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I too was one that paid 3.99 for 3 books for my Great Granddaughter they arrived we were very pleased. However a week later 3 more books arrived without my knowing why. And my bank card was debited 14.44 I tried calling to get these books stopped but received a message to go online to cancel.
I immediately did so and was reading I had to pay 37.95 to withdraw from being charged. Good Grief not a human to speak with just recorded messages.
All this took place October 2018 and every month including this one January 2019 They send the books and debit my account. My Bank will not stop the payment until I contact the Vender. The books have been returned to Sender each month and to this date they have taken 158.38 of which I did not give my authorization to do.

I have had my account overdrawn because of Early Moments I request the money be put back into my account and never contact me again. I kept only the first two all others were returned by USPS

I can be contacted by e-mail at [protected]

Thank You

Jan 26, 2019

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