Dunkin' Donutsdiscrimination of employee

I been at Dublin donuts for almost a year I started in September the manager and assistant manager who is there now is not the who hired me.I was hired by another manager that is no longer their.on 03/12/2016. I was threatened and harassed by the assistant manager. I get off at twelve that day the manager all ready talk about laber being high. I'm the last old person thats done seen to manager gobone manager come and go and theyvalso was discriminating against me I was the only male at that time.the manager who is there now hired new people and gave them more hours and took my hours down.they act like kid I'm 41 years old I have no time for games I come and do mybjob and go.the assistant manager Dave threantend my job and harassed me bout I'm sorry he can find some body on the street better than me he used his authority against me.he told I was insubordination for not making sandwiches before he said WHT he said and the next time he not gone say nothing I'm fired I told how how am I insubordination when I'm back here peeping before I leave. There's 6 people on the floor and Dave the one who threatened my job the assistant manger him and the manager were in the loby or outside smoking a ciggeret or WHT I don't no she even came back and ask I'm not making sandwiches any more after the fact she knew I was peeping.they drop my hours down to twelve this week. I have two kids.trying to be able to go to cort to see my kids I can't I was making round 260 or less now my check be 150 or less while evey one else check be 230 or better. I'm bout to be put out cause my check don't cover me to live and feed my self.PLEASE HELP.OH DAVE ALSO SAID I DONT NO HOW TO TO DO THE JOB I SAID WELL IF I DONT IN THAT CASE WHY DO YALL PUT ME ON NIGHT SHIFT WEREVI HAVE TO RUN THE CASH REGESTER AND THE COFFE AND DRANKS AND MAKE SANDWICHES AND PULL MUFFINNS BEAGALS AND DO TRUCK EVERY MONDAY. I SAID I I NO YALL TYRING TO FIRE ME HEXSAID THATS WHTVUVWANT I CAN DO IT NOW HE SAID I SUPPOST TO BEEN GONE.I ROLD HIM YOU CANT FIRE ME FOR DOING MY JOB AND SPEAKING MY MIND IM OLDER THAN EVERYONE IN THAT STORE.

Dunkin' Donuts

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