going with my bank would have been at 2.49% and even lower with a credit union. The dealers talk nicely to you to smooth things over until you point out things in their contract that they do not honor when they are supposed to. When this happens, then all of a sudden you can't reach them. When you call, you will get one of the following with no return call:

1. "oh, he is in a meeting right now, I will have him return your call".
2. "oh he is with another client right now, I will give him the message, so he can call you back".
3. "oh we didn't get the fax, our fax machines are down right now...".
4. "oh he didn't get a chance to check his email..."
5.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bergenfield, NJ "oh they no longer work here..."

Again, let me repeat... They have a consistent habit and reputation of not returning your calls unless you have not bought a car as yet. If they messed up somewhere, they will be dishonest and they will lie. There are other decent, reputable, hardworking car dealerships around, that actually care about their customers. Elite nissan of bergenfield is not one of them.

They actually "returned" my phone call about a month later, then promised to follow up the next day. The call was for something they needed, not what I needed. They have not called back since. Its already 6 months. I've called to speak to the dealer "b. Rodriguez", and was told he was busy with a client only to see him in the parking lot. I've upheld my end of the contract, i've kept my word and did not get the same in return.. They mostly structure contracts with banks that offer them kick backs on financing. The bigger the financing, the bigger the kick back. There is nothing wrong with this and it is legal, however what is illegal and discriminatory is telling a customer they cant use another financial institution. (Because they can't get kick backs on the back end) you can verify dealer incentive kick back programs on the net. I. E., ally financial at "" by the way, I paid off the ally bank on a $20k+ loan in one month. And they sent me a confirmation letter. I have nothing bad to say about ally financial.

In the contracts, you have a certain amount of time to cancel optional services like their overpriced gap and vehicle service contract. I cancelled the next day. You can get better value and reasonably priced gap and vsc services by shopping around other places. This dealership owes me $4k+ for cancellation of contracts. And you guessed it, no word from them. Life is too short. Nobody needs more unnecessary problems to deal with like bad business in our community like elite nissan of bergenfield, llc (Business entity#[protected]) in new jersey.
Reminder: if you've been scammed, ripped off, swindled out of your money by anyone at elite nissan of bergenfield, nj (Warning: they also own bergenfield suzuki) please file a complaint with the better business bureau (Bbb) in hamilton, nj at [protected] and file a complaint with the attorney general's office/consumer protection department in new jersey at [protected].
If you value your time and money, spend it somewhere else!!!

- u. S. Military vet

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  • Jg
      May 28, 2016

    horrible service. straight liars... saw the price of a used mini cooper on their website. called and asked if it was still available, told them i would be paying cash and was coming from two hours away. made an appointment and still waited two hours. filled out paper work, added car to my insurance and then 20 minutes later the General Manager comes over and says there was a "miscommunication" and i would only get the online price if i financed with them. Since i was paying cash there would be a $3, 000 additional fee. AVOID AT ALL COSTS DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

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