Drive With Pridebad business

I went here June of 2015 the guy i had name is joe there is two Joe's im speaking on the hispanic one. The same day i left with the car my check engine light came on i called him he assured me it was nothing just a computer problem not even a week later i had to have it towed had to come out my pocket and the dealership to tell me that a used battery was put in the car joe admitted lots of ppl have had problems with their cars. Also the whole time i worked with joe the hispanic one he harrassed me and sent dirty photos to my phone called after hours and touched my leg while doing a test drive and i told him he was making me uncomfortable i had to threaten his job with the messages he sent me just to get him to cooperate and help me out without giving sexual favors because im not that kind of gal

Aug 17, 2015

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