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Lu Rindge NH Review updated:

I work for this company and Dunkin Donuts rents from Rindge Country Convience Store. It is about 87 degrees inside where Dunkin Donuts is located right now. There is no air circulating and people get so hot that they feel like they are going to pass out. Not only that but we are all sweating while dealing with food, I think that is unsanitary and disguisting. We have brought it up many times to the COO of Dunkin Donuts and nothing is being done about it. They say it is fine when they aren't back here working while its hot outside and inside with all the machines going. They don't want to have to deal with the manager of the convience store so they just ignore us and inform us they don't have time for this. It becomes so hot that people need to go take breaks in the walk in fridge so they don't get sick or pass out. I think this is something that they need to deal with. We are suppose to be working in comfortable working conditions exspecially with food. We don't have access to the controls of the air system. Only the owner of the convience store does and he shuts them off or sets is so it don't turn on unitl 76 degrees and only our controll would go off. So now it is trying to cool down the whole building, and some days it doesn't even trun on. This is a big company and they should care about their employees working conditions.

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      Jun 19, 2011

    hi my name is savannah i live in chicago and i also have this problem and to make matters worse we have a 7 month pregnant woman working with us to. im going to be completely honest i told my manager that i loose hair very easily and asked for a baseball cap from dunkin donuts and i would pay out of pocket and was refused then i told here that i was dripping swat in the food and she told me to make the best of the heat. our machines are to hot and over working we are out of ice because our ice machine isnt making ice its too hot i want to pass out everytime i go to work... im tired of all the bull ive worked there for only 2 months and i love my job but the working conditions extremely unbarible... please help me and tell me what you did to at least try and fix the problem at a dead end... my email is [protected]

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  •   Jul 07, 2011

    oh boo ###ing hoo you want me

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