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Le Fairfield Southport, CT Review updated:

I stopped at the Dunkin Donuts on the Post Rd. in Fairfield, CT for coffee and a toasted bagel with butter. My husband noticed that the employee rang up one bagel for $1.29 and added a charge for butter for $.40. I have never heard of an establishment charging for butter on a bagel (cream cheese yes-$1.20 extra)! I asked the employee if that is indeed the case and she said yes they charge extra for butter. I looked at the "menu" or price list posted on the wall above the donuts, and it says a single bagel for $1.29 and it lists a bagel with cream cheese is $2.49 (ridiculous). There was no mention of butter as a separate charge. It is infuriating and deceptive. I went into the Southport, CT location, and they follow the same practice. I will never again patronize a Dunkin Donuts and I am filing a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency of Connecticut

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  • Da
      Dec 16, 2010

    Where I work it only costs 15 cents for butter, but why would it ever be free? The company has to spend money to supply butter, therefore they should be able to charge money to compensate. The little stuff adds up.

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