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I just received a call from E Tour and Travel saying my vacation had expired. I said no I was told I had 18 months to take it. The lady told me no 12 to book 18 to take. We discussed it I said get your manager on the line, she said he was busy, I said well I know the drill I will have to speak to him, so I will wait. He got on was very rude and said that they were giving me a great deal. I said how, you are charging me 3 times what I originally paid. Alan was very rude I told him I was getting my tape recorder and recording the conversation, just like I did when I purchased it. He said fine. I told him I would get a lawyer and sue, he said fine go ahead. So if anyone comes up with a class action suit I am in. I have purchased these packages before and had no problem, but this is just a down right rip off, and when I told Alan that he said if I wanted to rip you off I would have just charged up your credit card. THAT IS PRETTY SCARY.

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  • Fr
      6th of Feb, 2010

    All victoms of these frauds must take their complain t0 government authorities who get paid by Us, tax payers money. Their job is to protect us from these such obvious scams, which I am sure they are all aware of it.
    Need to open a calss action against this company and to follow up on it, and any attorney will be welcomed to open this case in floridas' courts and get whatever percentage or even whole money collected through court procedure. Attorney can easily find all these complais or even a web site to collect every bodies signiture. I am prety sure that there is hand of a politicion protecting this agency for Money. Otherwise, why after few years of complains, nothing have been done to this company. We should not let these blood sucker abuse us.
    God Bless the protector

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  • Gs
      1st of Feb, 2011

    E'Tour & Travel may be the worst! They were not to charge me before 2 weeks, and only after they called me back to make sure my funds would be available... Less than 15 min. past, when I checked my account for another reason and found a pending charge from them. I called them immediantly back. "Well thats already gone to the next department, I will call you back" I was told. That was Dec 22nd and still no call from them. I've called them 3 more times, one of my calls was to request the "recorded" transaction. I was given a # that "could not be called as dialed" I called them again, given the same # that does not work. I am very upset, my accout is over-drawn more than 7 hundred dollars! I had several small checks out from Christmas shopping. A $10 or $12 check +36.nsf charge each doesn't take long to add up. I have Multiple Sclerosis and on disability. I'm not sure how I will recover from this, being as the bank continues to charge for being insufficient for an extended time. Buyers Beware!

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