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I visited Echo Lake Cattery website frequently and had finally chosen a kitten that my husband and myself wanted. This kitten was a Tortie-point himalayan. A few weeks later Pam advertised a blue-cream point himalayan
that I inquired about.

Pam told me that this kitten was taken already. Right about the time we were suppose to get the Tortie-point kitten; she asked me if I were still interested in the blue-cream point kitten. I told her 'no'; we would stick
with our original kitten we selected.

In the mean-time, Pam sent me a Purchasing Agreement for Tortie Point Female Himalayan. I signed it, sent her money and sent the agreement back to her.

Low and behold, when I went to the Airport to pick up my kitten, it seemed that she didn't look like the picture we had of her.

I looked up pictures of both of these kittens, which looked somewhat similar to me, and realized that I had the wrong kitten; indeed.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Rogers, ARI called Pam, and explained that this kitten I now have is not the Tortie-Point, and Pam denies the whole thing. I contacted her again in a few days, and she proceeded to tell me that I did agree on the blue-cream
point kitten, and got very rude with me.
Pam was not going to make good on the agreement that we originally had, so my husband and I kept the kitten. Pam also knew that my husband had cancer, and the Tortie Point kitten he picked out was a gift for him.
She clearly has no morals or a conscience. I paid a lot of money for a kitten and received the wrong kitten.Also, not to mention when I received the kitten and took it to the vet for the vet-check, it had a mite infection in it's ears, that had to be treated 2 separate times. Also, the kitten was sneezing a lot, and that got worse and worse, and come to find out
the kitten had a bad respiratory infection that had to be treated. I'm wondering if my kitten received her correct immunizations???

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  • Pu
      Aug 02, 2009

    I'm losing faith in all rescues because there are too many reports of sick animals and crooked people running them. What's the answer? Expensive breeders? Shelters? Friends of friends?

    I hope the kitten - and your husband - is ok and that you love the kitten no matter what.

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  • Th
      Aug 18, 2009

    In Feb/09 I set out looking for a teacup persian I checked out a website called Cozy Kittens ( a cattery that prides itself on being 2009's Cattery of Excellence) and liked some of her kitties..I then emailed her and asked if she shipped to Canada...She emailed me back and said no but her friend Pam does...within hours Pam had emailed me asking what I was looking for and started sending me pictures and finally I decided on one. I signed a contract and sent a April I started asking her when my kitty would be sent and she told me that it she was doing very well and she couldn't see why she couldn't ship her soon. She sent her banking info so I could send the rest of the payment...assuming she was going to be getting ready to ship her as the contract clearly says that the finally payment is due within 10 days. By May I started emailing her again and she told me within 10 days. I waited two weeks for her to contact me with the details of the flight and finally I decided I would contact her...she didn't email me I called her...she told me that her computer had a virus and that she couldn't get any emails...she said that the airline books 10 days out so she would call that day or the next to set it up...after 5 days I called her back but there was no answer so I left a message...waited a couple of days called her back and left another message...finally after a week she emails me and told me that she finally had email and let me know the flight info...which was 10 more was July 23 when I finally got my cat...she was exactly 5 months old...why did she have to wait 5 months for this cat to be shipped? I have a cat s that were shipped to me when it was 8 weeks old...and another at 12 weeks...When I got her she smelt really bad and she was very dirty, her fur was disgusting and all of her behind was shaved...and she never came with any health records...I emailed Pam and asked her about this and she told me that the airline must not of sent it with her and as far as her behind Pams husband shaved it mistaken it for her sibling that looks just like her that Pam was going to keep...this is how they know who's is who's...I took my kitten to my vet ASAP...they check her over and everything seemed to be ok...I told my vet that she had diarrhea and there is blood in it...they did a stool sample and they found nothing...there were also some scabs on her one on her month and one on her back...this now seems to be spreding...(which is now being tested for ringworm or fungus, the doctor said that because she came all dirty the cattery would be to) it is now been nearly a month since I've gotten my kitty...she still has bloody diarrhea...the Dr. gave her medication for deworming..which she should have had vac's for...I'm really doubting that she has had any vac's at all..its not even the fact that I paid alot of money for this kitten or that I still have to pay alot more for her to get better...and figure out what is wrong with her...when someone like Pam should not be in it for the money...a good breeder does not worry about making money but its something that they should enjoy doing and take pride in the quality of the cats the produce...I am glad this kitten came to me and my family and that I know that I am going to do everything to make it right for her so that she is happy with her new family for the rest of her life...Oh and by the way Cozy Kittens you shouldn't recomend your good friend Pam to people when she is doing things like this to people...expecally when you advertise your Cattery of makes you look bad having friends like Pam...

