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Where to start when it c0mes to this company? For starters, it's a rip off! They have people who have absolutely no clue about the cash advance business call business owners to harass them. Business owners get called by at least 2-3 different people on a weekly basis trying to convince them to take out a cash advance on future credit card receivables at a ridiculously high interest rate. Your asked to send vital information that WILL be shared with other companies. They tell you not to worry, that it's kept only with them, but it's NOT true! I know this because I've worked there and know how they operate. This particular company is currently managed under Michael Davidson. A man who has never worked in this business before!! He has his sidekick, John Rinaldi who also has never worked in this field. They rip off clients as well as employees. They are always trying to find ways to deduct your pay. Your deducted an hour for lunch, no matter what. You get deducted for going to the bathroom. You even get deducted if you log off the call system to speak to the manager! They make promises of bonus' but rarely do you see it. They charge clients for changing credit card machines that THEY make you change. I could go on writing forever about his company, however, I do not have the time to do so. I will warn you to stay away from owner Mark Hanna, whose main office is EVO PLATINUM ADVANCES GROUP LLC, located at 515 BROADHOLLOW ROAD MELVILLE, NY 11747. His sidekicks, Michael Davidson, John Rinaldi, and Thomas Accota. THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL SCAM ARTISTS!!! Be wary when you deal with these people because they'll step on you just to put money in their pockets.

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  • Ef
      3rd of Feb, 2010

    The reader above is correct. They all are out for themselves. I worked there aswell and cant begin to tell you how horrible they are. They yell at employees and treat them like nothing. They scam you out your money and pay you nothing for working. On top of that they scam all their merchants. They sell you cash advances like a corp mob and make you switch your prcoessor and dont even tell you to the end. They run this call center horribly because they lack people skils. They will rip you off just like they do their merchants. David and John are both out to just make money. They hire and fire people by the day. Worst company to ever work for.

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  • Ef
      24th of Feb, 2010

    Is that you john ra?.anyway that company is horrible. They got the worst people working there espically John and Mike. Both are out to rob and hurt their employees. I saw them hire a girl and fire her same day. That whole place was meant for failure. Even that horrible ugly girl terresa is out to hurt employees. Working there was the worst experience of my life. I did telemarketing for cash advances. We would just cold cold companies, and if you didnt get a lead they send their employees home and had this stupid girl named terresa to confirm all the deals. She was a sidekick to John and Mike.

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  • Jo
      19th of Mar, 2010

    To all EFS employees,

    Lets stop bashing everyone else. Everyone is out there to make money. It's a capitalistic world. If you couldn't make it in that place, its no one to blame but yourself.

    If you feel you got robbed or fooled, then that is all on you. I'm not going to lie, cash advance is not easy though it may sound easy. I respect John and Mike because they are people too. We all have many short comings and strengths. So please, be understanding. It's not easy to have that pressure to put 1Mill out on the street per month when we charge 1.35 - 1.5 factor rate that goes from anywhere to 4 - 9 month program. It's not easy to run a quality call center when your weekly/monthly budget for payroll is way less than what you want. It's not easy to keep all the sales people happy when deals go bad after the closers put in their 100%. It's not easy to stay calm when you have 20 deals in the pipeline that are all about to die because of nonsense b/s.

    But I also understand that as a t.m... not getting paid during bathroom break, cigarrete break, whatever break; may seen unfair. I understand the frustration when you are told that you will get "30" hours a week, and realistically you only get paid for barely 20. It is what it is. Call it whatever you want to call it. But lets be gentlemen here and not belittle other people. We are people.

    Which means that we are prone to failure and shortcomings. There is probably more to be said but I'll end it with this. I miss you all and I hope you guys are all doing well.


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  • Ki
      24th of Mar, 2010

    John, what you are preaching is true, but that company needs to be held liable for all their bs. Seriously, I can understand it hards to work with those conditions, and Mike and John did the best they could. But in reality alot more could have been done to make it better. To start, there behavior is not acceptable for a business. Yelling and cursing while employees are around is not right. Hiring people and then firing them a few days later is not right. Reducing employees pay from 30 hours to 20 is not right. They lack success because they are unprofessional employeers. I seen them do some very shady stuff behind closed doors. And i know you have too. How many times did Mike yell at you for no good reason. Did that make you feel good? Im just saying that what they have done is not right. And for all the reasons you have listed such as pipeline leads dying or deals not closing. Thats not the Telemarkets fault. We have to generate leads and we do, so we dont deserve that type of treatment.

    btw i still work at evo.
    how r u doin ra.

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  • Di
      27th of Apr, 2010

    It's companies like yours that caused the recession. Just remember, karma is a ### & it's going to come back & bite you in the a$$!!!

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  • Cu
      30th of May, 2010

    Can anyone tell me where this business is located? I have a friend who recieved a call from a compnay with an identical name...(but without the word Source)

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