These people treat their customers AND staff awful! Items are never in stock even though the shelves and racks are filled to the max with the same old cheap stuff day after day. It's also constantly messy and smelly, like nobody's dusted in there for years. Their merchandise is overpriced, but when they put coupons out in the newspaper or in the mail, they never apply to anything you want to buy!

The worst is how they treat their associates. They're treated like nothings, like they should have no lives outside work, especially the students at two of the colleges who are just trying to get through school. Constantly scheduling them during their class schedule or right after so they have to leave class early to work - if they show late, they're lectured and pay is docked! I've seen poor employees get reemed out by management in front of customers for not sticking to policies! Oh, and associates are required to sell the company credit cards to people who can't afford them or else they have to attend credit classes. The worst is that they're treated like thieves if mistakes are made at their registers - which happens often because the same people who take sales also have to handle returns and exchanges and everything else like straightening up.

Not a good place to shop or work.

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