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  • Ki
      Sep 26, 2009

    I agree with your findings. I had a TERRIBLE encounter with the Hesslers of Cageless Cattery and have now put it to rest. They might be related, Cozy kittens and cageless cattery, since CFA fined Cozy kittens and they just may "work" together. Don't know, don't care. In my 23 years of breeding I have never come accross such people. They shouldn't be doing this for a living, only for passion of breeding beautiful cats and kittens.

    Kim Jaros (Deauneaumaux)

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  • Fu
      Nov 02, 2009

    She has now moved her web site to - you should re-post with that name so she can not hide.

    She had me ship her a cat in 2005 and never paid me what she owed for him. She is a nasty criminal person.

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  • Yi
      Dec 04, 2009

    I had the same experience! bought in 2007

    I'm out in Canada and my kitten was filthy and miserable when she arrived. Her lineage was nothing like what Pam told me! She's suppose to come from Grandchampions and Champion bloodlines..

    She's suppose to be pure persian as I bought breeding rights.. well, she's not! She's a blue eyed white.. but her dad is BLACK! Her family is full of himmies!

    She came with an eye infection.. 6 months of vet bills.. over $3k in additional costs... she's fine now.. I did get a few babies.. but decided to get her fixed as she doesn't have the face I wanted (Pam told me her nose would grow into her face ??? sounded weird to me when I asked). I paid for a teacup.. and ended up getting a toy if not a standard size. She's big!

    One thing I can say.. the breeder I bought my little man from is AMAZING! I would buy from her every day of the week for a century! The baby was EXACTLY as his picture.. she's kept in contact with me and I send her periodic updates of him.

    So now.. I'm still looking for a teacup or micro-mini persian.. anyone know a good breeder? I'm out in Ottawa, Canada...



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  • Th
      Jan 25, 2010

    Hello...its me again...just wanted to give you an update about the cat I got from Echo Lake Cattery...since last time I wrote we have found out what was wrong with her...first of all she came with ringworm...and second of all she had tri tricamonis...which is like Giardia...but more severe, my vet told me that tri tricamonis could take up to 2 years to cure...and that my other cats could get it...he also said these are all signs of a very dirty cattery...she is on a special diet and is doing very well and is a much happier cat now...she has grown and is not a teacup cat but rather just a regular persian...I have not recived any papers for her. I have checked out Pams new web page and I see that she is using my cats picture as her featured kitten "Sadi"...hmmmm...also its very hard to find her new web page as it only comes up as home page...but once your on there it says Angle Face Kittens...
    I've only got one thing to say to Pam...How we behave towards animals while here on
    earth, determines our status in Heaven..."

    and thats right from your web site...

    and for everyone else...Please BEWARE!!!

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  • Ki
      Mar 12, 2010

    I have found this type of ethics to be true. A breeder friend of mine sold a lilac point male CPC show quality to a customer and she had just bought two kittens, of which one died and the other a small kitten and filled with all sorts of disease and is now trying to get her ringworm under control. She changed her name of the cattery as everyone who is an ethical breeder knows how deceitful and inhumane she is with her animals. Kim Jaros

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  • Fa
      Apr 08, 2010

    She is the worst...I lost thousands of dollars and time and now every breeder cat I got from her I question the papers. I have heard so much and am dealing with every possible obstacle and health challenge. A new breeder should be mentored not abused. Thanks Pam Allred of Echo Lake, Angel Face or whatever your cattery is next. You were referred to me by Cozy Kittens and I hesitate to say my name for fear of retaliation. Hopefully CFA is on to you by be continued unless I get my money back...Nancy

