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my name is gustav fogarascher/fogo, i'm an austrian teacher since 5 years in thailand and was working all the time under correct/legal conditions - NonB visa and work permit. end of october 2010 i signed a contract with edknovate/smartkurve, which has a contract with streesmutprakan school in samut prakan/thailand. from the very first begin of this employment i tried to get the correct papers from this agency to change my vialed NonB visa and work permit - both are running on the name of my former employer - youth exchange school - to the new school - streesmutprakan school. 10/15 times while 4 month i urged the agency owner, but nothing happen! middle of january i searched for support/help by the head of my english department/some thai teachers and the principal of SSP. this was reason enough for this agency to terminate my employment with of february 2011 - a absolute illegal termination against all laws. for january and february i just get a small part of my salary and for march zero - my contract actually ends end of march.
kirk phatumanun shows zero respect for his employees - people from europe - this is his original comment - are just trash! his behavior he shows daily by acting with his employees. all teaching material he prepare is useless and all promises he has done to his teachers/and the school are "hot air"! he is backed by his father, which is adviser of the minister of natural resources - suwit khunkitti - and both - khunkitti and his father are shareholders of this criminal teacher agency. but his "connections" makes him believing he can do what he want and thai law doesn't exist for him.
i strongly warn all foreign teachers in thailand to get in touch with edknovate/smartkurve!!!

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  • Ma
      Mar 13, 2011

    Hi Fogo,

    I understand your frustration with this agency and I've heard everything about what has happened as well as many of the events that took place under Edknovate last semester.
    This guy Kirk is all hat no cattle and yes, I totally agree with you that he is filled with "promises to the moon" but of course, never falls short of not delivering.
    He also gleefully takes to inciting petty, baseless threats of retaliation and/or lawsuits if one's legitimate facts about him are at all brought to exposure to the general public (which by the way is incontrovertibly legal to do but obviously he clearly doesn't understand the meaning of "freedom of speech").
    Either way, I've already warned some colleagues about the company who in turn have told their friends and are actively going to stay away from this corporation since it's just a myriad of problems.

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  • Fo
      Mar 13, 2011

    thanks for your comment - we have to show unity against this devil - monday i bring my lawsuit against edknovate/smartkurve - kirk phatumanun - to the labor court in samut prakarn! every witness is welcomed!

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  • Ma
      Mar 14, 2011

    I hope things were progressive with your case today.
    Either way though, and no matter what happens, don't worry; this guy won't survive long in the business and his company goes belly up. As someone who I would assume to know the meaning of karma, he should understand that it's just like the simplistic concept goes: "What goes around comes around".
    Normally, I am not one to retaliate towards people. However, while working under a previous company at the school the very semester before Edknovate came in, they operated in the EXACT same way! i.e Didn't pay employees on time (or at all in some cases), lots and lots of broken promises, didn't fulfill their end of the bargain between the school and themselves (the agency), threats of "lawsuits" (haha).
    Thus two times in a row with this kind of situation (and getting screwed out of a job) was enough for me and said, "You know? people have the right to be informed about this kind of thing otherwise other susceptible and unsuspecting new applicants who don't know anything about the company will be suckered in, and then before you know it, the individuals of that company will be pulling the same old tricks all over again.
    Cheers with your case and I hope that positive progress is made.

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  • Fo
      Mar 15, 2011

    the last message of minister suwit khunkitti -

    Hello All,

    This is a final notice to you all from the office of Suwit Khukitti, down below is the link that stated that not only you have not stop slanders that related to the company where HE Suwit has direct interested and also you are colluding in a consipiracy to attack on a corporate entity without legal proof. As of yesterday Samutprakhan Royal Police has recieve our complaint and they will arrest Mr Fogo as for further processing of his slander remarks. Any individuals who assistant and involve with him will be prosecuted by the fullest extents of Thai law and your information have already been passed to the immigrations and the police which we reserve the rights to press charges against you at anytime.

    This is a final warning from the office of HE Suwit Khunkitti.

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  • Wi
      Jul 14, 2011

    I like your artwork! The main issue I think is that Mr. ### thinks that what he's doing IS OKAY. He will not admit that he is EVER in the wrong even after the multitude of crap he's caused for so so many teachers AND after all the posts made online. He has NEVER tried to show any compassion nor care towards his "past crimes", and quickly deflects in order to get away from his guilt. It's at that point that the barrage of threats are unleashed and cries out that he will physically kill you, send his lawyers after you, sue you, and have you deported out of the country because he has "connections" and his dad is a "powerful person".
    * (As everyone may have already read on one of these posts, he also got into a real fight with a new soon to be teacher! This guy wasn't even completely hired yet and The ### got mad for almost no reason and starting fighting with the teacher! What a punk!
    Most importantly, you'd think that after screwing as MANY people over as he has, he'd get the picture to cut the ### and reform himself and company.
    Instead, he just goes on doing the same thing over and over again.
    It's actually a quite simple analogy really:
    One does something the same way, they are going to get the same results each time.

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  • Ro
      Sep 04, 2012

    I also agree, this company is the bottom of the barrel. Do not associate with them. I just came from an interview and it was completely obvious that the boss was a douch bag. I would never work for them!

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  • So
      Nov 25, 2012

    Mister kirk phatumanun, owner of "SmartKurve" the worst thai school agent or thai teacher agency in and around Bangkok. He has a habit of verbally assaulting teachers as well..!
    Google maps location Smartkurve in Ekkamai 28:
    Not sure if that is 916/13 – 14 Sukhumvit 55, Klongtonnuer, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110...?!
    More info here:

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  • So
      Jan 03, 2014

    ALL Smartkurve POSTINGS:

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