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DRI*CyberDefender / Keeps charging my account for product not received nor asked for.

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Three years ago I used cyber defender. They charged my credit card which was fine. I have since got a new computer and didnt use the cyber defender, never renewed and since my email changed never received any renewal advice. they charged my card again for another years use (of which I never got) I complained to the credit card company They reveresed the charge and said I had to contact the company and cancel the subscription(of which I didnt know I had) I replied that my card was expiring and so they couldnt charge me again. Surprise. This year I have been charged again. I dont know how you can get an authorisation without the correct expiry date. Apparently they can. I am trying to get the charge reversed again and have been trying to locate the accounts department. Good luck to me.


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  23rd of Mar, 2009
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Cyberdefender is as crooked as they get. Your chances of getting a refund from them are slim and none, but there's hope. Their program quit on me twice, so I called them twice to repair it, then Feb 10, after 5 days, I canceled under their 30-day satisfaction no questions asked guaranty. They said I bought the program in Nov. Then they said they would only give me a refund if they could do a system restore back to the date of purchase (Feb. 5). So they installed trojans, removed my desktop entirely, changed my clock to military time, and immediately I saw how much slower my system was. They still refuse to let me not be their "customer". I get their email alerts daily, which I don't trust to open. I've asked them to stop sending the alerts, but they are so abusive and keep me on the phone so long, all I can think of now is to get a new secret email account.

Check to see if they left any files on your computer. Most people find their file nearly impossible to uninstall. When I installed the Comodo firewall, I saw that info on me was going through the firewall to Cyberdefender.

I can't do business with many companies online because I had to destroy my old credit card over this. These companies with whom I have never done business have a file on me: the credit card numbers don't match. Cyberdefender is supposedly a secure site. The only other companies on the web who had the original number were Google and my ISP. Many weeks ago, I found "Google Alerts": I'm new at all this and I thought they were for my info, so I wrote "Cyberdefender does not honor 30-day warranty and gives out credit card numbers". 2 days ago, 6-7 weeks after that alert posted, Google informed me that I could no longer get alerts about Cyberdefender. No reason was given. I wouldn't be posting this if not for that. Except the damage to my system, I wanted to put it behind me. Now I'm furious. So it seems that even mentioning it will get you in trouble. Once I posted just to try to help. Shame on me.

After Cyberdefender's "system restore", my system continued to degrade. It refused to download most programs including ActiveX, crashed or quit constantly and kept degrading until I had to reinstall the operating system, which I have now had to do 4 times: my system is only 3 mos. old. It is far from repaired.

They're abusive. They have used fake names. They called the repairs to their program "help with viruses" and said I owed them $100.00 for that. They promised refunds 4 times, yet each call I made was treated as f it was the first: they said the issue was resolved and always concluded with the $100.00 fee for repairing their program. Dealing with them was profoundly unpleasant. Finally, my bank heard both sides of the story, gave me a refund effective immediately, and said Visa would take the money from Cyberdefender and also levy fines against them. Then Cyberdefender called me back with their all but $100.00 refund offer. I said I preferred to resolve this through the bank. If I had it to do again, for sanity's sake, I would have worked with the bank, but their initial response was not good. A different banker, a different outcome. I am now also really disgusted with Google. Isn't it spyware to install a program that takes your info? Is it allowed to sell credit card info? Can anyone install programs on your system without your consent? Apparently that's OK, but objecting to it is not. If you read all the Cyberdefender posts herein, they slipped with one man and said they'd "have our virus, Imean program on your system..." And I'm the bad guy.

Your bank should help with the refund. As for that file, if it's there, get it off somehow.

Since I won't be notified, should any legal action commence please contact me: for now at or Should my system crash again, my phone number is 760-767-1056.

  26th of Jan, 2010
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Cyberdender? who are they? I've never bought or dealt with these people before & suddenly they've charged my credit card in 1/09 & 1/10 which I believe are yearly membership or something. How on earth did they even have my credit card details?? I don't know. I contacted my bank last year for the first amount, still waiting on for the credit & now just came back from overseas, there is the second one. Does anyone have the phone number for Cyberdenfer? If so, please email to me on Thank you.

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