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  • Ho
      May 14, 2010

    I have read through all these complaints and truly my heart goes out to all of you, however I sit back and wonder what research did you do on the breed of cat you were either wanting for a pet or to breed prior to purchasing from either cozy kittens or echo lake? I ask that because had you done just the littlest of research you would have known that tea cup, micro or mini aren't associated with the Persian or Himalayan breed, these cats are suppose to be thick, coby and on average a female should weight between 6 & 8 pounds and those breeders advertising these tea cups for thousands of dollars are simply selling you the runt of the litter or they have themselves kept runts from previous litters in hopes of getting small babies when infact this breed isn't meant to be small.
    I also read somewhere about how long it took someone to recieve their kitten at 5 months of age and thought that was along time when they had recieved kittens in the past at 8 and 12 weeks old, well I hate to agree with the BYB here but I would never ship a kitten before they were atleast 12-16 weeks old which is 3 to 4 months and if I am having the kitten altered prior to shipping then it would be closer to 5 months old, however saying that, the kitten shouldn't have come with fungus and other issue's, I mean she could have been upfront and honest and told you she would clear it before shipping.
    I have had to delay shipping because something has come up, but I am always up front with buyers as any breeder should be, people don't like to be made to feel as if they are fools for trusting someone and it is breeders like Pam and cozy kittens who give the rest of us bad names.

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  • Ti
      Jul 04, 2010

    I totally agree with Holly. While I feel sorry for you all you should ALWAYS research both the breed and the breeder. Teacup/Toy or whatever they want to call them are, [censored]ly says, the runt of the litters. No cat registry in the world does or will ever accept themas breeds. The smaller they are breed the more health problems will develop. Tiny girls will end up not being able to pass kittens and therefore will have to deliver by c-section. The kittens are at risk of enlarged hearts, poor bone substance, dental problems, tops of heads that don't fuse properly the list goes on. All this in the name of cuteness.

    The breeders who breed these cats, which [censored]ly says contradicts the standard of points set for a Persian/Himalayan, are dispecable. However, you as buyers also play your part in this awful issue of cat breeding for money in that all the time there are people out there wanting these under-sized kittens, as that is all they are, these so called breeders will continue to breed them smaller and smaller. Please think hard before asking for one of these kittens, and I don't mean to sound nasty, your actions could kill kittens in the long run. There is nothing more beautiful, in my opinion, then a gorgeous, standard size Himalayan.

    Pleas buy normal sized HEALTHY cats.

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  • Ho
      Jul 07, 2010

    Tilsie is correct in what she says in her post, as I stated in my previous post, these mini, micro's and tiny Himalayan/Persians are just runts or offspring of other runts kept by that breeder. I also agree that this problem is so prevalant because of the demand for these so called designer cats, if there weren't people willing to spend thousands of dollars for them, then the breeders wouldn't produce them, however I see it all the time and sit back in AWE of how these breeders can market these kittens as something to be sought after when the reality is, that chances are these kittens will probably have health issue's, now I'm not saying that all Runt's have health issues, many grow up to be bigger then their normal sized siblings, however when a breed of cat that is suppose to be a big hearty animal is purposly bred to be teenie, tiny really nothing good can happen.
    I have a year old Himalayan boy who at last weight checked only weighed in at a little over 2 pounds! He is the smallest adult I have ever had and I would never dream of placing him in a breeding home, nor would I ever dream of charging someone $2, 000.00 for a pet, I feel it isn't right to do so, but that is just me, obvisously there are other breeders who think it is perfectly ok to take advantage of the average pet buyer? I finally after a year feel comfortable placing my boy into a pet home, now that I know he is just a small boy and otherwise a healthy boy, some would say, why keep him so long, no one wants an adult, well my answer is that by keeping him this long I took on the responsiblity of any vet bills that would have incurred although I am thankful that he wasn't a sickly kitty and other then being small is great in everyother way, his personality is infectious and he has the biggest, bluest eyes and he will find the perfect home for him, I'm not worried about getting thousands of dollars for him, all I am concerned with his finding him the perfect home for him plain and simple and that should be what every breeder is worried about when it comes to placing their pets, not how much money they can get for them.

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  • Lr
      Sep 22, 2012

    She is still selling unhealthy cats and goes by Carebear kittens.

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